New Non-Fiction Books

The autoimmune protocol made simple cookbook : start healing your body and reversing chronic illness today with 100 delicious recipes / Sophie Van Tiggelen. cover
"The Autoimmune Protocol Diet is gaining attention as the top health-supportive diet for the 50 million people suffering from autoimmune conditions; however living the AIP way can feel confusing and overwhelming. You may have no idea where to start and are overwhelmed by the seemingly endless list of foods to avoid and strict guidelines to adhere to -- the reality is that you can do the AIP diet easily (and deliciously!) Written by popular AIP blogger, Sophie Van Tiggelen, of A Squirrel in the Kitchen, The Autoimmune Protocol Made Simple Cookbook distills the complicated science and diet tenets found in other AIP books down to most practical, actionable, "need-to-know" information in the form of diet guidelines, 100 recipes, shopping lists, as well as simple tools and strategies for doing the AIP diet successfully. This book makes AIP clear and understandable with short, succinct explanations of the different AIP approaches and 100 AIP-compliant recipes that are inventive and delicious -- and don't make you feel like you are eating on a restricted diet"-- Provided by publisher.
The circadian code : lose weight, supercharge your energy, and transform your health from morning to midnight / Satchin Panda, PhD. cover
A comprehensive health book and lifestyle plan to help manage the body's natural rhythms offers advice to overcome difficulty sleeping, hunger at odd times, and sudden fatigue.
Shapeshifters : a journey through the changing human body / Gavin Francis. cover
"From birth to death, a lyrical exploration of the role of transformation in human life. To be alive is to be in perpetual metamorphosis: growing, healing, learning, aging. In Shapeshifters, physician and writer Gavin Francis considers the inevitable changes all of our bodies undergo-such as birth, puberty, and death, but also laughter, sleeping, and healing-and those that only some of our bodies will: like getting a tattoo, experiencing psychosis, suffering anorexia, being pregnant, or undergoing a gender transition. In Francis's hands, each event becomes an opportunity to explore the meaning of identity and the natures-biological, psychological, and philosophical-of our selves. True to its own subject, Shapeshifters combines Francis's lyrical imagination and deep knowledge of medicine and the humanities for a life-altering read."--Publisher.
Stone houses : natural forms and historic and modern homes / Linda Leigh Paul. cover
Stone Houses presents more than 25 new and recent projects that represent the most charming and innovative spaces for rustic living with a uniquely durable material that has withstood the test of time and trends. Here is a portrait of traditional styles as well as the most forward-looking spaces for stone-house living, all with comfortable and appealing interiors perfectly suited to twenty-first-century lifestyles. This collection of houses spans the globe, from the Pacific Northwest and desert Southwest to the seasides of Carmel and Scotland, to the mountains of Montana, and the beaches of Jamaica and South Africa, making it the ultimate tour of stone-house living in exotic and beautiful locales.
The campout cookbook : inspired recipes for cooking around the fire and under the stars / Marnie Hanel & Jen Stevenson ; illustrations by Emily Isabella. cover
"Discover the joy of cooking in the backcountry (or the backyard) with more than 100 recipes, from wood-fried skillet pizzas and fortifying flask cocktails to magnificent mug cakes and the almighty s'more"--Back cover.
Do you really need that pill? : how to avoid side effects, interactions, and other dangers of over medication / Jennifer Jacobs, MD, MPH ; foreword by David L. Katz, MD, MPH, FACPM, FACP, FACLM. cover
"A silent epidemic in the United States is imperiling our health and threatens to bankrupt our health care system: over medication. Today, one-third of all adults take two or more prescription drugs, and half of all seniors take more than five daily. This book the first of its kind that tackles the epidemic overuse of prescription drugs. The first half of the book describes the dangers of taking too many drugs, including drug interactions, medication errors, unintentional overdoses, unnecessary medications, made-up illnesses (zrestless leg syndromey), and side effects that actually mimic a new illness. The second half discusses the benefits and harms caused by many of the most popular drugs used to treat diseases, such as high blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol, acid reflux, depression, and pain. It tells which drugs are really needed and whether or not they cause side effects. Finally, readers will learn: how to discuss their concerns about too many medications with their health care providers, simple ways to make positive lifestyle changes, and when to consider alternative healing approaches. Combining stories of those who have suffered ill effects from taking too many drugs with data from cutting-edge medical findings, Do You Really Need That Pill? helps readers realize they can choose different solutions to their health problems."-- Provided by publisher.
