New Non-Fiction Books

Designer dogs : an exposé : inside the criminal underworld of crossbreeding / Madeline Bernstein ; foreword by Dr. Phil McGraw. cover
"Ever heard of a labradoodle, a goldendoodle, or a puggle? How about a cockapoo, a pomsky, or a spoodle? You or a friend have certainly been enticed by a "hypoallergenic dog" or smiled at a "teacup." These are not dog breeds that nature created; these are the results of the forced mating or genetic engineering of different breeds, or inbreeding, and popularized by social media and celebrities. In Designer Dogs, Madeline Bernstein, one of the country's most respected animal welfare crusaders, reveals our culture's obsession with new types of dogs--engineering puppies that keep getting smaller or sillier looking--and the horrifying health consequences of this on those we claim as our best friends. She also provides extraordinary revelations on how this has led to a world of "disposable pets"--Puppies and adult dogs abandoned when their medical expenses become too costly and added to the 6.5 million animals entering shelters each year, or put on the street--and informed insight into what's ahead: made-to-order puppies; hybrid animals; shorter life spans for dogs; and even the extinction of breeds like French bulldogs, pit bulls, King Charles spaniels, mastiffs, Skye terriers, bloodhounds, and more. And Bernstein calls out those responsible for the savagery, both domestic puppy mills and backyard breeders, and also an international dog trafficking ring that she's been on the front line exposing."-- Provided by publisher.
Queen of the world / Robert Hardman. cover
Draws on privileged access to the Royal Family and Royal Household to present a portrait of the British monarch that shares insights into her considerable work as diplomat and dignitary in more than one hundred thirty countries.
Everyday millionaires : how ordinary people built extraordinary wealth -- and how you can too / Chris Hogan. cover
"Millionaire status doesn't require inheriting a bunch of money or having a high-paying job. No. The path to becoming a millionaire is paved with more-ordinary tools--tools that you either already have or that you can learn. If you thought you could never become a millionaire, think again. Listen and learn from over 10,000 everyday millionaires who have done it and believe it's possible for you too."--Jacket flap.
Influenza : the hundred-year hunt to cure the deadliest disease in history / Jeremy Brown, MD, MHS. cover
"On the 100th anniversary of the devastating pandemic of 1918, Jeremy Brown, a veteran ER doctor, explores the troubling, terrifying, and complex history of the flu virus, from the origins of the Great Flu that killed millions, to vexing questions such as: are we prepared for the next epidemic, should you get a flu shot, and how close are we to finding a cure? While influenza is now often thought of as a common and mild disease, it still kills over 30,000 people in the US each year. Dr. Jeremy Brown, currently Director of Emergency Care Research at the National Institutes of Health, expounds on the flu's deadly past to solve the mysteries that could protect us from the next outbreak. In Influenza, he talks with leading epidemiologists, policy makers, and the researcher who first sequenced the genetic building blocks of the original 1918 virus to offer both a comprehensive history and a roadmap for understanding what's to come. Dr. Brown digs into the discovery and resurrection of the flu virus in the frozen victims of the 1918 epidemic, as well as the bizarre remedies that once treated the disease, such as whiskey and blood-letting. Influenza also breaks down the current dialogue surrounding the disease, explaining the controversy over vaccinations, antiviral drugs like Tamiflu, and the federal government's role in preparing for pandemic outbreaks. Though 100 years of advancement in medical research and technology have passed since the 1918 disaster, Dr. Brown warns that many of the most vital questions about the flu virus continue to confound even the leading experts. Influenza is an enlightening and unnerving look at a shapeshifting deadly virus that has been around long before people--and warns us that it may be many more years before we are able to conquer it for good"-- Provided by publisher.
The persecution of the Knights Templar : scandal, torture, trial / Alain Demurger ; translated from the French by Teresa Lavender Fagan. cover
A history of the infamous trial of the Order of the Knights Templar draws on firsthand testimonies and written records to chronicle the early plots of 1305, the tortured confessions of arrested Templars, and the executions of order leaders.
