New Kids' Non-Fiction Books

The girl who drew butterflies : how Maria Merian's art changed science / Joyce Sidman. cover
"Newbery-Honor winning author Joyce Sidman explores the extraordinary life and scientific discoveries of Maria Merian, who discovered the truth about metamorphosis and documented the science behind the mystery in this visual biography that features many original paintings by Maria herself."-- Provided by publisher.
Snails are just my speed! / by Kevin McCloskey. cover
Introduces snails, describing how they move, how they avoid predators, and why their mucus trails are important.
Baby panda goes wild! / by David Salomon. cover
Describes how a giant panda reserve in China helped prepare ChiDa the panda for life in the wild.
Where is Hollywood? / by Dina Anastasio ; illustrated by Tim Foley. cover
"Who HQ rolls out the red carpet for Where Is Hollywood?--the film capital of the world. Developed in the 1880s by Midwesterners looking for a sunny winter getaway, Hollywood was a small housing development outside still-small Los Angeles. But everythingchanged in the early 1900s when filmmakers from New York flocked to the area, where they could make movies without having to pay Thomas Edison's patent fee. It didn't hurt that the weather was perfect, too. Readers will take a journey from the Golden Ageof Hollywood to the present-day film industry, learning all about what turned lush farmland into Tinseltown"-- Provided by publisher.
The new children's encyclopedia / US editors, Margaret Parrish, Karyn Gerhard, Megan Douglass. cover
A one-volume encyclopedia covers a range of up-to-date topics through easily accessible text and photographs and includes more than nine thousand entries.
How a city works / by D.J. Ward ; illustrated by Violet Lemay. cover
An introduction to how a city works describes its water, electricity, transportation, and trash systems, detailing how they all work together to form a functioning infrastructure.
STEM lab : 25 super cool projects : build, invent, create, discover / Jack Challoner. cover
Presents over two dozen science activities demonstrating such scientific properties as forces and motion, chemical reactions, shapes and structures, and light and sound.
Crafty science / Jane Bull. cover
Explains the STEAM principles behind different crafts and experiments, including making a sun clock, making an ice lantern, and growing wheat grains on wet damp paper towels.
The book of ingeniously daring chemistry / Sean Connolly. cover
Offers twenty-four science experiments that take readers on a journey through the periodic table of elements.
The woolly monkey mysteries : the quest to save a rainforest species / by Sandra Markle. cover
Readers will learn how scientists use camera-trap technology to study woolly monkeys in the Manu Biosphere Reserve. These camera traps helped scientists discover information about the woolly monkeys' diet, behavior, and habitat. Known as the rainforest's gardeners, their activities and behaviors are essential to the survival of the trees and animals in the rainforest. Scientists must learn more to save this keystone species and protect the rainforests.
When plants attack : strange and terrifying plants / Rebecca E. Hirsch. cover
Introduces the reader to stinging plants, poisonous plants and plants that eat animals.
What is poetry? : the essential guide to reading & writing poems / Michael Rosen ; illustrated by Jill Calder. cover
Explains what poems are, why they are fun to read, and how to write them.
Sew with me : 60 fun & easy projects to make your own fabulous decor and accessories / Brandy Nelson, founder of the blog Gluesticks. cover
Provides an introduction to the tools and techniques of sewing and offers easy projects for such items as a crossbody bag, unicorn pin, cupcake key chain, shooting star t-shirt, monster puppet, and cozy pillowcase.
Seven wonders of the Milky Way / David A. Aguilar. cover
Presents scientific findings about seven celestial wonders of the Milky Way, including the Great Nebula, Omega Centauri, and UY Scuti.
The roots of rap : 16 bars on the 4 pillars of hip-hop / by Carole Boston Weatherford ; art by Frank Morrison. cover
Presents the history of hip-hop including, how it evolved from folktales, spirituals, and poetry, to the showmanship of James Brown, to the culture of graffiti art and breakdancing that formed around the art form.
Let it grow : a Frozen guide to gardening / Cynthia Stierle ; reviewed by Catrina T. Adams, PhD, Botanical Society of America. cover
The characters from "Frozen" offer step-by-step instructions for gardening projects, including sprouting beans and building a troll garden.
Flower fairies of the winter : poems and pictures / by Cicely Mary Barker. cover
A collection of illustrated poems about the plants and flowers seen in the winter months.
Flower fairies of the autumn / poems and pictures by Cicely Mary Barker. cover
Illustrated poems depict the fairies who live among the plants of autumn.
Calm : mindfulness for kids / written by Wynne Kinder, M.Ed.. cover
Shares mindfulness activities that teach children how to focus their thoughts and pay attention, with care, to one moment at a time, including breathing exercises, moving the body to unwind stress, and taking a walk in the woods.
Who is Sonia Sotomayor? / by Megan Stine ; illustrated by Dede Putra. cover
Describes the life and accomplishments of the United States Supreme Court justice.
Who was Galileo? / by Patricia Brennan Demuth ; illustrated by John O'Brien. cover
Profiles the life and accomplishments of the Italian scientist, including his family life, years as a university teacher, world-changing ideas about the solar system, and imprisonment for heresy.
Wilma's way home : the life of Wilma Mankiller / by Doreen Rappaport ; illustrated by Linda Kukuk. cover
"A picturebook biography of Wilma Mankiller, the first female chief of the Cherokee Nation."--Provided by publisher.
Who is Michael Jordan? / by Kirsten Anderson ; illustrated by Dede Putra. cover
Presents the life and accomplishments of the legendary basketball player, from his childhood and college career to his success in the NBA, his product endorsements, and his philanthropic efforts.
Who is Michael Jordan? / by Kirsten Anderson ; illustrated by Dede Putra. cover
Presents the life and accomplishments of the legendary basketball player, from his childhood and college career to his success in the NBA, his product endorsements, and his philanthropic efforts.