A Library Community Shares Their Languages

The Cambrian Library community was recently polled to share whether they spoke another language.

Like most of San Jose, this community also has quite a multilingual population, as the poll was full by the end of December, Learn a Foreign Language Month.

Languages Spoken in the Community

  • "Italian and Spanish"
  • "Hello, I speak Hebrew!" (written in Hebrew)
  • "Me too!" (Hebrew)
  • "Yo hablo español" (Spanish) "I speak Spanish"
  • "Hallo, das ist super!" (German) "Hello, this is super!"
  • "Hola me gusta leer."  (Spanish) "Hello, I like to read."
  • "Korean" - Melaly Song
  • "Chinese and Taiwanese" - Opi
  • "Chinese"
  • "Yep it is Spanish.  My name is Elenah."
  • "Hebrew"
  • "Español"  (Spanish)  "Spanish"
  • "Ich spreche ein bisschen deutsch!" (German) "I speak a little German."
  • "Español" (Spanish)
  • "Farsi and a little bit of Spanish"
  • "Malayalam"
  • "Español X 2" (Spanish, 2 people(?))
  • Italian

Others also shared some additional information!

Short Narratives Shared

  • "Opo!  Puede makapagsalita ng Tagalog, Bisaya, at Hokkien pati Ingles na rin." (Tagalog) "Hello, I speak Tagalog, Bisaya, and Hokkien, in addition to English, too."
  • "I went to Finland once and discovered how pretty and unique the language sounds, so I decided to learn it.  Maa puhun vähän suomea!" - Liat "I speak a little Finnish."
  • "Salut!  Je parle francais.  Il pleut aujourd'hu.  Je viens de voir un are en ciel." (French)  "Hello, I speak French.  It's raining today.  I just saw a rainbow."
  • "I am learning ASL!  I love how direct and beautiful it is, everyone should learn it!"

Other Comments

Someone wrote in Korean Hangul (characters).

Luckily, my co-worker Thu had a Google Translator that could translate from a picture!  After taking the picture, she was able to translate the message, which was very nice!

"Annyeonghaseyo!  Meosjin doseogwan-e jal danyeooseyo"  "Hello!  Have a nice visit to the wonderful Library."

Someone else had an unusual language listed.  It reminded me of Star Trek's Klingon.  Enjoy!

"Bello!  I can speak Minionese!"  - Minion 1 of 7

How about you?  Do you have a language that you speak other than English?  Feel free to tell  me in the comments section below!

If you want to learn another language, we have two eResources.  You can learn American Sign Language in Pronunciator and Pirate in Mango Languages:

The last three books on this list are specific languages.  You can find other languages in the same format!

Books About Learning A Language

Cover of How to Learn a Foreign LanguageCover of Becoming FluentCover of Foreign Language Learning Outside of SchoolCover of Short Stories in Irish15-Minute Italian CoverCover of Complete Language Pack Spanish