Take the San Jose Public Library Play Pledge

Why Pledge?

Doctors Recommend that children spend at least 60 minutes daily in free play. Yet playtime has been shrinking! You can help bring play back into kids' lives! The Play Pledge is a promise to give the child in your life the opportunity to play.

Take the Pledge

I recognize the importance of play to child development and will support the kids in my life with:


The Importance of Play

Play is so much more than fun and games - it's also an important teaching tool! Through play, kids learn how to interact with others and develop skills critical for lifelong development:

Download the Importance of Play Poster (1.2 MB PDF)

little boy playing with Montessori toys

Improve Thinking and Problem-Solving

girl listening to tin can telephone

Develop and Practice Communication Skills

girl holding pen with bright paint splotches spilling out

Increase Creativity and Imagination

boy and girl playing with toys

Understand and Express Emotions

two boys playing soccer

Exercise Physical Skills

group of four kids in superhero costumes

Build Social Skills