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Locations and Hours

2635 Aborn Rd.
San José, CA 95121


10:00 AM - 6:00 PM
11:00 AM - 8:00 PM
11:00 AM - 8:00 PM
10:00 AM - 6:00 PM
10:00 AM - 6:00 PM

Manager - Candice Tran
Account Question? - Email ev.sjpl@sjlibrary.org

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Preschool Storytime & Stay and Play - Tue, Sep 30 11:30 am
ESL Conversation Club - Tue, Sep 30 1:30 pm - 3:00 pm
OneInMath - Tue, Sep 30 4:30 pm - 5:30 pm
Is Starting a Business Right for Me? - Tue, Sep 30 6:00 pm
Teens come out and jam out at the Library! 
Every SECOND Friday of the month starting
October 10 from 6-8:30 p.m.

Rose Garden Branch Library

1580 Naglee Ave. San Jose, CA 95126


All genres and musical backgrounds welcome! 

Must bring your own instrument. 


For more information contact Mark Giannuzzi at mark.giannuzzi@sjlibrary.org


--> How to prepare for Music Jam Nights for Teens


1.       Make sure your instrument is in good working order (bring it with you)

2.       Prepare one or two songs for performance. Short melodies, chord progressions, and/or rhythmic motifs work, too. We can build jams around them.

3.       Consider notating the music for other musicians to read. These can be full charts, chord/melody arrangements, or short ideas to be developed during the jams.

4.       Plan to play with others in a variety of styles that you may or may not be familiar with. The facilitator will ensure that a safe, respectful, and collaborative environment is maintained.

5.       Plan to play at a comfortable volume, so everyone can hear themselves. Depending on the musicians, we may play loud at times, but the overall volume will be maintained at a moderate level to ensure all instruments can be heard and that no one’s hearing is at risk.

6.       Bring a willingness to have fun, experiment, try new things, meet new friends, and make music with your peers.


Music Jam Nights for Teens is envisioned as a maker-space environment that provides teens with the opportunity to develop skills in music improvisation and performance, songwriting, and composition. Simultaneously, Music Jam Nights for Teens aims to support teen awareness of, and participation in, SJPL’s Battle of the Bands. Each jam session will be unique, though a variety of activities, musical ice-breakers, and other performance and song-writing based information will be included. 


Proudly presented by San Jose Public Library 


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Book's cover of "Influenza"



Influenza, also known as "the flu", is an infectious disease of birds and mammals caused by RNA viruses, the influenza viruses. Sometimes influenza is confused with common cold because of their common symptoms such as chills, sore throat, fever, runny nose, muscle pains, headache (often severe), coughing, weakness/fatigue and general discomfort. However, influenza is a more severe viral disease that can be transmitted through air by coughs or sneezes. A flu can be more serious or even deadly for elderly people, newborn babies, and people with chronic illnesse. Vaccination, aka immunization shot, against influenza, aka "flu shot", is made available at many locations normally in the fall season.



Upcoming, FREE Flu Shot program for everyone over 18 years is organized at the locations below:


Vaccination picture from pixabayIn addition to free flu shot, this wonderful health fair at either branch library will provide you many health workshops and presentations on topics such as chronic and seasonal depression, cardiovascular and eye diseases. The name of the program is Vietnamese Seniors Health Fair but it is for everyone. Don't miss your chance to also visit many informational booths from various non-profit organizations to benefit your health and loved ones. The program is organized by Mental Health Dept. ECCAC- Lily Le  (408) 792-2167, Santa Clara Public Health Department: (408) 792-5200, Loving Hearts Charity: (408) 449-5399 and co-sponsored by San Jose Public Library


Below is the Vietnamese Seniors Health Fair in Vietnamese translation:


Influenza, còn được gọi là "bệnh cúm", là một bệnh truyền nhiễm của các loài chim và động vật có vú gây ra bởi virus RNA, các virus cúm. Đôi khi cúm có thể nhầm lẫn với cảm lạnh thông thường vì các triệu chứng phổ biến của chúng chẳn hạnnhư ớn lạnh, đau họng, sốt, chảy nước mũi, đau nhức bắp thịt, nhức đầu (thường nặng), ho, suy nhược / mệt mỏi và khó chịu nói chung. Tuy nhiên, bệnh cúm là một bệnh do gây ra do virus nặng hơn có thể được truyền qua không khí khi ho hoặc hắt hơi. Chủng ngừa cúm, còn gọi là "chích ngừa cúm", được thực hiện tại nhiều địa điểm trong mùa thu.

Sắp tới, chương trình Chích ngừa cúm miễn phí cho tất cả mọi người trên 18 năm được tổ chức tại các thư viện dưới đây:


Hội Chợ Y Tế Cho Người Việt Cao Niên xin mời quý vị cùng đến dự buổi hội thảo về sức khỏe về bệnh trầm cảm mãn tính hãy theo mùa, bệnh tim mạch, bệnh mắt. Còn có những chương trình sức khỏe từ những cơ quan phi lợi nhuận và của Santa Clara Public Health. Chương trình được tổ chức bởi ECCAC-Sức Khỏe Tâm Trí-Lily Lê (408) 792-2167, Santa Clara Public Health Department: 408-792-5200, Hội Từ Tâm:  (408) 449-5399 và được đồng tài trợ bởi hệ thống Thư Viện Cộng Đồng của San Jose.


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Elizabeth Castañeda

408.458.0662 (cell)





Councilmember Herrera and City of San José Host Southeast Branch Library Groundbreaking Celebration


Second library in District 8 to be part of Evergreen “urban village”


San José, Calif. —District 8 Councilmember Rose Herrera and the City of San Joséwill host a public groundbreaking celebration at the future home of the Southeast Branch Library.  In addition to announcing details about the new branch, officials will also provide information concerning a public hearing this fall where the community will have the opportunity to submit proposals to officially name the branch.



Jill Bourne, San José Library Director

Boy Scouts Troop #251

Councilmember Rose Herrera

Mayor Chuck Reed

Dave Sykes, San José Public Works Director

Dave Hook, Library & Early Education Commission Chair

Pat Wolf, San José Public Library Foundation President

Chaboya Middle School Band, Karen Kolber, Band Director


WHEN:         10 a.m., Sat., Sept. 6


WHERE:       4001 Evergreen Village Square (within Evergreen Village)



The groundbreaking event will mark the initial construction of the system’s final branch funded via the Branch Library Bond Measure that was approved November 2000 and allotted $212 million for construction of 6 new and 14 expanded branch libraries in San José.  To be located on the site of the former Mirassou Winery and to be a key anchor in the Evergreen “urban village,” the 16,000 sq. ft. building will feature architecture reflective of its surrounding structures and be the only branch library in the system to be located within a multi-use commercial and residential development. The Southeast Branch Library will be the second library in District 8 and complement the popular Evergreen Branch, 2635 Aborn Rd.  More information may be found at www.sjpl.org/southeast.



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