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"Carry On" by Rainbow Rowell

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Autumn leaves lying on a black surface with text saying, "The Best Books We Read in October"
Welcome back to Staff Picks! After an extended break, we're back with great book and audiobook recommendations from San José Public Library bloggers. Staff has read some fascinating titles last month: fantasies, biographies, graphic novels, and everything in between that they want you to read. I know I have added these to my TBR list, and you'll want to as well!.Read more...
Cover of Stephen Hawking's A Brief History of Time
A Brief History of Stephen Hawking Brilliant astrophysicist Stephen Hawking passed away on Pi Day, March 14, 2018 in Cambridge, United Kingdom at the age 76. Stephen Hawking was a groundbreaking cosmologist who published incredible research for over 50 years, developing theories, critiques, and arguments about concepts such as black holes, the Big Bang, and quantum mechanics. Stephen Hawking not only published a massive body of work, he also permeated our mainstream with cameos in famous sci-fi and comedy shows, movies, and music. What Stephen Hawking Meant to Others As a student taking astronomy courses on the side in my...Read more...
Star Wars logo
Prepare for Star Wars: The Last Jedi by learning more about the back stories of some of the characters of the saga's universe.Read more...
Closeup on guitars played at concert
August is here, the weather is clear, and that means it's time for the annual San Jose Jazz Summer Fest! Explore music from featured artists at the San Jose Jazz Summer Fest at your library.Read more...
Mario Mario sprite from Super Mario Bros. NES game
When I was a kid, I was always told that I would grow out of video games. I don't want to admit how many years have gone by since I was first told this, but so far I'm still waiting for that day. My first love was the Classic 8-bit NES. I loved the system (I even had the infamous NES Power Glove ), especially the first The Legend of Zelda game. I spent what felt like eons wandering around, developing problem solving skills, mapping, and hand eye coordination trying to find each hidden secret in order to beat Ganon...Read more...
Book Pages Folded into a Heart
Do you love YA fiction and want to talk to everyone you meet about the newest books you've read? The San Jose Public Library system is home to great YA book clubs where you can do just that, including Santa Teresa Branch's club , The Never Ending Readers! The Never Ending Readers is a club created by two of Santa Teresa's Staff, Samantha and Laura, who love talking about YA books. This club is for both teens and adults who love to have fun. They meet on the last Friday of every month from 4:00 - 5:00 p.m. Some of...Read more...
Easy Meals for Lazy Cooks
Do you find yourself reaching for frozen meals, cans of soup, and even the dreaded bowl of cereal for dinner because you feel too lazy or tired to cook? Check out these guides to great cheats for making gourmet eats in fewer steps.Read more...
Captain Kirk and Lieutenant Commander Spock
50 Years of Star Trek September 8, 2016 marks the 50th anniversary of the first aired episode of Star Trek . This episode, "The Man Trap," gave audiences a glimpse of the possibilities of all kinds of new life, civilizations, and strange space disturbances outside of our solar system. The show featured memorable, charismatic characters who shared powerful friendships and pushed social and cultural boundaries during the 1960s. Celebrate 50 years of Star Trek with San Jose Public Library (SJPL)! Boldly go to your nearest SJPL branch, or access us through our online eResources. Here is a selection of some...Read more...
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Welcome to Library Hacks! As you may know, life hacks are unexpected uses of tools and techniques designed to increase productivity throughout the day. Likewise, Library Hacks will show unexpected ways your San Jose Public Library (SJPL) card can work for you. This mini-series is designed to help you find quick ways to enhance and expedite your experience with SJPL. All services mentioned in this series are provided free to library card holders. Get your stuff ASAP at the San Jose Public Library! Everyone likes stuff, and in our world of overnight shipping and having many services be on demand,...Read more...
Adult Summer Reading Challenge members! Are you stuck on the "Read a Graphic Novel" activity in your reading log? If you haven't read comics or graphic novels before, this may seem a bit daunting or like something you couldn't imagine being relevant to you. Give them a chance! Many authors have combined their ability to draw and write and have created amazing memoirs and biographies as a result. I love reading them in graphic novel format because the author can recreate their or the person's reactions to events quickly and subjectively. The combination of mixed media and text allows for...Read more...