New Large Print Books

All we ever wanted / Emily Giffin. cover
"In the new novel from the #1 New York Times bestselling author of First Comes Love and Something Borrowed, a woman is forced to choose between her family and her most deeply held values. Nina Browning is living the good life after marrying into Nashville's elite. Her husband's tech business is booming, and her adored son, Finch, is bound for Princeton. Tom Volpe is a single dad working multiple jobs. His adored daughter, Lyla, attends Nashville's most prestigious private school on a scholarship. But amid the wealth and privilege, Lyla doesn't always fit in. Then one devastating photo changes everything. Finch snaps a picture of Lyla passed out at a party, adds a provocative caption, and sends it to a few friends. The photo spreads like wildfire, and before long, an already divided community is buzzing with scandal and assigning blame. In the middle of it all, Nina finds herself relating more to Tom's reaction than her own husband's--and facing an impossible choice"--Provided by the publisher.
When we found home / Susan Mallery. cover
"Life is meant to be savored, but that isn't easy with no family, limited prospects and a past you'd rather forget. Still, Callie Smith doesn't know how to feel when she discovers she has a brother and a sister. Callie doesn't love being alone, but at least it's safe. Despite her trepidation, she moves into the grand family home with her siblings and grandfather on the shores of Lake Washington, hoping just maybe this will be the start of a new life"--Provided by the publisher.
Between you & me : a novel / Susan Wiggs. cover
"Caught between two worlds, Caleb Stoltz is bound by a deathbed promise to raise his orphaned niece and nephew in Middle Grove, where life revolves around family, farm, faith--and long-held suspicions about outsiders. When disaster strikes, Caleb is thrust into an urban environment of high-tech medicine and the relentless rush of modern life. Dr. Reese Powell is poised to join the medical dynasty of her wealthy, successful parents. Bold, assertive, and quick-thinking, she lives for the addictive rush of saving lives. When a shocking accident brings Caleb Stoltz into her life, Reese is forced to deal with a situation that challenges everything she thinks she knows--and ultimately emboldens her to question her most powerful beliefs. Then one impulsive act brings about a clash of cultures in a tug-of-war that plays out in a courtroom, challenging the very nature of justice and reverberating through generations, straining the fragile threads of faith and family"--From the publisher's web site.
The pharaoh key : a Gideon Crew novel / Douglas Preston & Lincoln Child. cover
"Gideon Crew--brilliant scientist, master thief, intrepid adventurer--is shocked when his former employer, Eli Glinn, vanishes without a trace, and Glinn's high-tech lab Effective Engineering Solutions shuts down seemingly overnight. Fresh off a diagnosis that gives him only months to live, Crew is contacted by one of his former coworkers at EES, Manuel Garza, who has a bead on one final treasure hinted at in EES's final case, the long-awaited translation of a centuries-old stone tablet of a previously undiscovered civilization: The Phaistos Disc. What lies at the end of the trail will either save Gideon's life--or bring it to a sudden, shocking close. Crew once again faces incredible odds--but as Gideon has proved again and again, there's no such thing as too great a risk when you're living on borrowed time"--Provided by the publisher.
Tom Clancy. Line of sight / Mike Maden. cover
"Jack Ryan Jr. finds that the scars of war can last a lifetime in the latest entry in Tom Clancy's #1 New York Times bestselling series. Twenty years ago, Dr. Kathy Ryan restored the eyesight of a young Bosnian girl who had been injured during an attack in the Balkan War. Today, her son, Jack Ryan Jr. has decided to surprise his mother by tracking down the young lady. What he finds shocks them both. The helpless child has grown into a remarkable woman. Aida Curic is a self-possessed beauty who runs a refugee agency that helps the children of her native Bosnia. Jack finds himself drawn to her, but before he can act on his feelings she's snatched off the streets of Sarajevo by kidnappers. In Jack's desperate search for Aida, he finds himself opposed by everyone from Serbian mobsters to Croatian paramilitary units. The Balkan War may have ended two decades ago, but the region still seethes with ethnic animosities. The deeper Jack plunges into this world the more he faces a disturbing truth, the scars of war fester long after the surface has healed"--Provided by the publisher.
