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Trying to ease back into the workforce after a hiatus can be a challenge. I found myself in this situation a few years ago when trying to reenter the workplace after raising kids (in my prior life I worked in high tech). It was a very long and bumpy road. Employers didn’t want to look at me and those that did expressed disdain over that big gap in my resume. I eventually ended up going to graduate school and entering a completely different career path, as a librarian. Part of the allure of choosing this field is the satisfaction I...Read more...
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Image credit: Pixabay Kids love biographies (and teachers love assigning biography reports!) Your child has a biography report due in a few days, but you just can't make it into the library. Not to worry. San Jose Public Library has plenty of homework eResources, available at your fingertips! Who Is/Who Was series , available through Overdrive (21 day checkout) Discover the popular Who Is/Who Was series. Simply download to your device or read through your browser (some titles may require hold times). Additional biography titles Hoopla (21 day checkout) 6 checkouts per month EBSCO eBooks : read full-text or download...Read more...
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Bring the library with you for the holidays! We have all sorts of eBooks and eMedia titles ready for you and your family to download.Read more...
Kids. One day they only want to eat mac-n-cheese. The next: on the way to school one morning your teen casually announces she's gone vegan. All thanks to this documentary: Forks Over Knives . Has a documentary or book ever changed your life? This one did for her (us). And of course, younger brother--never one to be left out of anything--had to go along with it, so now he’s vegan too. Contrary to what some other parents told me, this wasn't a phase that would “just pass.” “So…vegan huh?" One befuddled Mom friend asks me one day. “But they can...Read more...
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Nowadays libraries offer so much more than books! Check out some cool things that you can get from San Jose Public Library that aren't books. Wee Play Kits Want to engage your toddler in some learning play? Discover San Jose Library’s Wee Play and Learn Kits. Each kit comes with learning activity games and toys (and some books as well). Available kits: Alphabet, Dinosaur, Simple Science, Building by design, and Creative movement. These kits retail for $100 in stores, why not check them out for free? Pro-tip: Items can be requested online via our library catalog. Streaming media via Hoopla...Read more...