Visiting the California Room

Special Conditions for Use & Handling

The California Room does not check out any materials. Our collection is available in person during open hours and online through our digital collection 24/7.

The California Room contains unique and fragile materials documenting California and local history that require special care and protection.

Researchers should be aware of our Use Policies prior to using the collection:

  • California Room collection materials are non-circulating and may not be removed from the room.
  • No food or liquids (this includes water bottles) may be brought into the California Room.
  • Pencil may be used for taking notes, Pens are not permitted.
  • All personal belongings such as handbags, book bags, backpacks as well as other materials must be placed on the floor beneath the researcher's worktable.
  • Photocopying of some materials is permitted.
  • Fragile materials may not be copied or scanned.
  • Photography is allowed without the use of flash.

When requesting items from our storage vault, an agreement form must be signed and a driver’s license left at the California Room reference desk. Some vault items require an appointment in order for materials to be available. All vault items will be brought out one at a time.

Reproduction Requests

San Jose Public Library has a Digital Image Usage Policy which includes sections on conditions of use, copyright information, and a fee schedule. All requests for digital image use can be directed to the California Room Librarian. Permission to use SJPL digital images is contingent upon payment of a fee and signed agreement form.


The California Room collection exists in great part due to generous donations of Santa Clara County residents. If you have material which you think would be of historical interest to our growing community, please contact the California Room Librarian.

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