New Kids' Picture Books

Sloppy takes the plunge / by Sean Julian. cover
After playing in the mud, Sloppy the tree dragon doesn't want to take a bath, but he reconsiders when Dewdrop refuses to give him a hug until he is clean.
Quiet Wyatt / Tammi Sauer ; illustrated by Arthur Howard. cover
A friendship is born when soft-spoken Wyatt is paired with outgoing Noreen on a class field trip.
Pine & Boof : blast off! / Ross Burach. cover
When an egg from outer space falls on Boof's head, he and his best friend Pine must travel to outer space to return the space egg to its space nest.
Mousie, I will read to you / written by Rachael Cole ; illustrated by Melissa Crowton. cover
"Follows a mama mouse and her baby mouse on the little mouse's journey to becoming a reader--from infancy to toddlerhood to elementary school and beyond"-- Provided by publisher.
Making a friend / story by Tammi Sauer ; pictures by Alison Friend. cover
Beaver is good at making just about everything except friends so when Beaver sees some snowflakes in the sky, he gets the idea to make a snowman friend.
Little Bear's big house / Benjamin Chaud. cover
Tired of living in the forest, Little Bear sets out to have an adventure--but when he finds a big house inhabited by a "monster" he is very happy to flee to the safety of his bear family.
I'm in charge / Jeanne Willis ; illustrated by Jarvis. cover
When a little rhino, who likes to make the rules, finds a tree bursting with fruit, he is not about to share it with any of the other animals since he is in charge, but it looks like things are about to change.
Hats off to Mr. Pockles! / by Sally Lloyd-Jones ; illustrated by David Litchfield. cover
When disaster strikes, Mr. Pockles, a reclusive little dog with a big hat collection, comes to the aid of renowned panda, Lady Satsuma, and begins collecting friends.
Perfect / Max Amato. cover
A fussy eraser tries to keep the pages perfectly clean despite the scribbles of a mischievous pencil.
Misunderstood Shark : friends don't eat friends / written by Ame Dyckman ; illustrated by Scott Magoon. cover
Bob, host of Underwater World with Bob, is furious with Shark, not only because Shark ate him (admittedly bad manners), but because Shark will not even admit what he did; the ocean may not be big enough for both of them--unless Shark faces up to his bad behavior, stops sulking (and eating the animals on the program, and maybe barfing up his stomach) and apologizes.
Hush, little bunny / David Ezra Stein. cover
A father rabbit offers messages of nuturing protection and comfort to his baby.
Diary of a spider / by Doreen Cronin ; pictures by Harry Bliss. cover
A young spider discovers, day by day, that there is a lot to learn about being a spider, including how to spin webs and avoid vacuum cleaners.
Diary of a worm / by Doreen Cronin ; pictures by Harry Bliss. cover
A young worm discovers, day by day, that there are some very good and some not so good things about being a worm in this great big world.
Where's Waldo? / Martin Handford. cover
The reader follows Waldo as he hikes around the world and must try to find him in the illustrations of some of the crowded places he visits.
My family plays music / by Judy Cox ; illustrated by Elbrite Brown. cover
A musical family with talents for playing a variety of instruments enjoys getting together to celebrate.
Borka : the adventures of a goose with no feathers / John Burningham. cover
Borka, a goose with no feathers, has a hard life until a kindly dog and a sailor take her to Kew Gardens in London, where she finds a home and acceptance.
The Berenstain Bears' pet rescue / Mike Berenstain. cover
When volunteers from an animal shelter come to Bear Country School. Brother and Sister learn all about pet adoption.
Mew's mythical journey / by C.J. Nestor. cover
As Pokémon Trainers venture from region to region, they discover the special creatures known as Mythical Pokémon.
Country style! / adapted by Tex Huntey ; illustrated by Miranda Yeo. cover
"Sunny, Rox, and Blair want to make a country star out of local singer Johnny-Ray, but will his music get lost in all the glitz and glam? Boys and girls who like Nickelodeon's Sunny Day will love this storybook with glittery pages"
William wakes up / words by Linda Ashman ; pictures by Chuck Groenink. cover
William asks his animal friends, one after another, to awake from hibernation and prepare a celebration for a special friend who has been away all winter.
Phone call with a fish / by Silvia Vecchini ; illustrated by Sualzo. cover
A school trip to the science museum inspires a curious girl to make a connection with a shy, silent boy in her class.
Nimoshom and his bus / Penny M. Thomas ; illustrations, Karen Hibbard. cover
"Nimoshom drives the kids in the community to school every morning. On the way, he always has something to say to them. Nimoshom and His Bus introduces basic Cree words."-- Provided by publisher.
Happy birthday from the Very Hungry Caterpillar / Eric Carle. cover
The Very Hungry Caterpillar celebrates birthdays, from presents and balloons to cake.