New Kids' Non-Fiction Books

Who is Judy Blume? / by Kirsten Anderson ; illustrated by Ted Hammond. cover
"Learn how Judy Blume went from a stay-at-home mother to one of the most beloved American authors of the twentieth century. Readers adore Judy Blume for her personal stories about the journey from childhood to adolescence. She has always been an imaginative person and an avid reader. As a child, Judy spent time looking through library shelves for the perfect books, and if she couldn't find the right ones, she entertained herself by making up stories in her head. When she got older, Judy started writing her stories down. Although readers fell in love with characters like Margaret Simon and Fudge Hatcher, some parents challenged some of her titles, including Are You There God? It's Me, Margaret, for discussing sensitive issues. Despite all the controversy, this award-winning author and her books have remained popular among fans, both old and new"-- Provided by publisher.
Code girls : the true story of the American women who secretly broke codes in World War II / Liza Mundy. cover
"A nonfiction chronicle of the courageous efforts of remarkable young women recruited by the US government to crack German and Japanese military codes during World War II."--Provided by publisher.
Wild buildings and bridges : architecture inspired by nature / Etta Kaner ; [illutrations], Carl Wiens. cover
"Many architects today are looking to plants and animals to help solve their design challenges. Inspired by how nature already works, these architects are coming up with innovative ways to cool buildings, withstand earthquakes and save energy. In Wild Buildings and Bridges, bestselling author Etta Kaner explores these wild and wonderful feats of architecture. Kids will discover buildings and bridges inspired by cactuses, beetles, termite towers, trees, grass - and more! In some cases, nature has thought of it first, like a flood-proof house that floats like a water lily leaf. Nature's beauty has also inspired buildings that look like a lotus flower, a bird's nest and even an armadillo. Filled with kid-friendly examples, interactive activities and eye-catching illustrations, this book will fascinate budding architects and makers who love to build and know how things work."-- Provided by publisher.
The hen who sailed around the world : a true story / by Guirec Soudee. cover
"Guirec Soudee tells the true story of his 3,400 mile sea voyage with his pet hen, Monique."-- Provided by publisher.
Building in Minecraft / by Josh Gregory. cover
Explores how to build in the video game Minecraft.
Jarome Iginla : how the NHL's first Black captain gives back / Nicole Mortillaro. cover
Presents the life and accomplishments of Canadian professional ice hockey player and captain of the Calgary Flames Jarome Iginla.
The girl with a mind for math : the story of Raye Montague / written by Julia Finley Mosca ; illustrated by Daniel Rieley. cover
This is a rhyming-text picture book about Raye Montague. After touring a German submarine in the early 1940s, young Raye set her sights on becoming an engineer. Little did she know sexism and racial inequality would challenge that dream every step of the way, even keeping her greatest career accomplishment a secret for decades. Through it all, the gifted mathematician persisted-- finally gaining her well-deserved title in history: a pioneer who changed the course of ship design forever.--Dust jacket.
Dinosaurs discovered / by Dean R. Lomax. cover
Introduces dinosaurs, describing where they lived, what they ate, and how humans uncover more information about them.
My mixed emotions : help your kids handle their feelings / Elinor Greenwood ; project art editor and illustrator, Polly Appleton. cover
Feelings can be complicated, and learning to express them is a skill that must be developed. My Mixed Emotions is here to coach children through a variety of emotions and situations including dealing with bullying, understanding grief, and coping with large family changes, such as divorce. Divided into happiness, fear, anger, and sadness, My Mixed Emotions explores the four main emotions, the reasons why we feel them, and the science behind each one. Children will discover great things about themselves, such as what happens in their brain when they are happy, why they cry when they are sad, and why they sometimes feel nervous. -- Provided by publisher.
Christmas : from solstice to Santa / Nikki Tate & Dani Tate-Stratton. cover
"Part of the nonfiction Orca Origins series for middle readers. Illustrated with archival and color photographs, the book looks at the history and practice of Christmas celebrations around the globe."-- Provided by publisher.
Kid start-up : how you can be an entrepreneur / Mark Cuban, Shaan Patel, & Ian McCue. cover
The stars of ABC's Shark tank explain how a kid can discover a great business idea and get it off the ground.
The internet connects us all / by Duchess Harris, JD, PHD with Heather C. Hudak. cover
The creation of the Internet has brought the world together and made possible a vast array of new technologies and services. The Internet Connects Us All examines the history of the Internet from multiple perspectives, including those of computer scientists Leonard Kleinrock, Vinton Cerf, and Tim Berners-Lee. Easy-to-read text, vivid images, and helpful back matter give readers a clear look at this subject. Features include a table of contents, infographics, a glossary, additional resources, and an index.
Starstruck : the cosmic journey of Neil deGrasse Tyson / Kathleen Krull and Paul Brewer ; illustrated by Frank Morrison. cover
"A picture-book biography on science superstar Neil deGrasse Tyson, the groundbreaking American astrophysicist whose work has inspired a generation of young scientists and astronomers to reach for the stars!"-- Provided by publisher.
Roar! : 100 fun facts about African animals / Stephanie Warren Drimmer. cover
"Facts about animals in Africa, for young readers"-- Provided by publisher.
Gallop! : 100 fun facts about horses / Kitson Jazynka. cover
"Information about horses for children learning to read"-- Provided by publisher.