Privacy at Your Library

How San José Public Library Manages Your Privacy

  • No Record of Computer Activities – After you log on to a library computer, the Library has no record of what you do during your session. When you log out, your entire session is wiped, so the next user has no way of accessing your information.
  • HTTPS – SJPL.ORG and its event website are encrypted with HTTPS, meaning all communications between your browser and the library website are private. Although your account is also encrypted, your catalog searches and browsing activities are not.
  • Reference – Your online, telephone, and in-person questions for library staff are confidential and private.
  • Reading History – The Library does not keep a record of your borrowing activities. Once you return your item, that record is wiped from your account unless you enable the Reading History on your account. If an item accumulates late fees a record of the title will remain on the account.
  • Confidentiality of Patron Records – This policy details how the Library ensures the confidentiality of patron records.
  • Records of Minors – If a public library cardholder is under the age of 18, the parent or legal guardian listed on the account can request their child's records if that parent or legal guardian has the child's library card.
  • Registration Policy – This provision includes information on how San José Public Library and San Jose State University Library manage circulation records and other identifying records.
  • Body Cameras – Library Safety Officers (LSO) at the King Library are equipped with body cameras and can record patron contacts, interviews, and other events when recording could provide value as evidence. Before recording, an LSO is instructed to issue a verbal advisement to the patron, and consent is not needed for recording to commence.
  • Video Surveillance – Several library branches (Almaden, Alviso, Bascom, Biblioteca Latinoamericana, Educational Park, Hillview, Seven Trees), and the Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Library have security cameras outside and/or inside. Video footage at branch locations is kept for 30 days and only available to view by supervisory staff. A warrant is required to view footage from indoor cameras, while exterior footage viewing requests must be made to a Division Manager. King Library footage is stored for one year and is stored by the University Police Department.
  • eLearning – Library vendors (e.g. Overdrive, Axis360,, etc.) have their own privacy policies. Sites may or may not be HTTPS. Check site addresses and policies for more information.
  • Email – Updates that are subscribed through email are serviced by Google's FeedBurner while mailing list subscriptions are serviced by Constant Contact. Refer to their individual privacy policies for more information: Google Privacy Policy | Constant Contact Privacy Policy.
  • Data Analytics – We collect and store information about how you use our website to help improve your experience when you visit us online. We do not collect any personally identifiable information. The information we do collect is kept indefinitely.

    If you want to know more or opt out, review the services we use:

How the Library Community Champions Patron Privacy