Online Patron Application Policy


Statement of Policy & Text

San Jose Libraries utilize online applications for library cards. Customer identity and information entered online by new customers will be verified by library staff when library cards are issued.

Need for the Policy

  • To establish rules regarding the online application process
  • To define the process for issuing library cards to online applicants
  • To assist in the application of library policies in a uniform manner
  • To expedite the registration of new library customers

Requirements & Guidelines


  • Online applications will default to King Library as home library and Web Patron as patron type. This will assist in maintenance of the database and facilitate the deletion of unclaimed cards.
  • Online application form includes an “I Agree” button for the applicant to click when they agree to assume responsibility for all items borrowed on the account and to abide by the borrowing rules. This is considered to be equivalent to their signature.
  • Identity of online applicants will be verified when the customer comes to the library to pick up their library card. Applicants who are unable to provide photo ID when they come to the library to pick up their library card will receive Limited Status until they are able to provide verification. For applicants under the age of 18, see “Juvenile Applicants,” below.
  • When applicant visits the library, staff issuing cards will check for completeness and accuracy of all fields, making changes as needed.
  • Staff will check for duplicate cards before issuing new card, submitting duplicate records for deletion.
  • Although applicants will be asked to complete the application in ALL CAPS, due to time constraints staff will not correct the format of entry if it is done in lower case.

Juvenile Applicants

  • The following rules apply to members of the general public, not to San Jose State University students.
  • Before issuing cards to Juvenile borrowers (under age 18), staff must check the applicant’s birthdate and select the proper Patron Type.
  • Parent or legal guardian must be present, present their photo ID, and agree to the borrowing rules in order for the juvenile to obtain library card.
  • The Juvenile online application includes an “I Agree” button for the parent or guardian to click when they agree to assume responsibility for the juvenile’s account and to abide by the borrowing rules. When the parent or guardian accompanies the juvenile to the library to pick up their card, the adult will be reminded again of this agreement, and the juvenile will be issued a card with the Juvenile borrower type.
  • The juvenile must visit the library to obtain their library card. Parents/guardians may not receive the juvenile’s library card if the juvenile is not present.
  • The parent or guardian whose information is entered into the juvenile’s record will be considered responsible for the juvenile’s materials, even in cases of shared custody.
  • Books for Little Hands application and issuing of cards will remain a centralized function, not offered online.

San Jose State University Faculty and Staff

  • SJSU Faculty/Staff library cards are only issued at King Library.
  • Applicants must present photo ID and be in the library database as a Faculty/Staff member to receive Faculty/Staff privileges.
  • Visiting Scholars and Faculty Procies must use this online application, and must apply in person at King Library.

San Jose State University Studies in American Language (SAL) Students

  • SJSU SAL cards are only issued at King Library.
  • Applicants must present a valid SJSU Tower card to receive SJSU student privileges.
  • Only those SJSU studenets whose student information has not yet been downloaded through the SJSU patron data load process should use this application.

Paper Applications and Agreements

  • There will be situations that require the use of paper applications (i.e. class visits, time constraints, computer availability), but use of the online application process will be encouraged and facilitated whenever possible.
  • Paper copies of the Borrower Agreement will be available for customers who request them.

Maintenance Functions

  • Records for customers who complete online applications but do not pick up their library cards within a specified amount of time will be deleted on a regular basis.
  • Deletion of duplicate cards will be completed as needed.

Applicable Personnel/Departments

Access Services / Circulation




Reviewed and approved by:Signature/NameDate of Approval
SJSU Associate Dean Jo Bell Whitlatch 3/24/05 
SJPL Division ManagerLisa Rosenblum 3/24/05 
KMTRuth Kifer, Rae Ann Stahl, Mary Nino, Luann Budd, Jill Bourne, Neil Rufino, Katie DuPraw, Angie Miraflor, Jon Worona1/27/14
KMTRuth Kifer, Jill Bourne, Rae Ann Stahl, Mary Nino, Luann Budd, Neil Rufino, and Katie DuPraw06/2/14

History & Dates

Category of Policy:User Services
Author(s):Gayle Davis
Authorized by:3/24/2005
Date Written:3/1/2005
Date Effective:3/24/05
Date(s) of Revision(s): 3/7/07 GD, 02/23/10gd, 06/02/14 


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