Early Literacy at Home: December 2018 Calendar

Parent and child playing with colorful scarves at the library
(Photo courtesy of the CA State Library and Terry Lorant Photography)

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Whether you are on the go or spending time at home, these fun & simple activities are just one way to help develop your child’s pre-reading skills for December. Pick and choose or try them all!

December 2018

December 1: Make a list of three new things to try next year.

December 2: Tell someone about three things you learned to do this year.

December 3: How many trees on your street still have their leaves?

December 4: What do you wear for rainy weather? What do you wear for sunny weather?

December 5: Count to ten on your fingers and toes.

December 6: Visit your local library.

December 7: Draw a picture for someone special.

December 8: Make up your own yoga moves before bedtime.

December 9: Sing "The Itsy Bitsy Spider"

December 10: During bedtime stories, talk only about the pictures in the book.

December 11: Jump in a puddle or dance in the rain.

December 12: Place a cup outside in the rain. How long does it take to fill up?

December 13: Practice pouring water from one cup to another.

December 14: Tell someone about your favorite animal.

December 15: Play with bubbles.

December 16: Trace letters or shapes in a tray filled with rice.

December 17: Look for triangle shaped objects in your home.

December 18: Clap to the beat of a favorite song.

December 19: Find out which creatures hibernate during the winter.

December 20: Talk about the taste, texture and smell of food during mealtimes.

December 21: What color are your shoes?

December 22: What is your most favorite memory of this past year?

December 23: Dance to a favorite song.

December 24: Look for the number 6 everywhere you go.

December 25: Trace the letter "D" in the air with your finger.

December 26: Play with blocks.

December 27: Use a favorite picture book to play a game of "I Spy"

December 28: Have an indoor picnic with your favorite things.

December 29: Make up silly rhymes with nonsense words.

December 30: Try a new food today.

December 31: Point to the words on a page when sharing a book.

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