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Reflections from Experienced Tutors

  • I tutor because it allows me to better connect with my local community and it makes me feel good to share my skills to help someone else overcome challenges and reach their goals. I also learn and grow through my tutoring experience. My advice to new tutors is to be a good listener, ask for feedback from your learner, and test your results to see if you need to change something you are doing. - BG
  • I find it enjoyable, gratifying, rewarding. And I also find it humbling, as I realize how much I don’t know about other cultures and geographical/political environments. - MY
  • I tutor because I believe that literacy will continue to lead us forward instead of keeping us bound by old beliefs. - BC
  • Be flexible – Adjust if your learner isn’t ready for your agenda. - MY
  • I tutor because I want to make the world a better place. - JR
  • Be creative - find ways to help your learner. There is a lot of truth to “if the student failed to learn, the teacher failed to teach”. - MY
  • Keep trying new approaches if the one you’re using isn’t working. BC
  • Discover some additional advice from Hopelink Adult Education volunteers who work with adults who are building literacy skills.

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