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Traveling? Writing a pen pal? Studying a foreign language? Learn a language at your own pace online with Pronunciator. Available online and as an app, this online learning tool is a great way for anyone to learn a language. They have over 80 languages for you to explore.

Selecting a Language

Not sure which language you would like to learn? Select one of these countries to find eBooks about each:

These are just a handful of countries to learn about.

Traveling or Learning a language

You can download:

  • 90 MP3 audio lessons per month (about 60 hours of content)
  • 10 e-Phrasebooks per month

Pronunciator offers an average of 9,000 phrases to learn per language course (about 30,000 words); up to 350 hours of downloadable audio lessons per course; 4,000 downloadable PDF phrasebooks; dozens of feature films; thousands of songs; and 20,000 photos and custom illustrations to enhance your learning.

Uniquely, Pronunciator also offers the ability to learn any language in any other language — making for 4,000 possible course combinations!

Non-native English Speakers

Are you learning English as a Second Language (ESL)? They offer ESL in 50 non-English languages.They also have hundreds of live, teacher-led conversation groups, limited to 5 students per session to ensure individual attention, running 7 days a week.

Preparing for the Naturalization Test? Pronunciator offers its ProCitizen course designed to help all immigrants pass and gain citizenship. Learn more about ProCitizen from our previous eSpotlight.


This will be helpful when I visit Spain, maybe in December:-)!

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