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Learn to simplify and speed up repetitive tasks and create templates that can be repurposed as many times as you wish with Photoshop Smart Objects.
Save yourself time, effort, and heartache. Develop good habits in Photoshop to maximize effective collaboration.
Deke McClelland helps you get the most out of the new features and enhancements in Photoshop CC 2017.
Learn what's new for photographers in Photoshop CC 2017.
Learn the basics of Photoshop CC 2017, from features like layers and Smart Objects to key concepts all Photoshop users need to know.
Learn how to use Photoshop CC 2017. Master the Photoshop features and techniques that are most useful for photography, from tonal adjustments to retouching.
Learn Photoshop. Julieanne Kost explores Photoshop CC 2017 from a design perspective, with an emphasis on layout, graphics, typography, shapes, and color.
Learn the elemental skills related to PC maintenance and performance optimization. Make sure your system is running at its peak by adjusting Windows security settings, backup and recovery options, and updates.
Get an introduction to Pandas, the Python library for data analysis and data science. Master its tools for time series and learn how the data frame and panels tools work.
Get tips, tricks, and keyboard shortcuts that will increase your efficiency with Outlook 2016.
Become a Microsoft Office Specialist. Study to pass the Outlook 2010 MOS certification exam. Review each exam objective and take a full-length practice test.
Learn to organize and store files and folders for maximum efficiency in Windows 10.
Learn how to build a learning and development program for your organization to attract and retain talent as well as develop the skills that keep your organization competitive. Britt Andreatta shares how to uncover the potential of your employees and your organization by designing and implementing an L&D program.
Unleash the power of open data. Learn how to implement an open data program at your organization and use open data for transparency efforts, innovation, data analysis, and reporting.
Learn the basics of creating, editing, and managing groups within the admin center of Office 365.
Learn how Office 365 can benefit your students and your teaching. Find out how to use Office Mix, PowerPoint, Excel, and more to create more dynamic lessons, organize student work, and save valuable time.
Learn how Microsoft Office 2016 can benefit your students and your teaching. Find out how to use Office Mix, PowerPoint, Excel, and more to create more dynamic lessons, organize student work, and save valuable time.
VFX guru Steve Wright walks through the three big new features in The Foundry's flagship compositing app, NUKE 10: RayRender node, ChromaKey node, and the Smart Vector Toolset.
Get an inside look at the exciting new features in Adobe Muse CC 2017 from principle product manager Danielle Beaumont.
Learn to model, texture, animate, and render 3D models and environments with MODO.
Find out how to use type convertors and markup extensions to convert XAML properties to .NET properties and create, organize, and consume XAML resources.
Explore how XAML treats content within XML markup and the fascinating dependency properties framework, which enables services such as data binding, validation, templates, and animation in your Windows applications.
Get your first look at Dynamics 365, the cloud-based CRM and ERP tool from Microsoft.
Set up online appointments for your small business. Learn how to create and manage appointments with Microsoft Bookings, the scheduling software included with Office 365.
Learn how to control and eliminate color bleed (aka indirect diffuse illumination) in your 3ds Max and mental ray renders.