The president is missing : a novel / Bill Clinton, James Patterson. cover
"The President Is Missing confronts a threat so huge that it jeopardizes not just Pennsylvania Avenue and Wall Street, but all of America. Uncertainty and fear grip the nation. There are whispers of cyberterror and espionage and a traitor in the Cabinet. Even the President himself becomes a suspect, and then he disappears from public view... Set over the course of three days, The President Is Missing sheds a stunning light upon the inner workings and vulnerabilities of our nation. Filled with information that only a former Commander-in-Chief could know, this is the most authentic, terrifying novel to come along in many years"--From the publisher's web site.
By invitation only : a novel / Dorothea Benton Frank. cover
"By Invitation Only begins in the Lowcountry of South Carolina, at a barbecue thrown by Diane English Stiftel to celebrate her son's engagement. On this gorgeous, magical night, the bride's father, Alejandro Cambria, a wealthy power broker, discovers the limits of cell phone range, while the mother of the bride, Susan Kennedy Cambria, learns about moonshine and dangerous liaisons. Soon By Invitation Only zooms to Chicago, where the unraveling accelerates. Nearly a thousand miles away from her comfortable, familiar world, Diane is the antithesis of the bright lights and super-sophisticated guests attending her son Fred's second engagement party. By Invitation Only is a tale of two families, one struggling to do well, one well-to-do, and one young couple--the privileged daughter of Chicago's crème de la crème and the son of hard-working Southern peach farmers. Are they living the life they want, what regrets do they hold, and how would they remake their lives if they were given the invitation to do so?"--Back cover.
How it happened / Michael Koryta. cover
"Kimberly Crepeaux is no good, a notorious jailhouse snitch, teen mother, and heroin addict whose petty crimes are well-known to the rural Maine community where she lives. So when she confesses to her role in the brutal murders of Jackie Pelletier and Ian Kelly, the daughter of a well-known local family and her sweetheart, the locals have little reason to believe her story. Not Rob Barrett, the FBI investigator and interrogator specializing in telling a true confession from a falsehood. He's been circling Kimberly and her conspirators for months, waiting for the right avenue to the truth, and has finally found it. He knows, as strongly as he's known anything, that Kimberly's story--a grisly, harrowing story of a hit and run fueled by dope and cheap beer that becomes a brutal stabbing in cold blood--is how it happened. But one thing remains elusive: where are Jackie and Ian's bodies? After Barrett stakes his name and reputation on the truth of Kimberly's confession, only to have the bodies turn up 200 miles from where she said they'd be, shot in the back and covered in a different suspect's DNA, the case is quickly closed and Barrett forcibly reassigned. But for Howard Pelletier, the tragedy of his daughter's murder cannot be so tidily swept away. And for Barrett, whose career may already be over, the chance to help a grieving father may be the only one he has left"--From the publisher's web site.
The third victim / Phillip Margolin. cover
"In rural Oregon, two women are found dead after being tortured, battered, and burned. A third woman escapes with evidence that points overwhelmingly to a local man. When a young lawyer joins the team defending him, she uncovers corruption, lies, and secrets that threaten to shake up not only her firm but the entire town"-- Provided by publisher.
Pelican Point / Irene Hannon. cover
"The crumbling lighthouse he inherited in Hope Harbor, Oregon, does not fit into Army doctor Ben Garrison's plans for life after the military, but Hope Harbor Herald editor Marci Weber is determined to save the Pelican Point landmark. Sparks fly as the two come together to decide the fate of the lighthouse"-- Provided by publisher.
The Kremlin conspiracy / Joel C. Rosenberg. cover
"Former U.S. Secret Service agent, Marcus Ryker, was trained to protect the president. Now he travels to Russia to stop the Russian president who is feverishly consolidating power, silencing his opposition, and plotting a brazen, lightning-fast military strike that could rupture the NATO alliance and bring Washington and Moscow to the brink of nuclear war"-- Provided by publisher.