Tantra of the yoga sutras : essential wisdom for living with awareness and grace / Alan Finger with Wendy Newton. cover
"The Yoga Sutras are Patanjali's classic on how to experience oneness (Samadhi) within yoga practice. Many serious yoga students want to bring the wisdom of the Sutras to their practice, but often find the text impenetrable and difficult to relate to. The Tantra of the Yoga Sutras remedies this by offering an interpretation that is uniquely relatable, teachable, and accessible. Yogi and tantric master Alan Finger shows contemporary practitioners and students that Samadhi is not something that we strive for in the future, but something that we can experience now. Many interpreters of the Yoga Sutras describe Samadhi as an unreachable goal for the ordinary yogi. Finger's interpretation delivers yoga practices that are doable, with attainable and transformative results"-- Provided by publisher.
Apples : sixty classic and innovative recipes for nature's most sublime fruit / Christophe Adam ; photography, Laurent Fau ; styling, Marion Chatelain ; text, Sophie Brisaud. cover
"Perfect for anyone who has just gotten a bushel of apples at the farmer's market or from their grocery store without knowing exactly how to use them all, this mix of traditional and classic recipes is both adventurous and innovative. Each recipe comes with precise instructions and detailed photography by master chef Christophe Adam--ideal for anyone looking to broaden their repertoire and expand the possibilities of cooking and baking with apples"
Chinese heritage cooking from my American kitchen : discover authentic flavors with vibrant, modern recipes / Shirley Chung. cover
From growing up in Beijing to attending culinary school in California, to making her name in the restaurant world and on Top Chef, today Shirley Chung is dishing out new and dazzlingly delicious takes on Chinese cuisine. These recipes are fresh and inspired, yet approachable for home cooks. Here are a few you won't want to miss: Sweet-and-Sour Baby Back Ribs, Five-Spice Seared Duck Breast with Kumquat Mustard, Scallion Pancakes with Hazelnut Pesto, Seared Scallops with Spicy Black Bean Sauce, Spinach Egg Drop Soup and Beijing-Style Hot Pot. These recipes use simple ingredients and techniques, but have the standout flavor and texture you expect from top-notch restaurants--no wok required! Plus you'll find fascinating history and chef's tips tucked away in the headnotes and instructions that will make you a better cook. Shirley brings the same lively energy to her book that made her a fan-favorite on Top Chef. She'll make you excited to cook, and her recipes--each with a gorgeous photograph--will have you drooling over the pages. With Shirley in your kitchen, every meal becomes a fun and delicious celebration. --from Amazon.
Crush : the triumph of California wine / John Briscoe. cover
"Look. Smell. Taste. Judge. Crush is the 200-year story of the heady dream that wines as good as the greatest of France could be made in California. A dream dashed four times in merciless succession until it was ultimately realized in a stunning blind tasting in Paris. In that tasting, in the year of America's bicentennial, California wines took their place as the leading wines of the world. For the first time, Briscoe tells the complete and dramatic story of the ascendancy of California wine in vivid detail. He also profiles the larger story of California itself by looking at it from an entirely innovative perspective, the state seen through its singular wine history. With dramatic flair and verve, Briscoe not only recounts the history of wine and winemaking in California, he encompasses a multidimensional approach that takes into account an array of social, political, cultural, legal, and winemaking sources. Elements of this history have plot lines that seem scripted by a Sophocles, or Shakespeare. It is a fusion of wine, personal histories, cultural, and socioeconomic aspects. Crush is the story of how wine from California finally gained its global due. Briscoe recounts wine's often fickle affair with California, now several centuries old, from the first harvest and vintage, through the four overwhelming catastrophes, to its amazing triumph in Paris." --
Living forever chic : Frenchwomen's timeless secrets for everyday elegance, gracious entertaining, and enduring allure / Tish Jett. cover
"Why French women of a certain age are the consummate hostesses, homemakers, and style icons--and how you can be, too. Frenchwomen--particularly those 40 and over--are role models for stylish and gracious living, what the French call l'art de vivre. American-born fashion journalist Tish Jett, who has studied these women for years, shared their beauty secrets in her first book, Forever Chic. Now she explores why Frenchwomen of a certain age are master hostesses and homemakers, expert practioners of les bonnes manières as well as everyday elegance, savoir-faire, and as a result, la joie de vivre. Jett explains how to entertain like a Frenchwoman, including a glimpse into the typical French larder from which a delicious meal can be thrown together with ease, to detailed instruction on laying a beautiful table and crafting a perfect cheese plate (did you know that when cutting from a wedge of cheese, slice from the back to the point, which is the "heart" of the cheese, and as such considered the best part and not to be lopped off so others cannot enjoy it). She explores everyday style and elegance, disclosing how to create that special bien dans sa peau (to feel good about oneself) sensation so coveted by Frenchwomen. Jett also shares the importance of discipline, which goes hand in hand with beauty--a well-ordered closet, be it for clothes or linens, translates to easy everyday elegance."--Publisher's website.
