Educational Resource Center Policy


Statement of Policy & Text

The specialized collections of the Educational Resource Center (ERC) are available for in-library use and, for circulation by faculty, students, and the public.

Need for the Policy

The primary need for this policy is to ensure that the ERC collection is:

  • Available to SJSU students to fulfill course requirements
  • Accessible to the general public.

Requirements & Guidelines

  • When appropriate, and based upon demand, SJPL will purchase additional, matching copies of highly-sought teaching materials.
  • The ERC is composed of 5 major collections:
    1. Children’s Award Winners
      SJSU’s collection of children’s award-winning titles and books of literary interest.
    2. California Textbooks
      SJSU’s collection of currently adopted state textbooks for grades K-12. Faculty and graduate students may check out materials for longer loan periods.
    3. Big Books
      Oversized versions of children’s classics, suitable for reading aloud in group or classroom settings, also great for studying the art techniques of illustrators of children’s books.
    4. Libraries and Learning: Information on literacy and school library materials.
  • The ERC also maintains a webpage on the Library website. See

Applicable Personnel/Departments

All Library Staff, especially SJPL Youth Services and SJSU’s Children’s Literature/Curriculum Librarian.




Reviewed and approved by:Signature/NameDate of Approval
KMTRuth Kifer, John Wenzler, Mary Nino, Luann Budd, Anne Cain, Neil Rufino, Sandra Stewart, Katie DuPraw2/21/2013

History & Dates

Category of Policy: Collection Management
Author(s): SJSU Elementary Education & Teacher Resources Librarian: Sue Kendall
Authorized by: Core Team-5/7/03, rev-9/30/03
Date Written: 5/7/03
Date Effective: 8/1/03
Date(s) of Revision(s): 9/30/03, 3/1/05; 2/15/06, 2/21/2013


A. Reference to: Policy with Requirements for Circulation of Restricted-Use Materials-under development