Suspension Policy, King Library


Statement of Policy & Text

Since the San Jose State University Police Department (UPD) through their Library Security Unit has jurisdiction in the King Library, the SJSU rules for suspending customers/users apply to all customers/users within the library.  If customer/user is not a SJSU student, UPD with SJPL Administration approval, may follow the SJPL Suspension Policy (#PL_362).

  • UPD is in charge of enforcing any suspension policy problems that occur within the Library as outlined in the Suspension Procedures.
  • When a problem occurs, library staff involved will contact UPD to report the problem and ask for assistance, if needed.
  • Since the King Library is also part of the SJPL system, any currently suspended SJPL branch customer/user is also suspended from using the King Library.
  • Although UPD does not directly enforce the San Jose Municipal Rules and Regulations that govern SJPL customer behavior, it does provide backup to library staff who must deal with a person known or believed to be currently under suspension by any library in the SJPL system. (See Guidelines below.)

Need for the Policy

A policy is needed to determine how suspensions under both libraries' regulations will be handled in the King Library.

Since UPD is the enforcement agency for King Library, its role in handling SJPL suspensions must also be defined.

Requirements & Guidelines

Library staff may ask any customer/user in the King Library who is known to be currently suspended from the SJSU and SJPL Library to leave. But if a customer refuses, staff is not responsible for escorting the person from the Library.

  • Library staff must contact UPD to request that an officer handle the problem.
  • Staff, with UPD assistance, will again ask the customer to leave the library.
  • If the customer/user gives negative responses or shows hostile behavior that violates King Library customer conduct/behavior policies, UPD will then become the enforcing agency and will escort the customer from the library or do whatever is required by the situation.

Applicable Personnel/Departments

All Library Staff and University Police Department (UPD).




Reviewed and approved by:Signature/NameDate of Approval
KMT 7/7/03
KMTRuth Kifer, John Wenzler, Mary Nino, Luann Budd, Anne Cain, Neil Rufino, Sandra Stewart, Katie DuPraw6/10/13
KMTRuth Kifer, Rae Ann Stahl, Mary Nino, Luann Budd, Jill Bourne, Neil Rufino, Katie DuPraw, Angie Miralor, Jon Worona


History & Dates

Category of Policy: Auxiliary Services
Author(s): SJPL Supervising Librarian: Lisa Rosenblum
SJSU Associate Dean: Jo Bell Whitlatch
Authorized by: Core Team, 7/7/03
Date Written: 6/20/03
Date Effective: 8/29/03
Date(s) of Revision(s): 05/27/04dk; 2/23/05, 6/11/08gd, 12/20/12, 6/10/13


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