New Kids' Non-Fiction Books

Super simple native American art : fun and easy art from around the world / Alex Kuskowski. cover
This book features fun and unique Native American crafts that have been adapted in an easy, step-by-step activity format with pictures for a young crafter.
Pablo Picasso / Adam G. Klein. cover
Introduces the life and work of innovative artist Pablo Picasso.
First pitch / by David Sabino ; illustrated by Charles Lehman. cover
Learn about how baseball is played and what players do before the game.
Maker genius. cover
Provides instructions for more than seventy projects that explore scientific princples, including painting with cabbage, making slime, and making batteries.
Sparky & Spike : Charles Schulz and the wildest, smartest dog ever / by Barbara Lowell ; illustrated by Dan Andreasen. cover
"A story about Peanuts creator Charles Schulz and his childhood dog, Spike, who inspired the character of Snoopy"-- Provided by publisher.
Sonia Sotomayor : Supreme Court Justice / by Paige V. Polinsky. cover
"Relevant images match informative text in this introduction to Sonia Sotomayor. Intended for students in kindergarten through third grade"-- Provided by publisher.
Smile : how young Charlie Chaplin taught the world to laugh (and cry) / Gary Golio ; illustrated by Ed Young. cover
Presents the creative life of Charlie Chaplin, describing how he helped support his sick mother by performing on the streets of London, where he found the inspiration for his iconic character.
Sara Seager : planetary scientist / by Paige V. Polinsky. cover
"Relevant images match informative text in this introduction to Sara Seager. Intended for students in kindergarten through third grade."-- Provided by publisher.
Rachel Carson : environmentalist / by Christina Leaf. cover
"Relevant images match informative text in this introduction to Rachel Carson. Intended for students in kindergarten through third grade"-- Provided by publisher.
My corner of the ring : a memoir from a champ / Jesselyn Silva, as told to Brin Stevens. cover
"The Middle Grade Memoir of a Girl Boxer and Future Olympian. In this Lean-In style inspirational memoir, twelve-year-old Jesselyn Silva offers a ringside seat to girl power and what it takes to win in the ring and in life: punch by punch. Girl Boxer shows kids what it means to be true to yourself and stick with your dreams even when facing adversity and ridicule. Supported by her single dad, Jesselyn (JessZilla in the ring) first donned her boxing gloves at five years of age, making her one of very few female boxers in the country. Girl Boxer charts Jesselyn's oft times exhilarating and heartbreaking journey to success in a male dominated sport where she struggles to find partners to spar with and combats the viewpoint that no one wants to see a girl fight. Despite an inhospitable environment, Jesselyn still has her sights set on the Olympics. With the help of her very dad, Pedro, who has instilled in her a strong work ethic, she just might make it. It is an exciting and motivational read that will provide kids with the roadmap and encouragement to accomplish whatever goals they set for themselves. Jesselyn's positive can-do attitude and determination make this a must read"-- Provided by publisher.
Indra Nooyi : CEO of PepsiCo / by Paige V. Polinsky. cover
"Relevant images match informative text in this introduction to Indra Nooyi. Intended for students in kindergarten through third grade"-- Provided by publisher.
Hector : a boy, a protest, and the photograph that changed apartheid / Adrienne Wright. cover
On June 16, 1976, Hector Pieterson, an ordinary boy, lost his life after getting caught up in what was supposed to be a peaceful protest. Black South African students were marching against a new law requiring that they be taught half of their subjects in Afrikaans, the language of the White government. The story's events unfold from the perspectives of Hector, his sister, and the photographer who captured their photo in the chaos. This book can serve as a pertinent tool for adults discussing global history and race relations with children. Its graphic novel style and mixed media art portray the vibrancy and grit of Hector's daily life and untimely death. Heartbreaking yet relevant, this powerful story gives voice to an ordinary boy and sheds light on events that helped lead to the end of apartheid.
Flying to the moon : an astronaut's story / Michael Collins. cover
Astronaut Michael Collins adds a revised chapter to the extraordinary story of his training and participation in the Gemini 10 and Apollo 11 flights.
Dr. Jo : how Sara Josephine Baker saved the lives of America's children / Monica Kulling ; illustrated by Julianna Swaney. cover
A portrait of the trailblazing doctor describes the prejudice against women that challenged her education and how her service in one of New York's poorest neighborhoods helped save thousands of lives.
Born just right / Jordan Reeves & Jen Lee Reeves. cover
Recounts Jordan's journey growing without the bottom half of her left arm, including her founding the non-profit Born Just Right, and the inspiration for her invention of Project Unicorn, a prosthetic that shoots glitter.
The astronaut who painted the moon : the true story of Alan Bean / written by Dean Robbins ; illustrated by Sean Rubin. cover
"Journey to the Moon on the Apollo 12 mission with astronaut and artist Alan Bean! As a boy, Alan wanted to fly planes. As a young navy pilot, Alan wished he could paint the view from the cockpit. So he took an art class to learn patterns and forms. But no class could prepare him for the beauty of the lunar surface some 240,000 miles from Earth. In 1969, Alan became the fourth man and first artist on the moon. He took dozens of pictures, but none compared to what he saw through his artistic eyes. When hereturned to Earth, he began to paint what he saw. Alan's paintings allowed humanity to experience what it truly felt like to walk on the moon."-- Provided by publisher.
Two men and a car : Franklin Roosevelt, Al Capone, and a Cadillac V-8 / Michael Garland. cover
Presents the legend of the car Roosevelt rode in the day after the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, that was rumored to be an armored Cadillac built for gangster Al Capone.
Two brothers, four hands : the artists Alberto and Diego Giacometti / Jan Greenberg and Sandra Jordan ; illustrated by Hadley Hooper. cover
Profiles the iconic twentieth-century artist and his daredevil brother, celebrating their dedication to their respective vocations and each other.
Susan B. Anthony / Teri Kanefield. cover
In the fourth installment in the Making of America series, Susan B. Anthony, Teri Kanefield examines the life of America's famous suffragette. Anthony was born into a world in which men ruled women: A man could beat his wife, take her earnings, have her committed into an asylum based on his word, and take her children away from her. While the young nation was ablaze with the radical notion that people could govern themselves, "people" were understood to be white and male. Women were expected to stay out of public life and debates. As Anthony saw the situation, "Women's subsistence is in the hands of men, and most arbitrarily and unjustly does he exercise his consequent power." She began her public career as a radical abolitionist, and after the Civil War, she became an international figurehead of the women's suffrage movement. The book includes selections of Anthony's writing, endnotes, a bibliography, and an index.
Stephen Curry / Dan Wetzel ; illustrations by Zeke Pena. cover
Follows the life of Stephen Curry, specifically his path to NBA success after growing up smaller, weaker, and less talented than his competition.