Recording Studio Policy


Statement of Policy & Text

The Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Library Recording Studio is located on the mezzanine in an area specifically designed and reserved for the use of teens between the ages of 12 and 18. The Recording Studio provides resources for teens to engage in audio and video production along with regular and special programs targeting the needs of specific age groups.

Need for the Policy

The King Library is committed to providing an inviting, safe, and separate space for teens to engage in individual and group activities for creative exploration of technology, art, and music.

Requirements & Guidelines

  • Use of the recording studio is available by appointment.
  • Adult customers and children under 12 are restricted from use of the Recording Studio unless use is approved by library staff.
  • All users must attend mandatory training before using the Recording Studio.
  • Consumption of food and drink is not allowed in the sound booth.
  • Sound booth windows will be kept clear of obstruction.
  • Occupancy of the sound booth may not exceed 5 people.
  • Users must provide their own storage devices to save or export files.
  • All files saved to the Library’s computers will be erased after each session.
  • The Library is unable to provide one-on-one production or recording assistance.
  • All users assume responsibility for complying with applicable copyright laws.
  • Advanced recording equipment is available to use in the Recording Studio upon request.

The Library may suspend access to the Recording Studio for persons who fail to follow the Library's established behavior and usage guidelines.

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A. Customer Conduct Policy PL-249

B. Food & Drink PL-226

C. Quiet and/or Silent PL-222