In Farleigh Field : a novel / Rhys Bowen. cover
"World War II comes to Farleigh Place, the ancestral home of Lord Westerham and his five daughters, when a soldier with a failed parachute falls to his death on the estate. MI5 operative and family friend Ben Cresswell is covertly tasked with determining if the man is a German spy"-- Provided by publisher.
The heart between us / Lindsay Harrel. cover
"Because of her heart, Megan Jacobs spent her life sitting on the sidelines while her twin sister Crystal had all the fun. After receiving a heart transplant, the quiet library aide is given her teenage donor's journal-- complete with an unfulfilled bucket list. Megan and Crystal venture out to complete the bucket list and embrace life"-- Provided by publisher.
Finding Georgina / Colleen Faulkner. cover
"A New Orleans mother is reunited with the daughter who was abducted as a toddler fourteen years ago during a Mardi Gras parade--only to face unexpected and painful challenges"-- Provided by publisher.
By the book : a novel / Julia Sonneborn. cover
"An English professor in California struggling for tenure discovers that her ex-fiancé has just become the president of her college--and her new boss--in this whip-smart modern retelling of Jane Austen's classic Persuasion"-- Provided by publisher.
Across the blue / Carrie Turansky. cover
"Set in Edwardian England, this romance about an English aviation pioneer and the girl who falls in love with him is filled with adventure and faith"-- Provided by publisher.
Words from the heart / Kathleen Fuller. cover
"In the Amish community of Birch Creek, when Cevilla Schlabach asks her nephew Noah and Ivy Yoder to clean out her attic and insists they must do it together, they come across a packet of letters written during the Korean War. Soon they are swept up in the story of two young people falling in love"-- Provided by publisher.
The wedding date / Jasmine Guillory. cover
"A groomsman and his last-minute guest are about to discover if a fake date can go the distance in a fun and flirty novel. The two high-powered professionals on a collision course toward the long distance dating disaster of the century--or closing the gap between what they think they need and what they truly want"-- Provided by publisher.
The Saturday night supper club / Carla Laureano. cover
"When Alex Kanin's pointed editorial goes viral and inadvertently destroys Denver chef Rachel Bishop's career, he agrees to help rebuild her tarnished image by offering his connections and his home to host an exclusive pop-up dinner party targeted to Denver's most influential citizens. As they work together to make the project a success, feelings change"-- Provided by publisher.
Kill shot / Susan Sleeman. cover
"An FBI agent must team up with a beautiful therapist to stop a killer with a deadly new weapon--self-steering smart bullets which have one hundred percent accuracy"-- Provided by publisher.
His risk / Shelley Shepard Gray. cover
"Undercover English DEA agent Calvin Fisher will do anything to protect the Amish girl he loves when his brother's illness causes him to return to the Hart County Amish community that he left when he was fourteen and danger seems to follow him there"-- Provided by publisher.
Firefly Cove / Davis Bunn. cover
"Set in the small California coastal town of Miramar Bay, a dying young man, Lucas Quarterfield, must say goodbye to the woman he loves. Almost fifty years later through unusual circumstances he receives as second chance to be near the only woman he ever wanted"-- Provided by publisher.
Beneath a scarlet sky / Mark Sullivan. cover
"Based on a true story, Pino Lella is forced to enlist as a German soldier and recruited to become the personal driver for Hitler's left hand in Italy. With the opportunity to spy for the Allies inside the German High Command, Pino endures the horrors of the war and the Nazi occupation by fighting in secret"-- Provided by publisher.
A place for us / Fatima Farheen Mirza. cover
"An Indian-American Muslim family gathers together in their California hometown to celebrate the eldest daughter's wedding--a match of love rather than tradition. In a narrative that spans decades and sees family life through the eyes of each member, A Place For Us charts the crucial moments in the family's past, from the bonds that bring them together to the differences that pull them apart"--From the publisher's web site.
Beach house reunion / Mary Alice Monroe. cover
"Continuing the saga of her bestselling Beach House series, Mary Alice Monroe weaves together a tale of the struggles and triumphs of the historic Rutledge family of Charleston, South Carolina. Beautifully wrought and rich with keen insight, this is an illuminating tale of continuance, resilience, and one family's enduring love"--Provided by the publisher.