New Kids' Non-Fiction Books

Understanding Christianity / by Valerie Bodden. cover
"Understanding Christianity covers the history of Christianity and how the religion has evolved and expanded. Readers learn about its branches, church services, and world contributions. This title also discusses challenges that have arisen as Christians interact with people of other faiths"
Understanding Buddhism / by A. W. Buckley ; content consultant, Constance Kassor (Assistant Professor of Religious Studies, Lawrence University). cover
"Understanding Buddhism covers the history of Buddhism and explores how the religion has evolved and expanded. Readers learn about monks and nuns, the branches of Buddhism, and important rituals. This title also discusses misunderstandings about Buddhism and the challenges some women have faced in the religion"
The eye that never sleeps : how Detective Pinkerton saved President Lincoln / words by Marissa Moss ; illustrations by Jeremy Holmes. cover
From award-winning author Marissa Moss comes the first children's book about Allan Pinkerton, one of America's greatest detectives. Everyone knows the story of Abraham Lincoln, but few know anything about the spy who saved him! Allan Pinkertons life changed when he helped the Chicago Police Department track down a group of counterfeiters. From there, he became the first police detective in Chicago and established the country's most successful detective agency. He went on to solve more than 300 murders and recover millions of dollars in stolen money. However, his greatest contribution was protecting Abraham Lincoln on the way to his 1861 inauguration. Though assassins attempted to murder Lincoln en route, Pinkerton foiled their plot and brought the president safely to the capital.-- Amazon.
Cool builds in Minecraft / writers, Wesley Copeland, Emma Davies, Jamie Frier, Joel McIver, Dom Reseigh-Lincoln. cover
Teaches players how to build fifty different objects in Minecraft, including houses, vehicles, farms, and castles.
Understanding Islam / by Gail Radley. cover
"Understanding Islam covers the history of Islam and explores how the religion has evolved and expanded. Readers learn about worship practices, women's roles, and the world contributions Muslims have made. This title also discusses the discrimination Muslims have faced in the West, and explores controversies surrounding terrorism"
All about bee stings / Megan Borgert-Spaniol. cover
"Your body is amazing! But sometimes it gets sick or hurt. Many kids get stung by bees or wasps. It can hurt or cause a reaction. Find out how to know if you were stung and how to treat the sting."--Publisher description.
All about asthma / Megan Borgert-Spaniol. cover
"Your body is amazing! But sometimes it gets sick or hurt. Millions of kids live with asthma. Discover the causes of asthma and how to manage it."--Publisher description.
Uncovering ancient artifacts / Rachael L. Thomas. cover
"Investigate some of history's ancient artifacts and the archaeologists who uncover them in Uncovering Ancient Artifacts. Through artifacts such as pottery, cave paintings, and the Dead Sea Scrolls, readers will discover how we learn about the past through ancient art, writings, and burial sites"
Humans to Mars / by John Hamilton. cover
"In the last several decades, the United States and a handful of other countries have sent a fleet of orbiters, landers, and rovers to Mars. We've learned much about the Red Planet. No longer a place of pure imagination, Mars is a real place that we can explore. As our knowledge and technology grows, the question naturally arises : can people someday set foot on Mars? Can we live and work there in cities? Is it possible to transform that hostile, alien planet so that it is like our own earth? These questions are no longer flights of fancy. We have the desire and the technology to colonize Mars. The journey will be filled with danger, and there are many problems to be solved. Despite the hard road ahead, scientists around the world today are working to solve these roadblocks. The future is now." -- From page 4.
Fly with me : a celebration of birds through pictures, poems, and stories / Jane Yolen, Heidi E.Y. Stemple, Adam Stemple, and Jason Stemple. cover
A family of dedicated birders presents an illustrated tribute to birds featuring a combination of scientific facts, folklore, poems, and songs.
Black women who dared / Naomi M. Moyer. cover
Short biographies of ten Black women from Canada and the United States, ranging from 1793 to the present. Anti-slavery activists, business women, community organizers, and educators; they were, and are, leaders committed to uplifting their communities.
Once upon a star : a poetic journey through space / James Carter ; illustrated by Mar Hernández. cover
"In this poetic tour of the universe, children learn about the Big Bang and the origins of life on Earth."-- Provided by the publisher.
Nurses / by Meg Gaertner. cover
Explains how nurses help the community and what their responsibilities are.