Temporary Card for San José Residents

Mailboxes with flowers and apartment numbers painted on them.

Check out Physical Items

Do you want to be able to place holds and check out physical items using our Express Pickup service but don't have a Full Access Card? A Temporary Card lets you do this. First, you need an eLibrary Card. Once you have an eLibrary Card number, adult San José residents can use this form to convert their eLibrary Card to a Temporary Card.


  • Who's Eligible? Available to adults with eLibrary Cards.
  • Card Type: Your choice of physical card design with number and PIN.
  • What Can I Check Out? Everything that an eLibrary card gets you plus physical items. This includes online learning, eBooks, eAudiobooks, eMovies, eMusic, and item from our physical collection.
  • Item Checkout Limit: 20 physical items. Electronic items vary based on vendor.
  • Item Holds Limit: 10 physical items. Electronic items vary based on vendor.
  • When Can I Use It? You will receive your new Temporary Card number by email within 2–3 business days and a physical card by postal mail within 7–10 business days.

Lost or Stolen Cards

Do not fill out this form for replacement physical cards. Call 408-808-2000 for assistance with a lost or stolen card.

Temporary Card Form

Your Mailing Address
Preferred Language
Preferred Card Design