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Book cover image for "Trouble is a Friend of Mine"
A princess wielding a katana. Human pawns being influenced by powerful forces. A cheerleader who displays grace and incredible strength. High school students investigating a kidnapping. Aliens invading the Earth--but not the way you might expect. These things all appear among the titles below: Exit, Pursued by a Bear by E.K. Johnston This book title is a stage direction found in a Shakespeare play, The Winter's Tale , which is also quoted from in the book. Its striking cover art features a cheerleader doing a stunt during a routine. While at cheerleading camp, high school student Hermione is drugged and...Read more...
Book cover image for "USA," a guidebook by Eyewitness Travel
Celebrate the month of America's independence with these 7 resources about the United States. A to Z the USA This electronic resource has information about each state or the country as a whole. Find maps, information about U.S. Presidents, and even crossword puzzles on this site. See our eSpotlight blog post for international travel resources as well. Great American Eating Experiences: Local Specialties, Favorite Restaurants, Food Festivals, Diners, Roadside Stands, and More Food is a great way through which to know a place. Check out this book to find some places to eat during a trip. Road Trip USA: Cross-Country...Read more...
Cover image for "The Night Manager" e-book
Delve into the spy novels of John Le Carré , many of which have been adapted into feature films with the same titles. Books Our Kind of Traitor is the next adaptation of Le Carré's work that is coming to the big screen. The movie will star Ewan McGregor and Damian Lewis . Check out the book from the San José Public Library before the movie comes out in July. Read The Night Manager (also available as an e-book ) and see how it compares to the suspenseful, six-part series that starred Tom Hiddleston as a soldier-turned-hotel night manager working...Read more...
DVD cover image for "The Martian"
Leave the mundane behind with these science fiction works Science fiction stretches the imagination and often provides thought-provoking answers to questions that start with "What if?" Here are some sci-fi picks that examine alternate histories and speculate on technology and the future. Alternate Histories The Man in the High Castle - In this story by Philip K. Dick , events take place in a world where the Nazis and Imperial Japan have won the Second World War, dividing the United States between their control. Amazon Prime recently adapted this story into a streaming series available to its members. Other Earths...Read more...
Image of featured performers for "Nashville" in Concert
Watch Nashville Cast Perform Live in San Jose on April 14 On Thursday, April 14, 2016, a concert featuring cast members from the television show Nashville will take place at the City National Civic Theater in San Jose. If you enjoy watching primetime dramas like Grey's Anatomy and music performances from shows like Glee or The Voice , Nashville combines both aspects as it features actors who sing and/or play music on the show along with dramatic, emotional storylines. Many of the characters on the show are involved in the joyous and sometimes frustrating creative process of making music and...Read more...
Book cover image for "The Searchers" by Alan Le May
Listen or read about adventures in the Old West The Searchers is considered one of the great classic Western movies of our time. I had never watched the movie and only knew that it starred John Wayne . After I discovered that the movie had been adapted from a book by Alan Le May , I decided to read the book it was based on first. To be more accurate, I listened to The Searchers through OneClickDigital , one of SJPL's eAudiobook providers . I found the plot to be engrossing and enjoyed the narration by Tom Stechschulte, who does...Read more...
Cover image for "A Study in Sherlock" book
The character of Sherlock Holmes has been alive for over a century and counting. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle 's famous detective has enjoyed a resurgence in popular culture with the modern-day television adaptations of Sherlock and Elementary . Sherlock was created by Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss of Doctor Who fame and brings the consulting detective, played by Benedict Cumberbatch, into 21st-century London. With him are other familiar characters from the stories, namely, John Watson (Martin Freeman), Moriarty (Andrew Scott), Mrs. Hudson (Una Stubbs), and Mycroft Holmes (Gatiss). Last month, a Sherlock special called The Abominable Bride premiered in the...Read more...
Hamilton Original Broadway Cast Recording
The new musical Hamilton has been generating a lot of buzz. It tells the story of one of America's founding fathers, Alexander Hamilton , and some of the people in his life, including his wife, Eliza , and Aaron Burr , his friend, contemporary, and later, the man who kills him in a duel. (You may remember a "Got Milk?" commercial where Burr is the answer to a question about who killed Hamilton. Leslie Odom, Jr., who currently plays Burr onstage in the New York musical, recently parodied the commercial .) If you can't get to Broadway to watch Hamilton...Read more...
dvd cover for the film "As You Like It" adapted from Shakespeare by Kenneth Branagh
Last month, National Theatre filmed a live stage production of Hamlet starring Benedict Cumberbatch at London's Barbican Theatre. I got to see this recorded performance with several other (movie) theatergoers at a local cinema. The actors spoke the Elizabethan language of Shakespeare's day but this production of Hamlet was set in a modern-day time period with the title character dressed in a hoodie and his love, Ophelia, wearing a camera around her neck as she was interested in photography. As this recent staging shows, Shakespeare's plays--despite being four centuries old--continue to be told in various ways, making them relatable as...Read more...
Cover image for "A Halloween How-To" book
As Halloween draws near, you may be thinking of throwing a party to celebrate the occasion. If you are looking to serve something besides candy, then try these books with Halloween food and drink recipes in them. You may also get ideas for do-it-yourself decorations and costumes or even learn about the history behind this occasion. Family Fun 101 Spooktacular Party Ideas: Fun Halloween Recipes, Games, Decorations, and Craft Ideas for Ghosts and Ghouls of All Ages Find recipes for finger foods and desserts, and instructions for Halloween-themed games and crafts in this book by Linda Sadler. The games also...Read more...