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Fantasy, Science Fiction, Historical Fiction, DiY, Engineering
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How Music Works by David Byrne

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Game Dev Tycoon Logo
Start your own hobby video game project. Whether you want to build the next cell phone addiction, or your own personal simulation game, your local branch has the information you need to begin your journey into video games development.Read more...
Dungeon Master's Guide Cover, A Foreboding Skeletal form with a purple aura
The past decade has become very kind to the geeks of the world. If I were to have mentioned in public my adventures in Dungeons and Dragons a decade ago I know what I would be given grief, and plenty of it. However it's 2017 and the stigma of playing board games in your friends mom's basement has faded, in fact she might just let you play in the living room. Role playing is officially cool, with the advent of popular gaming series being "live-streamed" on twitch, being led by the likes of Felicia Day, and Matthew Mercer, dungeon crawling...Read more...
Craigslist 4 Everyone, book cover
SJPL staffer Christopher Doyle has compiled a list of precautions and general advice for anyone attempting to make a trade on craigslist. Includes a bonus reading list for becoming a super craigslist user!Read more...
Flour Water Salt Yeast Cover
Welcome to the first of many editions of Evocative Avocations, where we'll be using our local library to learn about, and hone a new hobby, as we teach ourselves with what we can find on the bookshelf. Our first adventure is going to take us into baking, something I've always wanted to do, but as a messy, disorganized person, I've found the experience to be overwhelming. Even with an aversion to "mise en place", I have always still romanticized the idea of waking up hours before sunrise, flouring up my palms and baking up the previous night's labor. If you're...Read more...