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Book cover for "Shutter Island"
Are you a fan of Leonardo DiCaprio? Here are a few literary works that were the basis for some of his films. Body of Lies Check out this exciting, page-turning novel by David Ignatius before or after you see the DiCaprio film of the same name. In the movie, DiCaprio plays Roger Ferris, a CIA agent working in the Middle East with Russell Crowe as his supervisor at the CIA. Catch Me If You Can The movie Catch Me If You Can is based on the book of the same name by Frank William Abagnale, Jr and Stan Redding. Among...Read more...
Murder on the Orient Express e-audiobook narrated by Dan Stevens
Dan Stevens won fans' hearts with his portrayal of Matthew Crawley on Downton Abbey . See some of the actor's other work relating to literary adaptations below. And Then There Were None Listen to Stevens narrate and perform character voices for this mystery about 10 strangers lured to a remote location who then start getting killed off. If you enjoy this e-audiobook, Stevens also performs Christie's Murder on the Orient Express , starring sleuth Hercule Poirot. Both titles are available for free with Hoopla and your SJPL library card . Beauty and the Beast Stevens stars as the Beast in...Read more...
Book cover image for "The Many Faces of Josephine"
Discover the real life characters feature on the NBC series Timeless .Read more...
DVD cover for Series 1 of "Blandings"
Need some laughter? Enjoy the memorable characters and clever humor of P.G. Wodehouse with this selection of items. The Jeeves Stories Jeeves is the gentleman's personal gentleman to the wealthy Bertie Wooster and often gets his employer out of trouble. The Code of the Woosters My Man Jeeves (audiobook on CD) Very Good, Jeeves Look for more Jeeves and Wooster items in our catalog. The Psmith Stories Follow the adventures of eccentric Rupert Psmith (the "P" is silent) in these books. Mike and Psmith (free from LINK+ ) Psmith in the City Psmith, Journalist (free from LINK+ ) Leave it...Read more...
Book cover image for "The Kids' Guide to Magic Tricks"
Anyone who has seen performances by magicians like David Blaine or Penn & Teller has felt the wonder and mystery of magic and illusion. Check out these items related to learning magic. Amazing Magic Tricks: Beginner Level - Start your journey to becoming a magician with this book, the first in a series that increases in skill level. Joshua Jay's Amazing Book of Cards - Learn shuffling techniques and card tricks with this book accompanied by a DVD of demonstrations. The Kids' Guide to Magic Tricks - Receive step-by-step guidance on different magic tricks and illusions. Looking for more? Find...Read more...
King Library Atrium
Watch newly released " What's Your Story" series. San Jose teens and young adults (aged 14–24) participated in a digital storytelling workshop " What's Your Story?" at the King Library in July 2016, and the videos are now available to watch .Read more...
Lost in Shagri-La, cover
If you enjoy historical or modern-day stories about explorers, adventurers, and/or survivors in dangerous environments, try these books. The Finest Hours The Finest Hours: The True Story of the U.S. Coast Guard's Most Daring Sea Rescue by Michael Tougias and Casey Sherman In 1952, a storm strands two tankers off Cape Cod and breaks them in half. Four men, including U.S. Coast Guardsman Bernie Webber, take a small boat and brave the dangerous waters and freezing cold to rescue the survivors of one of the tankers. Watch the feature film adaptation starring Chris Pine . The Finest Hours is also...Read more...
DVD cover image for Season 1 of "Supergirl"
October means the return of Supergirl , The Flash , and Green Arrow to the small screen. Get to know these new incarnations of DC Comics' famous superheroes or relive a show's iconic moments by borrowing DVDs from the San Jose Public Library. Arrow : The Complete First Season Oliver Queen ( Stephen Amell ) returns home to Starling City with secrets and mysteries about the last five years of his life in this adaptation of the DC character's story. While readjusting to his life at home, he dons a hood and fights criminals at night with his bow, arrows,...Read more...
Book cover image for "The Color Purple" by Alice Walker
Like movies, stage musicals can also draw inspiration from books. Compare and contrast these literary sources with their musical works below. Works of Literature Musical Soundtracks Related Information Search our catalog to find a movie version of books adapted into stage musicals , like The Color Purple or The Phantom of the Opera . Les Miserables can come in different lengths and translations depending on the edition. Check out SJPL's eSpotlight for more information and works by Roald Dahl! Love Gregory Maguire's Wicked novel? Try the other books in his Wicked Years series .Read more...
Book cover image for "Trouble is a Friend of Mine"
A princess wielding a katana. Human pawns being influenced by powerful forces. A cheerleader who displays grace and incredible strength. High school students investigating a kidnapping. Aliens invading the Earth--but not the way you might expect. These things all appear among the titles below: Exit, Pursued by a Bear by E.K. Johnston This book title is a stage direction found in a Shakespeare play, The Winter's Tale , which is also quoted from in the book. Its striking cover art features a cheerleader doing a stunt during a routine. While at cheerleading camp, high school student Hermione is drugged and...Read more...