Early Education (0-5)

Born to Learn

90% of your child’s brain development will occur between birth and age five.

Your relationship with your child and the time you spend together reading, singing, talking, playing and writing will help your child learn and grow.

read iconRead: The best way to help your child build language and literacy skills is to read together every day and talk about the books you read.

sing iconSing: Kids learn the sounds and rhythm of language best when listening to and singing songs. Don’t worry about your voice— your child will love singing with you no matter what!

talk iconTalk: Talking to your child in your own language will help her learn new words and stimulate her brain development. Listen and respond to what your child says, even if it sounds like babble!

write iconWrite: Writing helps children understand that printed letters, words and symbols have meaning. Set up a space with crayons and paper so your child can practice scribbling and drawing.

play iconPlay: Playing helps your child exercise his brain, learn about the world and gain important physical and social skills. Learn more about play with Wee Play San Jose.


Preparing for Kindergarten

How do you know if your child is ready for kindergarten? How does kindergarten enrollment work? These links provide information about local school district requirements. They also provide tips you can use to help your child develop the skills needed for kindergarten success.

Are You Ready: a Family’s Guide to Starting Kindergarten is a kindergarten preparation booklet created by First Five Santa Clara County and the Santa Clara County Partnership for School Readiness

School District Locator will use your address to look up your family’s school district.