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USCIS will reject new cap-subject H-2B petitions that were received after January 26, 2015, and that request an employment start date prior to April 1, 2015. No cap numbers from the first half of FY 2015 will be available in the second half of FY 2015, which begins April 1, 2015. USCIS will continue to accept H-2B petitions that are exempt from the congressionally mandated cap as quoted USCIS . For more information about the H-2B work program, visit https://www.uscis.gov/h-2b or call the National Customer Service Center at 1-800-375-5283.Read more...
If someone is living outside of the country, he or she may be required to go through consular processing to apply for a green card. How do I apply for consular processing? The course of action for applying through the consular process is a strict one that requires quite a bit of paperwork and patience. Follow this step-by-step procedure: Determine your basis for immigration: You must fit into one of the INA immigrant categories to be eligible for a green card. The most common way is through a petition filed by an employer who wants to hire you (employment-based) or...Read more...
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USCIS reminds all approved EB-5 regional centers with a designation letter dated on or before Sept. 30, 2014, that they must file Form I-924A , Supplement to Form I-924, for fiscal year 2014. Regional centers must submit Form I-924A no later than Dec. 29, 2014 . If a regional center fails to file Form I-924A, USCIS will issue a notice of intent to terminate participation in the EB-5 Immigrant Investor Program . If a regional center files an incomplete Form I-924A, USCIS may issue a notice of intent to terminate participation as quoted on USCIS News . See More Immigration News!Read more...
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Under the new policy ( PA-2014-009 ), a mother who meets the definition(*Gave birth to the child, and *Was the child’s legal mother at the time of birth under the law of the relevant jurisdiction), but does not have a genetic relationship with her child (for example, she became pregnant through an egg donor) will: Be able to petition for her child based on their relationship Be eligible to have her child petition for her based on their relationship Be able to transmit U.S. citizenship to her child, if she is a U.S. citizen and all other pertinent citizenship requirements...Read more...