New Kids' Picture Books

Fern and Horn / Marie-Louise Gay. cover
"Fern and Horn are twins who look like two peas in a pod or two stars in the sky. But Fern and Horn have different ways of seeing the world. They try to outdo each other with imagination and improvisation, using crayons and pencils, ripped-up paper and cardboard boxes. Fern loves to draw flowers and butterflies, birds and bees, caterpillars and orange trees. She draws here, there and everywhere. Horn wants to draw too, but he thinks his flowers look like purple pancakes and his caterpillars like striped socks. "Draw whatever you want!" Fern tells him. Horn draws an enormous elephant that tramples all over her pictures. Fortunately, Fern's imagination is as big as the universe. She loves gazing at the stars and making star shapes. Again, Horn tries to follow suit, but he is frustrated with his creations and makes a ferocious paper polar bear that devours Fern's stars. Undeterred, Fern decides to build a castle that can withstand elephants and polar bears, but a fire-breathing dragon comes along. Luckily, Fern knows exactly what dragons like best... Illustrations full of vibrant color, collage and exquisite detail complement this story that looks at the endless imagination and creative energy of young children. Marie-Louise Gay suggests that if children are given the time and space to explore the many paths to creativity, the results are brilliant and inspiring."-- Provided by publisher.
The crayons' book of colors / from the creators of the #1 bestselling The day the crayons quit, Drew Daywalt, Oliver Jeffers. cover
Duncan's crayons draw all sorts of objects, from red fire engines and gray elephants to green dinosaurs, blue oceans, and pink princesses.
Ruby's hope : a story of how the famous "Migrant mother" photograph became the face of the Great Depression / Monica Kulling ; illustrated by Sarah Dvojack. cover
During the Great Depression, seven-year-old Ruby's family leaves their Oklahoma home to seek work in California, where Ruby meets Dorothea Lange, who takes a photograph that becomes known as "Migrant mother." Includes historical note.
When the moon came down / Feridun Oral. cover
Little Bunny learns to overcome his fear of the dark with help from his friends and the moon.
What's your fancy? / written by Krista Tucker; illustrated by Disney Storybook Art Team. cover
Nancy asks her friends and family what makes them feel fancy.
What does an anteater eat? / Ross Collins. cover
Anteater is hungry, but he has forgotten what anteaters eat, and with his tummy rumbling, he decides to ask for help from other animals.
Vroom! / Barbara McClintock. cover
Follows a young girl's imaginary journey as she zooms in a race car past fields and forests to faraway lands before returning home to her own safe bed.
Unstoppable me / Susan Verde ; pictures by Andrew Joyner. cover
A boy runs, jumps, and soars through his day, stopping briefly to refuel before zipping and zooming back to his fun, in a book that celebrates the seemingly boundless energy of children.
Ultrabot's first playdate / Josh Schneider. cover
When Ultrabot has his first playdate, he is worried and shy but he soon learns that he and Becky have a lot in common.
Truman / written by Jean Reidy ; illustrated by Lucy Ruth Cummins. cover
He may be slow but Truman the turtle is determined to find his girl Sarah, who has boarded a city bus on her way to preschool.
This beach is loud! / by Samantha Cotterill. cover
"A sensitive boy gets overwhelmed by all the sights, sounds, and sensations at the beach, but his dad has a trick to help his son face these unexpected obstacles"-- Provided by publisher.
Tallulah the Tooth Fairy CEO / Dr. Tamara Pizzoli ; pictures by Federico Fabiani. cover
Tallulah the Tooth Fairy, a black businesswoman who runs one of the most successful tooth collecting organizations in the world, finds herself unexpectedly stumped when six-year-old Ballard Burchell leaves a note instead of his tooth under his pillow.
Sumo Joe / by Mia Wenjen ; illustrated by Nat Iwata. cover
"Sumo Joe and his friends pretend to be sumo wrestlers, but when his little sister who takes Aikido wants to join them, Sumo Joe must choose between his friends and his sister. Includes author's note about sumo and aikido, and illustrated glossary"-- Provided by publisher.
Seagull & Sea Dragon / Sydni Gregg. cover
Seagull flies through the sky and Sea Dragon swims in the ocean, each wondering about the other's home until they meet and discover their worlds are more similar than they imagined.
Save your friends! / Hyewon Kyung. cover
A variety of friendly fish and other sea creatures enlist the reader's help in escaping a shark.
Rocket says look up! / written by Nathan Bryon ; illustrated by Dapo Adeola. cover
Aspiring astronaut Rocket draws her community together to see a rare appearance of the Phoenix Meteor Showers, hoping especially that her big brother, Jamal, will look up from his phone.
One dark bird / Liz Garton Scanlon ; illustrated by Frann Preston-Gannon. cover
A single starling is joined by hundreds more, and together they dance across the sky, finally settling into the trees.
Not quite Snow White / written by Ashley Franklin ; illustrated by Ebony Glenn. cover
Tameika is excited to audition for the school's Snow White musical, but when she overhears her classmates say she is too tall, chubby, and brown to play Snow White, she questions whether she is right for the part.
The night is yours / Abdul-Razak Zachariah ; illustrated by Keturah A. Bobo. cover
From a vantage point high in their apartment, a parent narrates as Amani plays hide-and-seek at night with her friends in the neighborhood.
My little chick : from egg to chick... / Geraldine Elschner ; illustrated by Eve Tharlet ; translated by Kathryn Bishop. cover
When one of the hens in her mother's garden does not want to hatch her egg, Lena attempts to surprise everyone by hatching the chick herself.
Moon babies / Karen Jameson ; illustrated by Amy Hevron. cover
Illustrations and rhyming text follow baby moons as they awaken in their crescent cradles, have an outing, storytime, and more, then get kisses from Grammies as they return to sleep.
Mighty Reader and the big freeze / Will Hillenbrand. cover
"When pup Hugo sees his classmate having trouble reading a book aloud, Hugo transforms into superhero Mighty Reader and helps save the day"-- Provided by publisher.
I got next / by Daria Peoples-Riley. cover
"A young basketball player receives inspiration from a surprising place and joins the competition ready to try his best"-- Provided by publisher.
I am a tiger / Karl Newson ; [illustrator] Ross Collins. cover
Despite the evidence Mouse insists that he is a tiger--or maybe a crocodile.
Goodbye, friend! hello, friend! / Cori Doerrfeld. cover
Two best friends understand that saying goodbye to one experience means saying hello to the next, but that does not make it easier when one friend has to move away.