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Literary fiction, historical fiction, narrative nonfiction, magical realism, some YA.
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History of Wolves, Emily Fridlund

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We polled the blog team once again and rounded up the best books we read at the San José Public Library last month. This list runs the gamut from nonfiction to science fiction, true crime to self help, and much more in between. Enjoy!Read more...
Life Skills Academy at SJPL
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Looking for a good book to snuggle up with this winter? We asked SJPL staffers to share the best books they read last month, and what we got was a wide-ranging list of great titles for any reader!Read more...
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A list of 15 book suggestions published in 2016 for readers you might be exchanging gifts with this holiday season, from your high-drama family members to your history-buff friends.Read more...
Person wearing cozy grey sweater creates a comic book with a warm cup of tea while the winter sun shines down on a worn work desk.
November is National Novel Writing Month! Learn about SJPL resources to help you write your best-selling novel.Read more...
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Paula Hawkins' bestselling debut novel The Girl on the Train celebrates its movie release today. Here are four more film adaptations to satisfy your itch for book-based thrillers.Read more...
Voting ballot box
California's voter registration deadline for the general election is only one month away! That means if you want to vote for the president of the United States, on statewide decisions about issues like recreational marijuana use or the death penalty, or for your state senators, you need to register! Here's how:Read more...
A Man Called Ove book cover
A Man Called Ove by Fredrik Backman is one of my tried-and-true wide-appeal book recommendations. I had multiple people from different areas of my life suggest this book to me when I was looking for a feel-good read, and I have passed the favor on to many fellow readers. Unfortunately, the popularity of this book also means there is often a waiting list at the library, so today, we're sharing five other books you may enjoy reading while you wait for your copy of A Man Called Ove . A Man Called Ove features an curmudgeonly older man, Ove, who...Read more...