Vodka is vegan : a manifesto for better living and not being an a**hole / Phil & Matt Letten, the Vegan Bros. cover
"Meet the bros who are making vegan sexy (and making eating animals weird). Think you could never go vegan? Think again. As this smart, funny and persuasive manifesto makes clear, you're already 90% vegan anyway. That's right--you already love animals and are slowly but surely eating less meat than you used to. With the insider tips and inspiring stories in this book, you'll be ready to go whole hog (see what we did there?) and eat vegan for good. Topics include: *How eating meat hurts your health and the planet (and is pretty close to eating your beloved pet for dinner) *A simple action plan for getting started *Don't Be an A**hole to Your Server, and other secrets for eating out *Who Cares If Honey Is Vegan?: Getting over perfectionism and purity by eating as cruelty-free as you can. With a loyal online following that's growing fast, the Bros are the new face of veganism--loud, proud, and fighting for a better world, one plate at a time"-- Provided by publisher.
Hopeless to hopeful / Catherine Todd. cover
"A blueprint for any mom raising a special needs child looking to live a balanced life. Catherine Todd shares the story of her two children with autism, ADHD, and anxiety and the journey through their diagnosis." -- Back cover.
The life giving parent experience a 10-week journey of parenting for life / Clay & Sally Clarkson. cover
Each chapter begins with a zLifegiving Parent Momenty narrative with probing questions, then moves into a study of relevant scriptures and discussion of the lifegiving parent principle, and concludes with prayer suggestions. The book makes a great 10-week study of how to become a lifegiving parent for your children.
Millennials in the workplace / Justin Sachs. cover
"America's workforce is changing, business must adapt their culture, management style, and overall leadership to meet the needs of the millennial employee and the millennial buyer."--Back cover.
Millennials who manage : how to overcome workplace perceptions and become a great leader / Chip Espinoza, Joel Schwarzbart. cover
Guides millennials with the transition into management, discussing how to find one's personal management style, understanding a multi-generational workforce, and seven competencies critical to success.
The moral marketplace : how mission-driven millennials and social entrepreneurs are changing our world / Asheem Singh. cover
Author and activist Asheem Singh explores how a movement of tiny ventures evolved into a global humanitarian and financial juggernaut, revealing new ways to fight privilege and inequality, rewire philanthropy, government and even capitalism itself.
The Whole Smiths good food cookbook : delicious real food recipes to cook all year long / Michelle Smith. cover
"Delicious and healthful recipes from the popular blog endorsed by Whole30. As anyone who has successfully completed the Whole30 knows, the challenge can be figuring out how to eat for the other 335 days of the year. Michelle Smith, creator of the blog The Whole Smiths, has the answers. This cookbook, the first ever fully endorsed and supported by Whole30, offers a collection of 150 recipes to keep Whole30 devotees going strong. Many recipes like Spaghetti Squash Chicken Alfredo are fully Whole30-compliant, and all are gluten-free, but you'll also find recipes with a careful reintroduction of grains, like the tortillas in the Chile Enchilada Bake. Some recipes include beans and legumes, so there are plenty of vegetarian options. There are even desserts like Chocolate Chip and Sea Salt Cookies! Throughout the book, icons help readers identify which recipes fit their dietary constraints, but perhaps most of all, the recipes are all delicious to help anyone achieve a long-term approach to good health"-- Provided by publisher.
Pasta, pane, vino : deep travels through Italy's food culture / Matt Goulding ; designed by Douglas Hughmanick ; edited by Nathan Thornburgh. cover
Part travelogue and part investigation of Italy's cuisine, shares intimate portraits of the food and people behind the country's culinary traditions.
French grill : 125 refined & rustic recipes / Susan Herrmann Loomis. cover
A collection of French cuisine-inspired barbecue recipes features such dishes as grilled shiitakes, grilled vegetable salad, Mediterranean burgers, honey grilled pork chops, and grilled summer fruit salad.
Rebuild : five proven steps to move from diagnosis to recovery and be healthier than before / Robert Zembroski, DC, DACNB, MS. cover
A physician who defeated cancer provides information and simple guidelines on regenerating cells to recover from and prevent life-threatening or chronic illness, rebuilding the body's strength by eliminating toxic fat, and revitalizing one's life with new hope and energy.