New Kids' Picture Books

Bear can't sleep / Karma Wilson ; illustrated by Jane Chapman. cover
"It's time for Bear to hibernate but he can't sleep, so his friends all band together to help"-- Provided by publisher.
Benji, the bad day, and me / by Sally J. Pla ; illustrated by Ken Min. cover
Sammy is having a very bad day at school and at home until his autistic brother, Benji, finds a way to make him feel better.
Construction site on Christmas night / Sherri Duskey Rinker and AG Ford. cover
It is Christmas Eve, and all the construction vehicles are finishing up work on the site, and when they leave they find that there is a special present waiting for each of them.
The visitor / Antje Damm ; translated by Sally-Ann Spencer. cover
Elise is afraid of everything, and so she never leaves her house, but one day a paper airplane flies into her house and she meets a boy named Emil.
An unlikely ballerina / Krystyna Poray Goddu ; illustrated by Cosei Kawa. cover
"A small, frail girl with wobbly legs and turned-out toes became the first Jewish prima ballerina assoluta in history, Alicia Markova"-- Provided by publisher. Includes facts about Markova's life.
The universe ate my homework / David Zeltser; illustrated by Ayesha L. Rubio. cover
"Abby really doesn't want to do her homework. So she creates a black hole to swallow it up... but the black hole turns into a baby universe!"-- Provided by publisher.
Three grumpy trucks / written by Todd Tarpley ; illustrated by Guy Parker-Rees. cover
"Three toy trucks don't want to stop scooping, grinding, and digging on the playground until they get so overtired that a child must take them home and tuck them into bed"-- Provided by publisher.
The thank you book / Mary Lyn Ray ; illustrated by Stephanie Graegin. cover
Explores the ways thankfulness can find expression throughout the day.
Sir Simon : super scarer / Cale Atkinson. cover
When professional ghost Simon is transferred to his first house, Chester, the boy who just moved in, spots Simon immediately and peppers him with annoying questions until Simon realizes he may be able to trick Chester into doing his ghost chores.
The shadow in the moon : a tale of the Mid-Autumn Festival / Christina Matula ; illustrated by Pearl Law. cover
Two young sisters celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival, admire their mooncakes decorated with a picture of a lady in the moon, and listen to their Ah-ma tell the ancient tale of how the holiday began.
The pirates of Scurvy Sands : starring the Jolley-Rodgers / Jonny Duddle. cover
When Matilda goes on vacation with her friends, the Jolley-Rogers, to the island of Scurvy Sands, the swashbuckling residents are not happy to have a landlubber among them, but Matilda makes an important discovery that just may win them over.
No frogs in school / by A. LaFaye ; illustrated by Églantine Ceulemans. cover
After his beloved pets disrupt classroom activities and his teacher issues a no pet rule, Bartholomew Botts comes up with a creative way to follow the rule.
Me and my fear / Francesca Sanna. cover
When a young immigrant girl starts at a new school, she is accompanied by her fear, which grows bigger and bigger every day and keeps her isolated from her classmates, until one day a fellow student makes an offer of friendship.
Allie all along / Sarah Lynne Reul. cover
When Allie's crayon breaks, she stomps, smashes, crashes, and throws a tantrum, a fuss, and a fit. Her big brother wants to help her feel better. Will punching a pillow, squeezing a toy, or breathing deep breaths help Allie let go of her angry feelings, one layer at a time?
The Berenstain Bears stand up to bullying / by Mike Berenstain ; based on the characters created by Stan & Jan Berenstain. cover
When Brother, Sister, and Honey Bear are bullied by Too-Tall Grizzly and his gang, they visit Mrs. Ben, where they learn that anyone can be bullied, and the effect is hurtful for everyone involved.
Super moon adventure / adapted by A.E. Dingee from the series PJ Masks. cover
Catboy, Gekko, and Owlette race into space to keep Luna Girl from capturing the harvest moon crystal.
La frontera : el viaje con papá = My journey with papa / Deborah Mills & Alfredo Alva ; ilustrado por/illustrated by Claudia Navarro. cover
Alfredo y su papá deben cruzar la frontera en un viaje difícil de México a los Estados Unidos. ¿Encontrarán el nuevo hogar que están buscando en el otro lado? Basándose en hechos reales, esta historia cobra vida gracias a la ilustradora Mexicana Claudia Navarro, y está repleta de notas al final del texto para iniciar conversaciones sobre inmigración.
Will you help me fall asleep? / written by Anna Kang ; illustrated by Christopher Weyant. cover
Despite all his efforts, Monty the frog is wide awake and cannot seem to get to sleep so he seeks advice from the readers on how to fall asleep.
The very last castle / words by Travis Jonker ; pictures by Mark Pett. cover
Ibb, curious about the lone castle in her town, forms a long-distance friendship with the guard and, despite warnings there is something fearful inside, accepts his invitation to enter.
Up the mountain path / Marianne Dubuc. cover
"Mrs. Badger, an avid collector and naturalist, takes a weekly journey up to Sugarloaf Peak, greeting her friends on the way and sharing her discoveries with them. One day she meets Lulu, a very small cat, who wants to come with her to the top of the mountain. On the way, Lulu learns to take care of the natural world, help those in need, and listen to her heart"-- Provided by publisher.
Stop that yawn! / written by Caron Levis ; illustrated by LeUyen Pham. cover
Gabby convinces Granny to leave Sleepytown and stay up all night in a new place, but before long, a contagious yawn takes control.
Poe won't go / written by Kelly DiPucchio ; illustrated by Zachariah OHora. cover
"When an elephant plants himself in the road and refuses to move, the people of Prickly Valley try all sorts of methods to get him to go--but one thoughtful little girl works up the courage to do what no one else has done: ask him."-- Provided by publisher.
Galapagos girl / Galpague♯ by Marsha Diane Arnold ; illustrated by Angela Dominguez ; translated by Adriana Dominguez = Galápagueña / por Marsha Diane Arnold ; ilustratdo por Angela Dominguez ; tr... cover
"A bilingual story, inspired by the childhood of Valentina Cruz, whose family was one of the first permanent inhabitants of the Galapagos islands. Valentina makes a promise to protect the islands and her animal friends"-- Provided by publisher.
Pizza mouse / Michael Garland. cover
A city-dwelling mouse carries a slice of pizza on a subway and delivers it to his family in this easy-to-read book.
The wonky donkey / words and music by Craig Smith ; illustrations by Katz Cowley. cover
While walking down the road, the narrator sees a donkey that he shares more about as the story progresses.