New Kids' Non-Fiction Books

Guinness world records 2019. cover
"The world's most popular record book is back with thousands of new categories and newly broken records, covering everything from outer space to sporting greats via Instagram, fidget spinners and all manner of human marvels. Inside you'll find hundreds of never-before-seen photographs and countless facts, figures, stats and trivia waiting for you on every action-packed page. Guinness World Records 2019 is the ultimate snapshot of our world today."--Publisher's description.
Many more of Janice Vancleave's wild, wacky, and weird earth science experiments / illustrations by Jim Carroll. cover
Presents step-by-step instructions for over twenty home science experiments, demonstrating such scientific properties as static electricity, density, atmospheric pressure, and plate tectonics.
The American Heritage children's dictionary / by the editors of the American Heritage dictionaries. cover
"The American Heritage® Children's Dictionary has been completely revised, updated, and redesigned for a brand-new edition, ensuring that this title remains fresh and current while providing the visual appeal needed to captivate young readers. For this brand-new edition, every definition has been reviewed, and hundreds of new senses and new words and definitionsranging from android to veganhave been added. This edition includes a brand-new feature, Writers Choose Their Words. Nearly 100 new note boxes throughout the A-Z text highlight quotations selected from popular and classic young adult and children's literature and show key vocabulary words in context. With entries written in easy-to-understand language, an abundance of example sentences that provide greater context, and stunning full-color illustrations, this engaging reference brings words to life and enhances the child's learning experience"-- Provided by publisher.
The unofficial LEGO technic builder's guide / Paweł "Sariel" Kmiec. cover
The LEGO Technic system opens a new realm of building possibilities. Using motors, gears, pneumatics, pulleys, linkages, and more, you can design LEGO models that really move. The Unofficial LEGO Technic Builder's Guide is filled with building tips for creating strong yet elegant machines and mechanisms with the Technic system.
Capsized! : the forgotten story of the SS Eastland disaster / Patricia Sutton. cover
"On July 24, 1915, the SS Eastland, filled to capacity with 2,500 aboard, capsized in the Chicago River while still moored to the pier. The disaster took more passenger lives than theTitanic and stands today as the greatest loss of life on the Great Lakes. Capsized! details the events leading up to the fateful day of the disaster and provides a nail-biting, minute-by-minute account of the ship's capsizing. Kids follow the lives of workers and their families, mostly first- and second-generation Polish and Czech immigrants employed by Chicago's largest manufacturer, Western Electric's Hawthorne Works. From the courage of the survivors to the despair of families who lost loved ones, Capsized! brings the stories of ordinary working people enduring the unthinkable to light. It also raises critical-thinking questions for young readers: Why do we know so much aboutTitanic's sinking and yet so little about theEastland disaster? What causes a tragedy to be forgotten and left out of society's collective memory? Why was no one ever held responsible for this catastrophe? What lessons from this disaster might we be able to apply today?"-- Provided by publisher.
Wolverines / Melissa Stewart. cover
"Superhero and comic book force? Sure, but also a real-life animal! Find out in this Level 3 Reader how fierce wolverines, who are expert survivors, can be even more fantastic than those in movies and graphic novels. Journey through harsh cold and rugged mountain ranges to see how wolverines take down prey, raise their young, and live in one of the world's harshest environments. Learn how their bodies adapt for survival and about its challenges in a warming world. National Geographic Readers' expert-vetted text, along with brilliant images and a fun approach to reading have proved to be a winning formula with kids, parents and educators. Level 3 text provides accessible, yet wide-ranging, information for fluent readers. Each reader includes text written by an experienced, skilled children's books author, a photo glossary, and interactive features in which kids get to reinforce what they've learned in the book"-- Provided by publisher.
Crayola! : the secrets of the cool colors and hot hues / by Bonnie Williams ; illustrated by Rob McClurkan. cover
"An introduction to the science behind the worldwide phenomenon known as Crayola Crayons as well as the concepts of color theory and how color plays an important role our everyday lives."-- Provided by publisher.
The Harlem Globetrotters present the points behind basketball / by Larry Dobrow ; illustrations by Scott Burroughs. cover
Learn about the science behind basketball, including how a Harlem Globetrotters player can spin a basketball on one finger for so long, what a basketball is made of, and how the laws of physics are also the laws of basketball.
The Wright brothers : nose-diving into history / Erik Slader and Ben Thompson ; illustrations by Tim Foley. cover
Describes the lives of the two American brothers who designed, built, and flew the first heavier-than-air aircraft to fly successfully, detailing the many mishaps and misadventures that preceded it.
Pokémon super deluxe essential handbook : the need-to-know stats and facts on over 800 characters! cover
Stats, facts, attacks, types, evolutions, and other information on over 800 Pokémon from every known region.
Texas : a nonfiction companion to Magic Tree House #30: Hurricane heroes in Texas / by Mary Pope Osborne and Natalie Pope Boyce ; illustrated by Isidre Mones. cover
"Track the facts about the Alamo, the Galveston hurricane, and the great state of Texas! When Jack and Annie came back from their adventure in Magic Tree House #30: Hurricane Heroes in Texas, they had lots of questions. Why is Texas called the Lone Star State? What was the Alamo? When was the Galveston hurricane? Why was it so terrible? Find out the answers to these questions and more as Jack and Annie track the facts about Texas. Filled with up-to-date information, photographs, illustrations, and fun tidbits from Jack and Annie, the Fact Trackers are the perfect way for kids to find out more about the topics they discover in their favorite Magic Tree House adventures. Did you know that there's a Magic Tree House book for every kid? Magic Tree House: Adventures with Jack and Annie, perfect for readers who are just beginning chapter books Merlin Missions: More challenging adventures for the experienced reader Fact Trackers: Nonfiction companions to your favorite Magic Tree House adventures"-- Provided by publisher.
