New Kids' Picture Books

The Eid al-Adha adventure / Jennifer Oxley + Billy Aronson. cover
While visiting their friends Yasmina and Amir, Peg and Cat learn about the Eid al-Adha holiday where families celebrate with presents and food and by giving to others.
Pretty kitty / Karen Beaumont ; illustrated by Stephanie Laberis. cover
In this charming counting book, a lonely old man discovers one kitty on his front step. But he does not want a kitty cat - scat! As the number of kitties grows, will the man find room in his heart-and home-for his new feline friends? A counting picture book in rhyme about a lonely old man whose heart is slowly melted by an ever-growing number of kitties hoping to find a home.
A name for baby / Lizi Boyd. cover
When a baby mouse is born, her mother seeks just the right name in the gifts and advice of her neighbors.
The fox on the swing / Evelina Daciutė, Aušra Kiudulaitė. cover
Learn about family, happiness, and friendship in this hope-filled childrens book. Our story starts with a boy named Paul, who lives in a cozy treehouse in a big city with his family. And then something unexpected happens Paul befriends a wise, friendly fox on a walk home from the bakery. The fox gives Paul a space to think about what makes him happy and what friendship means all in the pages of a bright and quirky storybook. Join Paul and the fox while helping young readers decide what makes them happy. Illustrated in color throughout
Dear substitute / by Liz Garton Scanlon and Audrey Vernick ; illustrated by Chris Raschka. cover
In a series of letters a student laments the absence of her teacher and daily routine, but she soon realizes there are benefits to mixing things up, and that perhaps having a substitue teacher is not so bad afterall.
Grow up, Ant-Man! / Brandon T. Snider ; illustrated by Jessika von Innerebner. cover
Ant-Man is a very mischievous Super Hero. So it's up to Cassie to tell her dad to GROW UP! Watch as Ant-Man shows you just how big he can grow. Can Ant-Man grow bigger than the Hulk? Can Ant-Man grow bigger than the Avengers Tower? But what happens when Ant-Man grows TOO BIG?! Told using playful repetition, this story will have parents and children alike saying "Grow Up, Ant-Man!" -- Publisher description.
With my daddy : a book of love and family / by Jo Witek ; illustrated by Christine Roussey. cover
A young girl describes all of the wonderful feelings she has while spending time with her father, knowing that they love one another no matter what.
Poco and Moco are twins / Jun Ichihara ; translation by Mariko Shii Gharbi cover
Poco and Moco are twin lambs. They look almost exactly alike, and they get along so well that they spend every minute of their day together. But they're also different in a lot of ways. For one thing, Poco is a boy and Moco is a girl. Poco likes breads and rolls, but Moco likes cakes and pastries. They both like donuts, so if they only have one, they split it in half. Poco likes to play hide-and-seek, Moco loves to climb trees. And when they join forces they can do things neither of them could ever do alone. The use of fold-outs, cut-outs, and other special features add an extra element of fun as readers get to know the twins and explore differences and similarities.--Publisher.
Run wild / David Covell. cover
A celebration of the joy of being outdoors features a child who abandons his digital device in favor of joining a friend outside.
Niblet & Ralph / Zachariah OHora. cover
Two cats that look alike live in the same building and, when they sneak out to visit one another, worry their young owners by their changed behavior.
Vernon is on his way : small stories / Philip C. Stead. cover
Today is a very nice day. There has never been a day so nice as this, except for maybe yesterday. Join Vernon and his friends Skunk and Porcupine on a series of three enchanting adventures entitled Waiting, Fishing, and Gardening, as they comb the forest floor for trinkets and go fishing in their own unconventional way.
Nimesh the adventurer / Ranjit Singh [text] ; Mehrdokht Amini [illustration]. cover
"Nimesh is walking home from school. Except ... there happens to be a shark in the corridor. And a dragon in the library! And why would crossing the road lead to the North Pole? In this fun-filled adventure, Nimesh is just walking home from school ... isn't he?"--Page [4] of cover.
Ten little lovebugs / illustrated by Ruth Galloway. cover
Ten little lovebugs come buzzing through the leaves, cheering up a monkey as he is swinging through the trees. Follow the adventures of these lively lovebugs as they spread joy and happiness to their animal friends in this peek-through counting book.
Just right family : an adoption story / Silvia Lopez ; pictures by Ziyue Chen. cover
"Meili loves hearing the story of how her parents flew far across the sea to China to adopt her. That's her special story. But when Meili finds out she has a new baby sister coming from Haiti, she isn't happy. Why can't her family stay the way it is? They're the perfect size. As she helps decorate the nursery and learns more about the baby, Meili comes to realize that a sister might be just right for their family too. A sweet story about adjusting to change and accepting a new sibling."--Page [2] of cover.
Surfer Chick / by Kristy Dempsey ; illustrated by Henry Cole. cover
The story of a little chick and her dad who take to the beach where he teaches her how to surf.
Goodbye brings hello / by Dianne White ; pictures by Daniel Wiseman. cover
Transitions in a child's life--getting a hair cut, learning to ride a bike, and making friends on the first day of school--bring opportunities for new, different, and exciting experiences.
Song of the sirenas / adapted by Rachel Ruderman ; based on the episode written by Silvia Olivas and Rachel Ruderman for the series developed for television by Craig Gerber ; illustrated by Premise... cover
On a visit to her cousin Cristóbal, Elena gets more than she bargained for when she meets mysterious underwater creatures called sirenas and encounters the evil sorceress Shuriki.
On the first day of first grade / by Tish Rabe ; pictures by Sarah Jennings. cover
"On the first day of first grade I had fun right away... Count twelve fun-filled firsts of first grade!" --cover p. 4
Barbie in a mermaid tale : a storybook / by Mary Man-Kong ; based on the original screenplay by Elise Allen ; illustrated by Ulkutay Design Group and Pat Pakula. cover
After wiping out during surfing, Merliah discovers she is a half-mermaid and must defeat her evil aunt Eris in order to reunite with her mother.
Being a bee / Jinny Johnson, Lucy Davey. cover
Provides an introduction to bees, including how they live in colonies, how the queen lays all the eggs, how a young bee grows and changes, and how honey is made.
Harvesting friends = Cosechando amigos / by = por Kathleen Contreras ; illustrations by = ilustraciones de Gary Undercuffler ; Spanish translation by = traduccion al Espanol de Gabriela Baeza Ventura. cover
After learning that a hungry classmate is taking tomatoes from their garden, Lupe and her mother invite their neighbors to help in what becomes a community garden and gathering place. Includes recipes.
Ready or not, Woolbur goes to school / by Leslie Helakoski ; pictures by Lee Harper. cover
Tomorrow is Woolbur's first day of school. Woolbur can fix his own wool, write his name, and color outside the lines. And most important, he never follows the crowd. Woolbur is ready for school, but is school ready for Wilbur?
Geraldine / Elizabeth Lilly. cover
Struggling to fit in as the only giraffe in a school of children, reluctant newcomer Geraldine meets fellow outcast Cassie and learns how to stand out by being herself, playing by her own rules, and staying true to her new friend.
Calling Dr. Zaza / Mylo Freeman. cover
Zaza's animal friends aren't feeling well today. What do they need? A visit from Dr. Zaza!
Out, out, away from here / Rachel Woodworth ; Sang Miao. cover
Some days I feel mad. Some days I feel sad. Some days I feel Smiling-ear-to-ear glad. Emotions can be strange, sudden, and even overwhelming at times. Through thoughtful words and expressive images, this book guides us on a journey through our a place where everything feels calm again.