Books Set On Islands

(image by Elias via Pixabay)

There's nothing more romantic than an island vacation. A peaceful piece of paradise where you can lay on the beach, basking in the sun, and read novels full of mystery and horror. There are many novels that take place on islands, and sometimes those novels have darker plot elements that show isolation. The island itself can become a character, driving forth a narrative through the use of weather, plant life, and animal life. And the people in these stories often turn against each other in an effort to survive, as in William Golding's The Lord of The Flies. If you're intrigued by books that take place on islands, and enjoy a good mystery or horror novel, then we have some selections for you at San Jose Public Library!

Adult Reads

Reckless Girls, book cover
They All Fall Down, book cover
Her Dark Lies, book cover
The Guest List, book cover
One of the Girls, book cover
How to Kill Your Best Friend, book cover
Daisy Darker, book cover

Island Teen Reads

The Depths, book cover
The Sacrifice, book cover
Lord of the Fly Fest, book cover
Never Coming Home, book cover
Ten, book cover
The Wicked Deep, book cover
The Way We Fall, book cover

For some nonfiction reads: There are quite a few books that have been written about shipwrecks and survival at sea. The survivors of these situations have shared their stories throughout time. One account of survival was told late one night at an inn on Nantucket. The man, who survived the tragedy of the whaling ship Essex, told his tale to a young writer by the name of Herman Melville. This story inspired Melville to write the classic novel, Moby Dick. For more on the whaling ship Essex, check out Nathaniel Philbrick's book, In the Heart of The Sea and the movie made in 2016, starring Chris Hemsworth.

Survival At Sea: Nonfiction Reads

Island of the Lost, book cover
The Wager, book cover
In the Heart of the Sea, book cover
 438 Days, book cover
Adrift, book cover
Last Man Off, book cover
Unbroken, book cover

Island Movies

Blumhouse's Fantasy Island, book cover
Old, book cover
 Lord of the Flies, book cover
Jaws, book cover
Jurassic Park, book cover
Cast Away, book cover
The Lighthouse, book cover

I have spent quite a bit of time enjoying California's Coastal region this summer. I love being by the ocean. And I am still #TeamOtter! There's still a bit of Summer left, so get outside and enjoy!