New Kids' Picture Books

Sing, don't cry / Angela Dominguez. cover
Presents a loving Abuelo who brings his guitar and memories on visits spent singing with his grandchildren in the face of good and bad times.
Ruby's Chinese New Year / Vickie Lee ; illustrated by Joey Chou. cover
As Ruby travels to her grandmother's house to bring her a gift for Chinese New Year, she is joined by all of the animals of the zodiac. Includes the legend of the Chinese horoscope and instructions for crafts.
A place to read / Leigh Hodgkinson. cover
A young reader has a hard time finding the ideal reading spot that is not too noisy, smelly, hot, or cold.
Fancy Nancy : oodles of kittens / written by Jane O'Connor ; illustrated by Robin Preiss Glasser. cover
After Nancy and Bree find kittens out in the rain, Nancy decides to keep one, putting her posh pup, Frenchy, on edge.
Nothing can frighten a bear / Elizabeth Dale ; illustrated by Paula Metcalf. cover
When Baby Bear hears a noise and fears a monster is near, the whole family gets out of bed and searches the woods to prove that monsters are not real.
Mouse / Zebo Ludvicek. cover
"A hungry little mouse befriends the letter M, discovering the alphabet nibble by nibble along the way"-- Provided by publisher.
Love, Mama / Jeanette Bradley. cover
When Kipling's mother goes on a trip he quickly begins to miss her, but after recieving a special package from his Mama he knows that he is always loved.
Love / Newbery medal-winning author Matt de la Pena ; New York times bestselling illustrator Loren Long. cover
Illustrations and easy-to-read text celebrate the bonds of love that connect us all.
Little Mouse's big breakfast / Christine Pym. cover
When Little Mouse realizes he has nothing for breakfast the next morning, he makes his way to the kitchen next door and finds all sorts of appetizing foods that will be perfect for his breakfast.
I love cats! / by Sue Stainton and Bob Staake. cover
A celebration of the many kinds of cats and the various things they do.
A hundred billion trillion stars / by Seth Fishman ; illustrated by Isabel Greenberg. cover
"A look at the numbers that surround us, big and small, on earth and in outer space."-- Provided by publisher.
Goodnight, Little Bot / by Karen Kaufman Orloff ; illustrated by Kim Smith. cover
When it is time for Little Bot to go to bed, his mother does a sleep time routine to facilitate the change to rest.
The good morning book / Lori Joy Smith. cover
Creatures of different sizes and shapes and from different lands all say good morning in their own unique way.
Mommy, Mama, and me / by Leslea Newman ; illustrated by Carol Thompson. cover
A baby drinks juice, plays in the park, reads, and gets put to bed by her two loving mothers. On board pages.
Goldilocks and the just right potty / Leigh Hodgkinson. cover
Little Goldilocks wants to wear big-girl underwear that's not too silly and not too frilly, but just right. But that means she also needs to find the "just right" potty. Will she know when she needs to go? And will she get to the potty in time? Find out in this lighthearted story that will have parents and their little ones feeling ready to tackle toilet training.
Lodestar / Shannon Messenger. cover
Sophie Foster is back in the Lost Cities--but the Lost Cities have changed. The threat of war hangs heavy over her glittering world, and the Neverseen are wreaking havoc. The lines between friend and enemy have blurred, and Sophie is unsure whom to trust. But when she's warned that the people she loves most will be the next victims, she knows she has to act.
My first day and night / written and edited by Violet Peto. cover
Simple text paired with photographs introduce young readers to new vocabulary words for common things in their world, including items used to get dressed for the day, different foods at mealtimes, toys for play, and animals that are awake at night.
Monkey brother / Adam Auerbach. cover
A boy describes the difficulty, as well as the fun, that can come from having a younger brother who is a monkey.
Magical pet friends!. cover
Shimmer and Shine introduce their pets and show how much they are loved.
The birthday wish list! / adapted by Mickie Matheis ; illustrated by Miranda Yeo. cover
Can Rox, Blair, and Doodle make Sunny Day's birthday dreams come true?
Machines at work / Byron Barton. cover
During a busy day at the construction site, the workers use a variety of machines to knock down a building and begin constructing a new one.
The chicks in the barn / written by Aly Fronis ; illustrated by Jannie Ho. cover
Presents a farm-themed twist on the classic children's song "The Wheels on the Bus" that is filled with noisy animals.
Let the children march / by Monica Clark-Robinson ; illustrated by Frank Morrison. cover
Under the leadership of Dr. Martin Luther King, children and teenagers march against segregation in Birmingham, Alabama, in 1963.
This is the chick / story by Wendy Hartmann ; illustrated by Joan Rankin. cover
A tiny chick's peep sets off a chain reaction that sends the other jungle animals running in fear until the wise old owl calms everyone again.
DC superhero girls : Big splash! / by Shea Fontana ; illustrated by Erik Doescher. cover
Wonder Woman, Batgirl, Bumblebee and Katana face the King Shark in a battle for the high seas. Can Katana overcome her fear of deep water to save the day?