Children's Historical Collections Policy


Statement of Policy & Text

The Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Library owns two collections of historical juvenile literature that are of value and interest to the general public, researchers, educators, and students.

  • The San Jose Public Library Children’s Research Collection includes many historical fiction and nonfiction books published before 1900. New titles are not being added to the collection at the present time. These materials may not be checked out.
  • The San Jose State University’s Historical Juvenile Collection includes historical fiction, non-fiction, and state textbooks. As materials are retired from the active collection, they are relocated to the Historical Juvenile Collection. These materials may be checked out.
  • These two collections are shelved adjacent to one another in compact shelving on the Lower Level.


Need for the Policy

Both libraries have significant historical children''s collections that are of interest to the general public, as well as to researchers, students and educators.

While there is some similarity in types of materials held by the two libraries, each collection has a different focus, often with different access and maintenance policies.

Requirements & Guidelines


Applicable Personnel/Departments

All library staff, especially Circulation, Cataloging and Youth Services.




Reviewed and approved by:Signature/NameDate of Approval
KMT 12/16/02
Associate Dean & Sup. Librarian 10/1/03

History & Dates

Category of Policy: Collection Management
Author(s): SJPL Youth Services Coordinator: Deborah Erwin
Authorized by: Core Team, 12/6/02
Date Written: 9/13/02
Date Effective: 8/01/03
Date(s) of Revision(s): 2/2/05