Baking or Cooking Tips From the Community

One library's community recently shared their very own baking or cooking tips that they use.

Several recipes were shared, which I will share with you at another time!

I have not tested these tips, but please be sure to let everyone know if you do in the comment section below!

General Tips

  • Never open the oven when its not ready!
  • Never put sliced grapes in the microwave.
  • Substitute butter with avocados (to make Kale Chips).
  • Never give up on cooking!
  • Remain calm and carry on.
  • 1-Read the labels and 2-Don't eat what you can't pronounce!
  • Look up recipes online and follow them as exactly as you can.
  • Put raw avocados near bananas to make them ripen faster.
  • Spice: The Final Frontier...
  • Purchase a kitchen scale.
    • Use this to measure dry ingredients.
    • Make yourself a chart and record the weight of 1 cup* of flour 1-out of the bag, 2-fluffed flour, 3-sifted flour.
    • *and other amounts you regularly use.

Cooking Tips

  • Make sure that you preheat the pan before cooking eggs.
  • If you think egg whites are plain to the taste, eat them with something very tasty!
  • Tip for omelets: crack the eggs.
  • When you microwave instant ramen, put a small plate on the cup.  Trust me, ramen can explode believe it or not.
  • Cooking Hack: Eat food when you are hungry.
  • Sometimes, it's ok to make or create dishes as I go, especially with leftovers.
  • Put a bowl of water near onions to avoid watery eyes.
  • Put the avocado seed in guacamole to keep it green longer.

Baking Tips

  • When making macarons, use a scale.  It won't go as bad.  And use Mimi's Recipe for macarons.  It's easier.
  • Try not to mess up on your baking or you will have to restart.
  • Refrigerate your cookie dough for cookies that spread less on your baking sheet!
  • Put cornstarch in your sugar cookies so that they don't spread out.
  • Use sunflower butter instead of peanut butter in recipes in case you have guest or family members who have peanut or food allergies.
  • Put apples, bananas, strawberries and/or nuts in your waffle maker with the batter.  It works, trust me!

Let me know of any other tips in the comments section below!

Baking or Cooking Books

Anyone Can Cake, book cover
Bake From Scratch, book cover
30 Minute Meal Prep, book cover
Recipe Hacker Confidential, book cover
The Shortcut Cook All in One, book cover