A Community Shares New Library Card Stories

In September, one Library Community shared their stories of getting their first library card. September is Library Card Sign Up Month.

Enjoy the following short stories:

"My Nana took me to get it when I was 4 at MLK!  It felt like a whole new world was open to me."

"I used my new library card to play video games (Roblox) on the library computers."

"I lost it in 2 minutes!"

"I am now a senior and I remember how excited I was to get my First library card.  It was at the Carnegie Library here in San Jose.  I was about 9 or 10 years old and still use my original library card after almost 50+ years.  Libraries are a treasure to be discovered.  Thank you.  Still reading and enjoying the Library!"

"(Libraries) are good!"

"Not my story, but when an adult first learned to read, he went to the Library and signed up for his first library card.  He was so proud, he asked for a picture of him in front of the library stacks with his new card!"

If you have a story about your first library card, leave it in the comments below!

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