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The Park Martial Cottle Park Entrance ©Brandy Maldonado With 287 acres, this south San Jose park offers various activities for you and the family to enjoy. The Martial Cottle park has paved walkways that allow runners, walkers, bikers, and skaters to enjoy the great outdoors safely. The interactive play area introduces children to life size farm animals and farming methods. This urban park celebrates sustainable farming processes and highlights innovations in organic farming. Located at the south entrance of the park is the University of California Cooperative Extension Master Gardeners Community Education Center . At the Education Center you can...Read more...
Seven Magnificent Adventures 2019
The Park 2019 Coyote Lake-Harvey Bear Pix in Parks Challenge photo op ©Brandy Maldonado Coyote Lake-Harvey Bear Ranch park is located east of Gilroy. This park has over 6,500 acres for recreational use! This park includes picnic areas, campsites; hiking trails and a 449 acre lake for fishing or boating! This park is the epitome of being outside and is a great way to acquaint yourself with nature. The Coyote Lake-Harvey Bear Ranch park is well known for it's abundance of wildlife. At the park you may find wild pigs, cattle, western pond turtles, deer, turkey, bald eagles, tiger salamander...Read more...
Seven Magnificent Adventures 2019
Here I am at the Santa Teresa County Park, Stile Ranch to Fortini Trail. 2018 Pix in Parks Challenge photo op. ©Brandy Maldonado. If you love hiking, you've been waiting for the weather to clear to get back outside! Ready or not, it is time to get back to the great outdoors! Let's go for a hike! Hiking is a great way to explore the great outdoors with friends, family or solo! Since moving to the bay area I have tried my best to take advantage of all the local hiking spots. There is a lot of hiking available to...Read more...
hatching baby ostriches
Ostriches are worlds the largest non-flying bird and lay the largest eggs. A female ostrich can lay up to twelve eggs that can each weigh up to 40 to 70 ounces each. When ostriches reached their peak popularity in the early 1900’s, ostrich eggs were sold alongside their feathers in stores as a novelty. Image: Portrait of a young woman, History San Jose Photographic Collection , History San Jose. Ostrich feathers have been in the fashion industry for centuries. African and European countries have used ostrich feathers in apparel and in jewelry. In the early 1900’s there were only 3...Read more...