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About the Virtual Privacy Lab

Learn about privacy topics and generate a custom privacy toolkit geared towards your online needs. Toolkits include links, tips, and resources that empower you to customize your online identity. Email or print your privacy toolkit for future use.

Toolkits & Leveling Up

Toolkit: What is Online Privacy?

People define privacy in many ways, but one important aspect is controlling your personal information, or in other words, being able to choose who knows what about you.

Toolkit: Social Media & Online Sharing

Social media is like an online bulletin board. Most social media platforms have privacy settings, which are intended to restrict your information to being seen by a select group of people.

Toolkit: Security: How the Internet Works

While online privacy is (in part) about who you authorize to see your personal information, online security helps you prevent unauthorized access to that same information.

Toolkit: How Is Data Shared?

Data mining means searching for patterns and relationships in large collections of data—often called Big Data.

Toolkit: Your Information Footprint

Everyone has an information footprint—a trail of information you leave behind as you use technology.

Toolkit: Anonymity & Tracking

Can you be anonymous online? No. If you're concerned by online tracking, use the tips in your privacy toolkit to find effective tools, but remember they may go out of date.

Toolkit: State of Online Privacy

The United States Constitution does not specifically state that you have a right to privacy.

Level Up: Get Started Today

Check out these privacy tools, apps, and resources to start managing your online activities and identities today.

Level Up: In-Depth Article

Still want to learn more about online privacy? Dive deep with the following topics and become a privacy expert.

Privacy Policy

The San José Public Library is committed to protecting your privacy by keeping personally identifiable information confidential.

Vendor Privacy Policies

Privacy policies from third-party vendors that San José Public Library licenses services and content from.

Privacy Audit

Privacy audits are conducted to evaluate whether library programs and services comply with SJPL's privacy policy.