College? Check These Out!

Are you planning on attending college after you finish high school?

Are you aware that the library has many resources for the college-bound student?  All you need is your library card and PIN.  Most of these are online resources so you can use your San Jose Public Library Student Card.  If your school is on this list, you should have a Student Card.

The library has tools that will help you with navigating high school courses and preparing for college.

Keep Up Your Grades!

High school is a time when you can academically shine!  Here are some library resources that will help with your homework:

Once you are at the end of sophomore year or in your junior year, college preparation becomes a priority.  How do you get ready for college applications in senior year?

Help With Your College Applications

There are a couple of library resources for online Test Prep:

Writing the admissions essay requires practice. Here are a few places to try:

Accumulating enough Community Service hours can be daunting.  It is best to start in freshman year.  However, the library has virtual volunteering opportunities for you:

  • Teens Reach: Even if you choose another opportunity, all teens 13-17 must fill out the Teens Reach application.
  • Featured Virtual Opportunities
  • Other Opportunities (these are listed by library, but all are virtual.)
  • SJ Engage: For those who are interested in civic engagement, these hours are virtual!

Other important resources about college:

When you are applying for scholarships, some of the best resources are in your own high school (ask your counselor) and in local community service organizations.

Finally, certain high schools are eligible for SJ Aspires.

When you are considering leaving home for college or for other reasons, you may wonder about all of the life skills that concern adults: finances, housing, etc.  Your last stop on this tour is our Life Skills Academy.

Books About College

ACT Prep Plus 2021, book cover
SAT Total Prep 2021, book cover
The Price You Pay for College, book cover
Write your Way Into College College Admissions Essay, book cover
College Admission Essentials A Step-by-step Guide to Showing Colleges Who You Are and What Matters t, book cover