American cozy : hygge-inspired ways to create comfort & happiness / Stephanie Pedersen. cover
"The wildly popular phenomenon of hygge gets a warm American twist with this gifty, illustrated guide from bestselling Danish-American author Stephanie Pedersen. With their overscheduled lifestyles, Americans can't always find time for the people and things they love. Enter American Cozy, which uses the Danish phenomenon of hygge--comfort, togetherness, and well-being--to bring coziness and ease to readers' homes, work, and lives. Filled with charming four-color illustrations, it explores organization and home décor, entertaining, cooking, creating a happier, more productive work life, de-cluttering, and slowing down."--Publisher's website.
No meat athlete : a plant-based nutrition and training guide for athletes at any level / Matt Frazier with Matthew Ruscigno ; foreword by Brendan Brazier. cover
"No Meat Athlete is the plant-based guide you need to perform at your very best, no matter where you are on your fitness journey. Combining proven training plans, easy yet innovative recipes, and motivational stories into a unique fitness guide, healthy-living cookbook, and nutrition primer, No Meat Athlete is perfect for all athletes, from beginner to elite, who want to enjoy the health benefits of a meatless lifestyle. Veganism, already a top food trend and diet, is taking off in the sports world. The lifestyle has been adopted by Olympians, body builders, and boxers, as well as top athletes in the NBA and NFL. Hollywood is on board, too. James Cameron (director of Avatar and Titanic) has produced a film on the topic called The Gamechangers, which follows vegan athletes, including Arnold Schwarzenegger, U.S. Olympian Kendrick James Farris, and surfer Tia Blanco. In No Meat Athlete, author, blogger, and hundred-mile ultramarathoner Matt Frazier will show you the many benefits to embracing a plant-based athletic lifestyle...In this revised and updated edition, you'll also find new recipes, advice, and an all-new 12-week strength training plan designed to improve your overall fitness. Section I of the book provides practical advice for transitioning to a plant-based lifestyle, while ensuring you are getting all the nutrition you need. In Section II, Matt delivers training manuals of his own design for runners of all ability levels and ambitions, including tips for creating healthy habits, improving performance, and avoiding injuries. No Meat Athlete is your road map to top-notch performance, the plant-based way!"--provided by
The art of psychic reiki : developing your intuitive & empathic abilities for energy healing / Lisa Campion. cover
"Reiki is a gentle yet powerful, hands-on energy healing method from Japan that's been gaining in popularity over the last century-not only with bodyworkers and massage therapists in the West but also with medical professionals who can attest to its healing power. Born from the author's decades of experience with Reiki healing and her own methods, The Art of Psychic Reiki provides everything you need to know about this healing art, including the critical psychic development and empathy training that prepares healers to go out and do the work they were meant to do. If you're drawn to the healing art of Reiki, you might be a highly sensitive person, with high levels of empathy, intuition, and latent psychic abilities (a combination of intuition and inner knowing, plus the ability to connect with higher wisdom). And since Reiki is a form of energy healing, many new practitioners may experience what's called a psychic opening as they learn or practice. For this reason, it's important that every Reiki practitioner master the ability to navigate their empathic and psychic sensitivities while engaged in this work-and this book can help. Whether you're new to Reiki or you're a practitioner seeking to deepen your knowledge and enhance your skills, with this guide you'll learn how to use Reiki to heal yourself and others, cultivate and trust your natural intuition, develop your empathic and psychic abilities, work with your spirit guides, and ground and protect yourself as a practitioner of this sacred healing art." --Publisher description.
