Community Recommendations for Fun Vacation Adventures

It is getting close to the holidays, so you might be thinking about your next great vacation adventure!

Recently, our Library Community was asked where they went on a fun adventure during this past summer.

Here are their answers!

Fun Adventures to Experience on Your Next Vacation!

Some people went to other countries. Two popular destinations were Japan and India (both visited by two people.) Another country mentioned was China.

If you take a look at some libraries, they may have a map of the world with marks made by customers of places that they identify with as an origin. You will be surprised at all of the different countries that are represented!

Getting on a plane to travel to different parts of America was popular, as well:

  • Going on a trip (generic answer, a couple of times)
  • Hawaii-"Lots of fun!"
  • "East Coast"
  • "I went to LA."
  • "I went to great Wolf Lodge; try to search it up. It is real water play!"

One community member mentioned going to visit family in Wisconsin this summer. They especially enjoyed the visit because they "learned how to swim and knit. The most important part is that my family taught me!"

Fun Adventures Close to Home

Other community members stayed close to the Bay Area:

  • "Great America"
  • "Water Park!"
  • "Playing with Fluffy (dog)"
  • "Pool"
  • "Going to the theatre"
  • "Jumping on the trampoline with Daddy"
  • "I love our library!"
  • "Happy Hollow"
  • "Watching the Flash"

There were athletic activities to take part of during the summer:

  • "Playing tennis!"
  • "Softball"
  • "Soccer class"

Other community members volunteered during "Community Clean-Up days" or taking "CPR classes."

The Library Can Help You Plan Your Next Vacation Adventure!

The Non-Fiction area to find travel guides is in the 910 area. There you can find popular guides from Fodor's, Lonely Planet, Bradt, for example.

If you want to take a phone-friendly guide with you on vacation, select "Books & eResources" > "eResources by Subject" from our navigation menu. Next, in the sidebar, select Culture, Travel , & Geography.

Try one of our AtoZ Guides, practice a language, or learn about a country's culture!