Thomas & Friends character encyclopedia / written by Julia March and Rona Skene. cover
Meet Thomas the Tank Engine and his friends from the Island of Sodor, and beyond! Discover amazing facts about more than 100 of your favorite Thomas & Friends characters. See the real-life trains and vehicles that they are based on!
The race to space : countdown to liftoff / Erik Slader and Ben Thompson ; illustrations by Tim Foley. cover
"Today, everyone is familiar with Neil Armstrong's famous words as he first set foot on the moon: 'one small step for man; one giant leap for mankind.' He made it look easy, but America's journey to the moon was anything but simple. In 1957, when the Soviet Union launched Sputnik, the world's first satellite, into orbit, America had barely crossed the starting line of the great Space Race. Later that year, our first attempt was such a failure that the media nicknamed it 'Kaputnik.' Still, we didn't give up. With each failure, we gleaned valuable information about what went wrong, and how to avoid it in the future. So we tried again. And again. And each time we failed, we failed a little bit better"
Dean Ambrose : The Lunatic Fringe / Teddy Borth. cover
Dean Ambrose has wrestled all over the world for over 14 years. Discover the journey that led Ambrose to becoming one of WWE's top stars and earning every championship they have to offer. The easy to read text is joined with beautiful and colorful photographs showing some of Abrose's best moments in the ring. Aligned to Common Core Standards and correlated to state standards, Bolt is an imprint of Abdo Zoom, a division of ABDO.
Special people, special ways / Arlene Maguire ; illustrated by Sheila Bailey. cover
Presenting a positive image of persons with disabilities, "Special People, Special Ways" shares the message that even though being different is painful at times, it can also be glorious. Maguire explains that although people may have something different about them, they share many similarities.
Will puberty last my whole life? : real answers to real questions from preteens about body changes, sex, and other growing-up stuff / Julie Metzger, RN, MN, and Robert Lehman, MD ; illustrated by L... cover
Presents a flip book for girls and boys containing answers to questions pre-adolescents have about puberty, friends, sex, pimples, and body hair.
Spooked! : how a radio broadcast and The war of the worlds sparked the 1938 invasion of America / Gail Jarrow. cover
Describes the panic induced when listeners believed Orson Welles' radio broadcast of "The War of the Worlds" to be news of an alien invasion, discussing the context in which the broadcast was aired and why it was so convincing.
Knock! Knock! Who was there? / by Brian Elling ; illustrated by Nancy Harrison and Andrew Thomson. cover
Collects over three hundred jokes featuring such famous people as Eleanor Roosevelt, Steve Irwin, and Jackie Robinson.
Turning pages : my life story / Sonia Sotomayor ; illustrated by Lulu Delacre. cover
"Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor tells her own story for young readers for the very first time! As the first Latina Supreme Court Justice, Sonia Sotomayor has inspired young people around the world to reach for their dreams. But what inspired her?For young Sonia, the answer was books! They were her mirrors, her maps, her friends, and her teachers. They helped her to connect with her family in New York and in Puerto Rico, to deal with her diabetes diagnosis, to cope with her father's death, to uncover the secrets of the world, and to dream of a future for herself in which anything was possible. In Turning Pages, Justice Sotomayor shares that love of books with a new generation of readers, and inspires them to read and puzzle and dream for themselves. Accompanied by Lulu Delacre's vibrant art, this story of the Justice's life shows readers that the world is full of promise and possibility--all they need to do is turn the page"-- Provided by publisher.
The beloved world of Sonia Sotomayor / Sonia Sotomayor. cover
"An adaptation for middle graders based on the bestselling adult memoir, My Beloved World, in which the Associate Justice of the Supreme Court Sonia Sotomayor's details her achievements, which serve as a true testament to the fact that no matter the obstacles, dreams can come true. Includes an 8-page photo insert"-- Provided by publisher.
Eliza Hamilton : founding mother / by Monica Kulling ; illustrated by Valerio Fabbretti. cover
"Hamilton, the musical, is igniting American history fever in adults and kids--especially about the central figures of the play. Kids clearly want to know more, and this companion to early reader Alexander Hamilton: From Orphan to Founding Father will fill the void. Eliza Hamilton was so much more than just Alexander Hamilton's wife. She was a spirited girl who grew up to be a strong woman with a big heart and amazing strength of character. She rescued many children in need during her life. In fact, she and others established New York City's first orphanage--which became a place that is still helping needy children to this day. She lived for 50 years after Hamilton's death in the infamous duel, and she preserved his historical legacy and contributed to American history with other Founding Mothers in ways that will finally be shared widely with those newly interested in Colonial and Revolutionary War times" -- Provided by Amazon.
Vikings / author: Philip Steele ; consultant: Dr. Ragnhild Ljosland. cover
"DK findout! Vikings is packed with surprising facts and amazing pictures of these medieval adventurers"--Back cover.
Universe / Giles Sparrow. cover
Explores the stars, galaxies, planets, and other phenomena in the universe, and describes the history of human space exploration.
Women's suffrage movement / Jill Keppeler. cover
Traces the history of the struggle for the right of women in the United States to vote from the first idea of women's rights and the ties to abolitionism through the nineteenth-century leaders to the passage of the Nineteenth Amendment.