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Humor, YA fiction/nonfiction, Fantasy, Realism
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Summer of the Mariposas by Guadalupe Garcia McCall

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Financing College by Lucius Beebe Memorial Library
So you got into the college of your dreams and now you’re wondering how you are going to afford it? First off, don’t panic and remember to breathe because you can’t attend the college of your dreams if you’re dead. Secondly, it is time for you and your parents to apply for financial aid and the San Jose Public Library is here to help you along the way. These quick tips and resources are sure to help both students and parents navigate the murky waters of paying for college. Now some quick tips: Applying for financial aid is FREE and...Read more...
Yes Please By Amy Poehler Cover San Jose Public library catalog
The holidays are a time of joy, but they are also a time of stress. Between the planning, cleaning and trying to impress your in-laws, it’s a miracle any of us get through the holidays. What better way to relieve that stress then by having yourself a good laugh! And what better way to tickle your funny bone then by diving into some hilarious books made by some very funny ladies. These books are sure to have you LOLing (laughing out loud for my fellow not-so text savvy peeps) and smiling all the way to the dinner table at your...Read more...
frustrated student at laptop
There are only a few days left until the UC application deadline, which means it’s time to put down that pumpkin spice latte and get started on your personal statements. Whether you’re just starting your personal statement, almost done or ready to turn it in, the San Jose Public Library has resources to make sure that you end up with a killer personal statement. The first thing to realize is that a personal statement is not just an essay. It is used by UC’s and privates as a way to not only evaluate your academic potential, but also your character...Read more...
students crowded around laptop
It’s November! Along with marking the beginning of the holiday season, November also marks the beginning of college applications. The November 30th deadline for CSU’s and UC’s is approaching fast, which means it’s time for high school seniors to not only pick a major, but also find colleges that match with their major and interests. When I started looking into majors I had no idea where to turn to. I was a first generation college student which meant I couldn’t ask my family for help, so I had no choice but to research majors and schools myself. Thankfully, the San...Read more...