Early Literacy at Home: September 2018 Calendar

Parent and child playing with colorful scarves at the library
(Photo courtesy of the CA State Library and Terry Lorant Photography)

September 2018

September 1: Line up your toys from biggest to smallest.

September 2: Make funny faces in teh mirror.

September 3: Practice tracing the letter "S" in the air.

September 4: Gather water-safe toys for bath time. See what floats and what sinks.

September 5: Pick out books for bedtime stories.

September 6: What is the weather like today?

September 7: Name the days of the week.

September 8: Make a list of 4 new things to try before end of the year.

September 9: Write out your plan for today. Cross off items as yo complete them.

September 10: Sing a song in a whisper, sing it again a little louder each time.

September 11: How many words can you think of that start with the letter "S"?

September 12: Act out and sing "5 Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed"

September 13: Draw on paper with different materials: crayons, markers, paint, etc.,

September 14: Try to put together a puzzle.

September 15: Set the table for a lunch party with your favorite toys.

September 16: Help write out a shopping list for the grocery store.

September 17: Reread a favorite book. Retell the story using the pictures.

September 18: At snack time, count the pieces of food on your plate.

September 19: Walk around and make noises like different animals.

September 20: Sing the Happy Birthday Song when you wash your hands.

September 21: Collect leaves of different colors on a walk today.

September 22: Talk about what you did today during bedtime stories.

September 23: Trace numbers 1 to 10 in the air with your finger.

September 24: Trace the letters in your name in the dirt or sand with your foot.

September 25: Cut up paper with your hands or scissors.

September 26: Make different shapes using pieces of string.

September 27: Act out a favorite part of a book during bedtime stories.

September 28: How old are you? Read that many books tonight.

September 29: Listen to an audiobook (CD, Overdrive, Hoopla Kids)

September 30: Clap your hands to a favorite song.

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