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Statement of Policy & Text

Small group study rooms are dedicated for the use of small groups involved in studying, working on projects and/or meeting about projects. These rooms, located at the Dr. King Library and at San Jose Public Library branches are available by reservation online only:

Dr. King Library
The 36 small group study rooms located on the Lower Level and floors 2,3,6,7 and 8 of the King Library are dedicated to small group use for studying, working on projects, and meetings about projects.

  • Small groups are considered from 2-12 people, depending on the size and requirements of each specific room.
  • These rooms are not to be used for regularly scheduled university courses or public meetings.

San Jose Public Library Branch Libraries
The following branches offer between one and three small group study rooms, as indicated on the list:

  • Almaden Branch: 1 room
  • Alviso Branch: 1 room
  • Bascom Branch: 2 rooms
  • Berryessa Branch: 3 rooms
  • Biblioteca Larinoamericana: 1 room
  • Calabazas Branch: 1 room
  • Cambrian Branch: 2 rooms
  • Dr. Roberto Cruz Alum Rock Branch: 2 rooms
  • Edenvale Branch: 2 rooms
  • East San Jose Carnegie Branch: 1 room
  • Educational Park Branch: 2 rooms
  • Evergreen Branch: 2 rooms
  • Hillview Branch: 2 rooms
  • Joyce Ellington Branch: 1 room
  • Pearl Avenue Branch: 1 room
  • Rose Garden Branch: 1 room
  • Santa Teresa Branch: 2 rooms
  • Seven Trees Branch: 2 rooms
  • Tully Community Branch: 2 rooms
  • Village Square: 2 rooms
  • Vineland Branch: 2 rooms
  • West Valley Branch: 1 room
  • Willow Glen Branch: 1 room


  • Small groups are considered from 2 -12 people, depending on the size and requirements of each specific room.
  • The rooms are not to be used for any activities that are either “for profit” or include the collection of monetary donations.

Need for the Policy

The San Jose State University and San Jose Public Libraries are committed to providing a variety of research and library use spaces for university students and members of the public and to advising users of services and appropriate policies.

Requirements & Guidelines

  • The 1-hour reservations begin and end on the hour, e.g. from 1:00 p.m. to 2:00 p.m. The reservation holder will have exclusive use of the reserved room at any time during that one hour period.
  • A valid reservation slip must be displayed in the plastic holder on the door of the reserved room.
  • Users can print out their reservation slips from a print release station in the library or from the receipt printers that are attached to each Reserve a Computer Station.
  • Since rooms are not soundproof, noise level should reflect the Quiet or Silent Area Policy for the floor where it is located.
  • Current food and drink policies apply to the use of small group study rooms.
  • Groups must leave rooms in clean condition
  • No alcoholic beverages or tobacco products may be used in any room.
  • Windows in rooms may not be covered at any time.
  • At the Dr. King Library, security officers will assist with enforcement of this policy.

Room security
Rooms will not be locked.


Applicable Personnel/Departments





Reviewed and approved by:Signature/NameDate of Approval
KMT   2/24/03  

History & Dates

Category of Policy : Facilities
Author(s): SJSU Outreach Services & Cultural Heritage Center Specialist Michael Condon; SJPL Division Manager, Gordon Yusko (2008 revision)
Authorized by: Core Team
Date Written: 12/13/02
Date Effective: 8/1/03
Date(s) of Revision(s): 8/25/03; 11/6/03; 03/25/04; 11/6/06 MC; 6/18/08gd; 2/27/10 jc/gd


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