Learner Resources

Learning Tips

For ways to learn more, to learn faster, and to remember for longer, read these tips.

Technology and Literacy

Technology and literacy go together for PAR learners. PAR’s computer instructors work in the lab in the PAR office with learners to help prepare them for today’s jobs. They also learn how to use email, the keyboard, and the Internet. They can use learning programs to practice what they have learned in tutoring sessions.

Tips for Using Computers

If you are using a computer during tutoring sessions or on days that you do not meet with a tutor, here are some ideas that may help.

  • Talk to your computer and repeat what it says. Sitting quietly is not as good as repeating.
  • If it is hard to write on the computer, write your message down on paper first. Then when you get to the computer, you can copy what you already wrote.
  • Check out Mousercise for help using a mouse.
  • If you are writing an email or a document in Microsoft Word, save it every few minutes.
  • Open a free email account and then send your tutor an email 1 or 2 times a week for computer and writing practice.

Health Information

Reading Practice

Read the News

Everyday Reading, Writing, and Listening

  • Take practice DMV tests
  • Practice using an ATM, reading a food label, or looking at tax information with the Everyday Life Project
  • TV 411 will help you practice reading, writing, and math in many areas. Just click on each slide to move forward in the lesson
  • Play games and do these activities with ProLiteracy
  • Change this basic resume from Project Read San Francisco and enter your information
  • Fill out a practice job application from the Stratford Library
  • Learn to manage money with these games from Dollar General
  • Build your listening skills with ESL Podcast
  • Use your San Jose Public Library card to open a free account on Learning Express. Sign up for tests, classes, and review materials to build your skills