Jessica Wall

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Nonfiction (History, Biographies, Cooking), Mysteries, Fantasy, a little bit of everything!

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Front view of the Winchester Mystery House in San Jose, CA
Local historical landmark The Winchester Mystery House will soon hit the big screen. Learn more about the house and the woman behind it, Sarah Winchester.Read more...
Inside a Movie Theater
Finish your year curled up and cozy with one of these books that will be adapted to movies in 2018.Read more...
Overfelt Gardens Pathway
Overfelt Gardens in East San Jose is a large, beautiful park designed for peace and relaxation. The 33 acres of land for the park was gifted to the City of San Jose in 1959 by Mildred Overfelt in memory of her parents, William and Mary Overfelt. The community park opened in 1966 to the public, after many years of planning and construction. The Overfelts were one of San Jose’s early pioneer families; they purchased their ranch land in the 1850’s and ran a successful grain and dairy farm on the property for many decades. Mildred was born on the ranch...Read more...
Cleaning materials
Spring has sprung! We've got resources for you to get you into a spring cleaning mood.Read more...
Happy Halloween
It's That Spooky Time of Year! Now that it's fall and the weather is changing, it's time to get in the Halloween spirit! If you love Halloween like me, you've probably already started your Halloween decorating and movie marathons. Although you can buy decorations almost anywhere nowadays, it's often more fun to make some festive crafts with friends or family. Whether you're looking for activities for your children or yourself, the library has many resources for your Halloween fun! Below are some books that contain crafts, games, and spooky party planning ideas. In addition to these activities you can do...Read more...