Meet Tutors and Learners

tutor and learner smiling at camera while doing a writing exercise

Adults participate in PAR for many reasons. Meet Kristi, a typical adult learner who has participated in a library literacy program to enhance her language and literacy skills. Read some of PAR's tutor and learner stories.

Tutor Stories

Joan is inspired by the adult she tutors:

"F. inspires me! Now he goes shopping outside his neighborhood because he feels that he can speak with the clerks and understand when they speak to him. I'm excited because that means his world is now much larger. All of this is due to his motivation and hard work. Thanks for putting us together!"

Mike and the two adults he met with:

Mike's adult learner said, "My tutor is the best. He has helped me so much. I can't thank him enough for the way he has helped me."

Mike told PAR, "This has been an experience that I will always cherish. It is a reward of life and living."

He described how when he was working with two learners together, they were from completely different backgrounds. "They come from exactly opposite directions. One has wealth, a university education, and has traveled the world. The other is living month-to-month. Yet, they have become good — no, make that GREAT friends. They talk together without me."

Rebecca's opinion about volunteering:

"I volunteer because I enjoy giving back to my community. The PAR program, which gives me an opportunity to work with someone who wants to learn to read and speak English is, by far, the most rewarding and enjoyable volunteer opportunity I've encountered. For me, volunteering is a win-win situation . . . I can help others and I get back so much from the people I meet. They enrich my life and I hope I am making a difference for them, as well."

Training helps tutors get ready to start right away:

One tutor writes:

"My own experience is that PAR really trains and equips you so that you feel like you know what you are doing from day one when you sit down with your learner. It's extremely rewarding to be a part of somebody learning to read and all the opportunities that open up for the person. I look forward to meeting with my learner every single time."

PAR Learner Stories

The following books are a collection of stories written by adult learners. Download these books as PDF files:

Print copies of the books are also available for checkout