Crystal RX : daily rituals for cultivating calm, achieving your goals, and rocking your inner gem boss / Colleen McCann. cover
"Tap into your "Soul GPS" with this essential guide to the healing power of crystals, from their ancient origins to their modern-day applications. Since the dawn of time, people have been drawn to gemstones, using them in burial rites, divination practices, healing rituals, spiritual attunement, and as adornment reflecting wealth, power, beliefs or societal roles. For millennia, crystals have been believed to restore and enhance physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual equilibrium. And today they have emerged as the hottest wellness trend, embraced by celebrities, fashionistas, and millennials alike. But what does all this woo woo ju ju mean--and how do crystals work? Fun, modern, stylish, and accessible, Crystal Rx breaks it down for you. Colleen McCann is a certified Shamanic Energy Practitioner who has travelled the world researching and teaching the ancient art of crystal healing. Now, she shares all that she's learned, offering insight and clear directions for harnessing the power of these magical minerals. In this down-to-earth, beautifully illustrated guide you'll discover: The Top 20 Crystals every girl needs in her arsenal. Crystal care--Keep your crystals shiny, clean; energetically healthy. Building a bespoke altar for Love, Prosperity, or Career Success. What's a "Medicine Bag," and how to curate your own. The Crystal Business--Inspiration from industry leaders in beauty, technology, fashion, food, agriculture, and music who are making this ancient practice a part of modern life. And much more. Packed with gorgeous images, Crystal Rx is the sophisticated handbook every girl needs to guide her on her spiritual journey"-- Provided by publisher.
Memory activity book : engaging ways to stimulate the brain, for people living with memory loss or dementia / Helen Lambert. cover
More than 70 brain-stimulating activities for people with memory loss or dementia, including Alzheimer's disease. Physical and mental activities along with social interaction may help maintain your brain health and slow the progress of memory loss and dementia, including Alzheimer's disease. They can also provide a meaningful way to connect. This book is packed with fun and creative ideas, from nature walks, gardening, and exercise to arts, crafts, puzzles, and games. Each activity includes step-by-step instructions, the specific benefits, and ways to adapt the activity for different abilities. Designed for people with memory loss or dementia along with their family, friends, and caregivers, AARP's Memory Activity Book is a valuable resource for everyone touched by these conditions.
Self-care for the real world / Nadia Narain & Katia Narain Phillips. cover
"Learning self-care is like building your own lifeboat, plank by plank. Once you've got your boat, you'll still be rocked by the waves of life, but you'll have a feeling of safety, and a stability that means you can pick other people up on your way."--back cover.
Superfuel : ketogenic keys to unlock the secrets of good fats, bad fats, and great health / Dr. James DiNicolantonio and Dr. Joseph Mercola. cover
"New York Times best-selling author Dr. Joseph Mercola teams up with cardiovascular expert Dr. James J. DiNicolantonio to cut through the confusion about how dietary fats affect our bodies--and set the record straight on how to eat for optimal health. Should you cook with coconut oil or vegetable oil? Eat butter, cream, or olive oil? Supplement with fish oil or flax oil? Sometimes it seems as if everyone has a different opinion on these crucial questions--but this book holds real answers. Best-selling author and teacher Dr. Joseph Mercola teams up with cardiovascular expert Dr. James DiNicolantonio to cut through the confusion about how dietary fats affect our bodies and set the record straight on how to eat for optimal well-being. Dr. DiNicolantonio, an internationally known and respected scientist, has spent nearly a decade studying the effects of different fats on the body. Dr. Mercola is one of the world's leading authorities on natural health. In Superfuel, they've gathered a wealth of information and insight in a form that's both impeccably researched and highly accessible. You'll read about: The many health problems supposedly caused by saturated fat--that actually aren't Why the so-called healthy vegetable oils are actually making you sick and fat. The optimal ratio of omega-3 to omega-6 fats in your diet. Foods that help resolve inflammation, increase longevity, and fight or prevent chronic illness. A cyclical ketogenic eating plan that keeps your body burning fat as healthy fuel supplemental fats such as fish oil, krill oil, and flax oil--what to take and how to choose which oils you should cook with, how to use them, and why. And much more Drawing on Dr. DiNicolantonio's firsthand research at Saint Luke's Mid America Heart Institute, as well as hundreds of groundbreaking studies from the medical literature, Superfuel will give you the facts you need to optimize your fats and your health"-- Provided by publisher.
