Customer Conduct Policy Enforcement

Violation of the Library’s Customer Conduct Policy may call for suspension of Library privileges. The following guidelines shall be used in determining the length of suspension.

BehaviorSuspension guidelines
First offenseSecond offense Third offense
Disruptive or unsafe conductCorrect behavior or leave for the dayLeave for the day 1 week 
Failure to comply with reasonable staff requestLeave for the day1 week1 month
Impeding others' access to library use2 weeks1 month3 months
Possession of drug paraphernalia1 month2 months3 months
Property damage1 month2 months3 months
Theft1 month2 months3 months
Trespassing1 month2 months3 months
Under the influence of alcohol or other substance1 month2 months3 months
Vandalism1 month2 months3 months
Possession of weapons3 months6 months1 year
Verbal threats or abuse3 months6 months1 year
Battery6 months to 1 year (depending on severity)1 year2 years
Illegal substances6 months1 year2 years
Lewd conduct6 months to 1 year (depending on severity)1 year2 years
Physical threats6 months1 year2 years


Applicable Personnel/Departments

All Library Staff


Reviewed and approved by:Signature/NameDate of Approval
KMTTracy Elliott, Rae Ann Stahl, Colleen Cuddy, Marie Chack, Jill Bourne, Jean Herriges, Jenny Choi, Vidya Kilambi, Chaunacey Dunklee, Michelle Amores1/23/17



History & Dates

Category of Procedure: Administrative/Operations, User Services
Author(s): SJPL Supervising Librarian:
Date Written: 1/23/17
Date Effective: 
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A. Customer Conduct Policy