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Lowrider car
Photo Credit: Suzanne Lopez (in blog image) and Maria Herrera (blog icon image) "Story and King: San José's Lowrider Culture" Exhibit December 15, 2018 through March 31, 2019 King Library - 5th Floor Special Collections Exhibit Area The art of lowriding has deep roots in Chicano history and culture. San José was home to a vibrant lowrider scene, centered around the famous east-side intersection of Story and King. The city was also the birthplace of the legendary Lowrider Magazine . Founded by Sonny Madrid and company, this unique publication documented the evolution of cruisin' and the sociopolitical issues facing contemporary...Read more...
Griffin illustration
How did California get its name? Find out in this post.Read more...
Scanned image of "Passage to the Golden Gate", including a sketch of Chinese immigrants on a junk boat.
Since the 240th Birthday of San Jose as the First Civil Settlement is happening on November 29, we're honoring the memory of Earl Thollander.Read more...
painting by Edith Harvey Heron
Explore Local Landscape Artist in our collection for October's American Archives Month!Read more...