SJPL Works: Technology Access

Three people sit in chairs against a wall while each person uses a different mobile device or tablet.

Equipment and Devices are Unavailable while libraries are closed due to COVID-19

To use an SJPL Works device, ask a staff member in the SJPL Works Office to check out the equipment. You will need to show your library card. An SJPL Works staff member will also provide you with a usage agreement to sign.

   Printer & Copier Equipment

  • All-in-One Printer/Copier:
    • 65 cents for color
    • 20 cents for black and white
    • Wireless printing available

   Desktop Computers

  • 7 desktop computers
  • Software:
    • Adobe Creative Suite
    • Business Plans Pro
    • Quickbooks Pro
    • Microsoft Office Suite

   Laptop Computers

  • 30 laptops, equipped with Windows 7
  • Software:
    • Skype
    • Microsoft Office Suite
    • Quickbooks Pro
    • Adobe Creative Suite

   Tablet Devices

  • 7 tablets
  • Software: Microsoft Office Suite

   Smart Board & LCD Equipment

  • Interactive Smart Board for meetings and presentations
  • LCDs for videoconferencing
  • Available to use when booking a workspace