New Teen Materials

The upside of unrequited / by Becky Albertalli. cover
Avoiding relationships to protect her sensitive heart, plus-sized Molly supports her once-cynical twin, Cassie, when the latter has her own bout of lovesickness, a situation that is complicated by sibling dynamics and an unexpected romantic triangle.
A study in Charlotte : a Charlotte Holmes novel / Brittany Cavallaro. cover
Rival teens Charlotte and Jamie, descendants of Sherlock Holmes and John Watson, investigate the mystery of why they are being framed for murder at their American boarding school.
Thanos : Titan consumed / by Barry Lyga. cover
Shares the origins of the Mad Titan, including how growing up an outcast on his home planet shaped him into the dangerous villain that not even the Avengers could defeat.
Star Wars. Lando : double or nothing / writer, Rodney Barnes ; artist, Paolo Villanelli ; color artist, Andres Mossa ; letterer, VC's Joe Caramagna. cover
"Straight from the frames of the highly anticipated film Solo: A Star Wars Story swaggers a younger - and somehow even cockier - Lando Calrissian! Before his days in the Rebellion, before he ran Cloud City, even before he lost the Millennium Falcon, comes this tale of Lando's adventures and misadventures in search of love and money - leading right up to his appearance in Solo"--Amazon.
The Thing and the Human Torch. Vol. 1, Fate of the Four / Chip Zdarsky, writer ; Jim Cheung, Valerio Schiti, pencilers ; John Dell with Walden Wong & Jim Cheung, Valerio Schiti, inkers ; Frank Mart... cover
"A classic title from Marvel's storied history is back at last--and it's Fantastic! With Reed and Sue Richards gone and presumed dead, Johnny Storm and Ben Grimm reunite in a bid to find their new place in the Marvel Universe. But something is wrong with the Human Torch, and only the Thing can help him! And what monumental secret has Victor Von Doom been hiding -- and how will it completely change the lives of Ben and Johnny?! Prepare for things to go Multiversal as the Thing and the Torch explore the Fate of the Four! It's the reunion you've been waiting for--well, half of it, at least--int the world's new greatest comic magazine!" -- from back cover.
Trinity. Vol. 2, Dead space / Francis Manapul, Cullen Bunn, writers ; Francis Manapul, Scott Hanna [and six others], artists ; Francis Manapul, Wil Quintana [and three others], colorists ; Steve Wa... cover
"Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman--the superheroes known as the Trinity--have gone through a lot in the aftermath of the DC Rebirth epic event. But now the bonds of their friendship are tested like never before, as they must let their closest allies die in order to save the world! An emergency summons to the Justice League Watchtower puts the icons face-to-face with an unexpected crisis: The other members of the League have been infected with a fatal alien virus that will destroy all humankind...unless the Trinity destroys the Watchtower, and the Justice League along with it! Plus, the revelations of "Superman Reborn" require Batman and Wonder Woman to give their all to save Superman from his doubts about his very existence; and a trinity of villains--Lex Luthor, Ra's al Ghul and Circe--concoct a scheme to use the mysterious Pandora Pits to put an end to the World's Greatest Heroes"-- Provided by publisher.
The Mighty Captain Marvel. Vol. 3, Dark origins / Margaret Stohl, writer ; Michele Bandini, artist ; Erick Arciniega, color artist ; VC's Joe Caramagna, letterer ; Phil Noto, cover art. cover
"As Captain Marvel, Carol Danvers has traveled to almost every inch of the planet - and beyond! Now she's heading somewhere uncharted! Join Carol on her new cosmic journey through the past and future, as Captain Marvel takes flight in an adventure you won't want to miss! They say you can't go home again ... but what about a creepy, twisted version of your childhood home? That's where Carol finds herself - and, as the earth-shattering secrets of her Dark Origin are finally revealed, the Marvel Universe will be forever changed! You'd think a familiar face would be comforting ... but this Peter Quill doesn't seem in a friendly mood. And then there's the conundrum of Zeta Flight! Carol learns the hard way that this mysterious group may have given her a bad reputation ... but how does it even exist?!"--Back cover.
Mortal engines / Philip Reeve. cover
In the distant future, when cities move about and consume smaller towns, a fifteen-year-old apprentice is pushed out of London by the man he most admires and must seek answers in the perilous Out-Country, aided by one girl and the memory of another.
Giant days / Non Pratt. cover
Although very different, Daisy, Susan, and Esther become fast friends their first week at university so when Daisy joins a club and begins behaving very strangely, Susan and Esther investigate.
Zosma / Jason Michael Primrose ; illustrations by Stephen Manalastas. cover
After natural disasters have nearly destroyed the planet, Allister is assigned the mission of finding Zosma Caster, a refugee whose energy source may be able to save the planet.
Where she fell / Kaitlin Ward. cover
Teenager Eliza and her friends are going to explore a cave near their upstate New York home, but first her friends insist on dragging her to Drowner's Swamp, a bog legendary for its dangerous sinkholes, and a place which her mother has frequently warned her about; Eliza does not want to go, and when the earth opens up and swallows her she finds herself in a system of caves--and what she finds living there is strange and dangerous beyond anything the legends could conjure up.
Amber & dusk / Lyra Selene. cover
Raised in the Dusklands where her power to create illusions was regarded as a curse, Sylvie has traveled to Coeur d'Or, where the Amber Empress, the cruel Severine, rules in hopes of finding her legacy--but the court is full of dark secrets and deadly intrigues, and Sylvie, now renamed Mirage, must learn to hone her magic, and find her way past the enmity of the empress to claim the place that is hers by right of birth.
The last of August : a Charlotte Holmes novel / Brittany Cavallaro. cover
Jamie Watson and Charlotte Holmes are looking for a winter-break reprieve after a fall semester that almost got them killed. But Charlotte isn't the only Holmes with secrets, and the mood at her family's Sussex estate is palpably tense. On top of everything else, Holmes and Watson could be becoming more than friends but still, the darkness in Charlotte's past is a wall between them.
The color of lies / CJ Lyons. cover
High school senior Ella Cleary, whose synesthesia causes her to see colors with each interaction, must question everything she knows about her life when journalism student Alec investigates her parents' death.
Supergirl. Vol. 4, Plain sight / Steve Orlando, Jody Houser, Vita Ayala, writers ; Robson Rocha, Carmen Carnero, Jamal Campbell, Julio Ferreira, pencillers ; Daniel Hengriques, Carmen Carnero, Jama... cover
"This public service announcement is brought to you by the Department of Extranormal Operations! You saw how Supergirl hid a murderer underneath National City right before our eyes. What other dangerous secrets is she hiding? She is not human, and therefore, she cannot be trusted. D.E.O. agents will be stationed at every school to ensure their safety! Your cooperation is greatly appreciated."-- Provided by publisher.