Herbal adventures : backyard excursions and kitchen creations for kids and their families / Rachel Jepson Wolf ; foreword by Amanda Blake Soule. cover
"In Herbal Adventures, you&'ll pull on your boots and discover the magical plants that are growing just beyond your door. Explore nearby parks, fields, and forests, then make all sorts of tasty and useful things for your family and friends! Start with a delicious homemade soda, flower petal pancakes, or a soothing balm for cuts and scrapes. Sip herbal tea that's fit for the fairies, craft syrup to quiet your cough, and assemble supplies for your own rough-and-tumble herbal first aid kit. You can also skip the foraging and dive into making the recipes with purchased, dried herbs"
Sophie the Parisian : style tips from a true Parisian woman / Nathalie Peigney ; with illustrations by Alessandra Ceriani. cover
Dedicated to all women who recognize Frenchwomen as genuine style models, this book is an appealing, pocket-size guide to French style and glamor, with 100 practical and concrete tips and delightful photos and sketches. Seven years after the success of the style guide Parisian Chic by Inès de la Fressange, Sophie the Parisian offers a fresher, wider, and more varied guide to French style. The Parisian woman is considered a female role model by definition: classical in taste, but independent and dynamic; elegant and sophisticated at times, feminine and seductive, but not vulgar; attentive to what she wears and taking care of her body, but without excessive vanity; and who has sophisticated and original but simple taste. Food lover and partygoer, she focuses on the quality of food rather than on her shape. Fond of natural beauty, and without plastic surgery, she doesn't try to hide the signs of aging, which she wears with pride. Sophie the Parisian doesn't take herself too seriously and uses a well-balanced mix of charm, great taste, and irony--three typical traits of the modern Frenchwoman--to cover topics ranging from fashion to the well-being of the body, from looks to health, from cooking to decoration: everything that makes the French joie de vivre a role-model lifestyle worldwide. Arranged alphabetically, topics include accessories, age, attitude, bathing suits, bridges, cafés, children, chocolate, elegance, flowers, grandma, grayness, heels, interiors, jeans, language, mussels, nails, parenting, plastic surgery, plating, polka dots, rain, seduction, sky, snob, vinaigrette, vintage, wine and Z (generation), and many more. The book even includes some recipes, like Chocolate Soufflé and Endives and Ham au Gratin.
Joy's simple food remedies : tasty cures for whatever's ailing you / Joy Bauer, M.S., R.D.N., C.D.N. cover
"The nutrition and health expert for the TODAY show offers recipes to heal 20 everyday ailments, highlighting five power foods for each ailment. From arthritis to bloating to muscle pain, every day can bring a different challenge, and for some, the pain can be chronic. Every ailment is unique, but targeting each one through your diet can help you to feel better, inside and out. Joy Bauer, the nutrition and health expert for the TODAY show, highlights five foods for each of 20 ailments to help you get to the root of the issue. Accompanying each ailment's power foods are three easy-to-make recipes and their nutritional information. Complete with full-color photographs, Joy Bauer's Simple Food Remedies is a cookbook with the simple goal of making you feel better each day by taking any physical pain or discomfort out of it. Full of flavor and with minimal prep, Bauer's recipes are accessible to newbie chefs and people seeking quick, homemade healthy meals"-- Provided by publisher.
Vegan keto : 60+ high-fat plant-based recipes to nourish your mind & body / Liz MacDowell. cover
This book delivers the best of two nutritional worlds. Liz MacDowell dispels the myth that veganism contradicts the ketogenic diet and offers a template to achieve optimal health and weight loss by eating plant-based fats and proteins sourced from whole, nutrient-dense foods. "Vegan keto" includes more than 60 recipes that are all free of meat, eggs, and dairy and a re keto compliant.
Smith & Deli-cious : food from our deli (that happens to be vegan) / Shannon Martinez & Mo Wyse. cover
You know it's good when there's always a line around the block. Smith & Deli is a trailblazing vegan deli, a Melbourne gem that outgrew its bricks from day one. Fortunately for you, these pages help you skip the queue and go right to the good stuff: mac and cheese, spanakopita, meat pies, doughnuts and more. From the creatives who brought you the innovative Smith & Daughters: A Cookbook (That Happens to be Vegan), Shannon Martinez and Mo Wyse are proud to present: Smith & Deli-cious: Food From Our Deli (That Happens to be Vegan) - an insight into the hundreds of DELIcious dishes they turn out regularly as well as a sneak peek into their thriving community. Ditch your bland, preconceived notions. This is DELIcious food. Vegan or not.