What To Do with Used Magazines, Encyclopedias, and Textbooks

If you have a generous heart and some new or very gently used books, videos, or CDs that you don’t need, you should donate them to your local branch’s Friends of the Library, who gratefully accept these items at donation bins in all library locations.

But what if you have gently used magazines, National Geographic issues, encyclopedias, or textbooks that you don’t need?  Unfortunately, most library Friends groups do not accept these types of items. So, what can you do with them, especially if you'd prefer that they be re-used rather than simply recycled?

Here is a list of organizations in the local area that may accept donations in these categories — provided that the items are in good condition. This list was compiled by searching recyclestuff.org. Please call each organization before donating, since it may no longer accept the kind of donation you are planning to give.


National Geographic Magazine



For where to donate other items that the Friends of the Library cannot accept, you can search the recyclestuff.org database yourself.

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