New Kids' Fiction Books

The one hundredth thing about Caroline / by Lois Lowry. cover
When their mother starts to date the mystery man on the fifth floor who has been instructed by his agent to "eliminate the children" by the first of May, eleven-year-old Caroline and her older brother figure they're targeted to be the victims of a savage crime.
The princess and the pearl / E.D. Baker. cover
When Princess Annie's father and uncle fall ill, Annie and Liam must set sail on dangerous seas full of sea monsters and magical creatures to find the only cure, a giant pearl.
Rodeo challenge / by Jake Maddox ; text by Matt Doeden ; illustrated by Aburtov. cover
Wade is staying at his uncle's ranch for the summer, but despite being athletic he has proved hopeless when it comes to riding a horse, much less the other skills demanded in a rodeo--but when Maria, sister of his new friend Javier, breaks her arm, she asks him to keep her horse in training, and Wade is forced to overcome his apprehension and really learn how to ride.
Cowgirl grit / by Jake Maddox ; text by Cari Meister ; illustrated by Katie Wood. cover
Sydney Todachine is looking forward to a summer on the beaches of San Diego before starting sixth-grade, but instead she finds herself on her Grandfather's ranch on the Navajo Nation reservation with no wi-fi, and while a couple of the kids are pretty nice, her cousin Hadley is as nasty as ever--but Sydney bonds with a spirited horse called Midnight, and together they start training at night for the upcoming rodeo.
Dolls of hope / Shirley Parenteau. cover
When Chiyo is asked to be the official protector of Emily Grace, one of the twelve thousand Friendship Dolls sent to Japan from the United States, a jealous classmate will stop at nothing to see her fail.
The council of mirrors / Michael Buckley ; pictures by Peter Ferguson. cover
Hoping to save their family and the citizens of Ferryport Landing from the evil plans of Mirror, Sabrina and Daphne Grimm seek counsel from the other magic mirrors, who advise them to join forces with the Scarlet Hand.
Pick the plot / James Riley ; [cover illustration by Vivienne To]. cover
Owen is trapped in a time travel plot-your-own-adventure book, controlled by the reader, and a bizarre fellow prisoner, Kara Dox, might be his only hope for escaping to save Bethany.
Drama / Raina Telgemeier ; with color by Gurihiru. cover
Callie rides an emotional roller coaster while serving on the stage crew for a middle school production of Moon over Mississippi as various relationships start and end, and others never quite get going.
The many reflections of Miss Jane Deming / J. Anderson Coats. cover
Eleven-year-old Jane is eager to participate in an effort to move Civil War widows and orphans to the Washington Territory, but when she arrives in Seattle after a four-month voyage, she finds the city is not as exciting as she expected.
Yours Truly / Heather Vogel Frederick. cover
When someone tries to sabotage the maple trees on her friend Franklin's family farm, Truly Lovejoy rallies the Pumpkin Falls Private Eyes to investigate.
The only girl in school / Natalie Standiford ; illustrations by Nathan Durfee. cover
In a story told in letters, when Claire's best friend moves away just before the start of fifth grade, Claire becomes the only girl in her school--and suddenly boys she has been friends with her whole life turn into bullying strangers.
The Everafter War / by Michael Buckley ; pictures by Peter Ferguson. cover
After their parents awake from a sleeping spell, Daphne and Sabrina become caught in the middle of a war between the Scarlet Hand and Prince Charming's Everafter army and learn a shocking secret about a deadly enemy.
Bob / Wendy Mass and Rebecca Stead ; illustrated by Nicholas Gannon. cover
Visiting her grandmother in Australia, Livy, ten, is reminded of the promise she made five years before to Bob, a strange, green creature who cannot recall who or what he is.
Lulu is getting a sister : (who Wants her? who Needs her?) / Judith Viorst ; illustrated by Kevin Cornell. cover
"Lulu is sent to Camp Sisterhood to learn how to be a big sister, but she makes it her mission to be the worst sister-in-training in camp history"-- Provided by publisher.
The silver gate / Kristin Bailey. cover
Elric and his mother secretly care for his mentally disabled sister, Wynn, whom the villagers consider a changeling, until their father threatens to sell her, so they flee into the forest, even though Elric does not share her belief in magic.
Serafina and the splintered heart / Robert Beatty. cover
When a mysterious threat moves towards Biltmore, bringing with it violent storms and flooding, Serafina must fight to defend all she loves and become everything that she is meant to be.
La princesa and the pea / Susan Middleton Elya ; illustrated by Juana Martinez-Neal. cover
"A rhyming twist on a classic fairy tale in which a queen places a pea under a young lady's mattress to see if she is truly a princess. Incorporates Spanish words and Includes a glossary"-- Provided by publisher.
Audacity Jones steals the show / Kirby Larson. cover
Audacity Jones and her best friend, Bimmy, along with Cypher, who is now a detective in the Pinkerton National Detective Agency, must prevent the sabotage of a performance by Harry Houdini in New York City.
Puritan girl, Mohawk girl / John Demos. cover
In 1704, Mohawk Indians attack the frontier village of Deerfield, Massachusetts, kidnapping and marching over 100 residents, including seven-year-old Eunice Williams, to Canada where she is eventually adopted into a Mohawk family and remains there willingly for the rest of her life. Based on a true story.
The forgetting spell / Lauren Myracle. cover
With her wishing day approaching, Darya wants to forget the tradition exists, but when painful memories resurface, she realizes the decision of what to wish for, or what not to wish for, is one of the most important choices of her life.
The dragon crown / Geronimo Stilton ; illustrations by Giuseppe Facciotto and Alessandro Costa ; translated by Lidia Morson Tramontozzi. cover
When his cousin is captured by the king of the dragons, Geronimo must deliver the Crown of the Seven Rubies to free him.
The fantastic library rescue and other major plot twists / Deborah Lytton ; cover and internal illustrations by Jeanine Murch. cover
Members of Ruby Starr's lunchtime book club, the Unicorns, and other school book clubs come together to help when they learn that the school library is in financial trouble.
Werewolves / by Erin Peabody ; art by Victor Rivas. cover
Discusses the myth of werewolves, covering sightings, historical tales, and their place in popular culture.
Unicorns / by Erin Peabody ; art by Jomike Tejido. cover
"Behind the Legend looks at creatures and monsters throughout history and analyzes them through a scientific, myth-busting lens, debating whether or not the sightings and evidence provided are adequate proof of their existence. In Unicorns, readers learnabout all the sightings and "proof" of them, from stories in history of people who sought unicorns, like Julius Caesar, Genghis Khan, and Marco Polo, to why they were hunted so fiercely. This book also discusses additional history about the creatures, such as why their horns were so valued in medieval times, their presence in pop culture, and people's ongoing search for unicorns in modern times. Complete with engaging anecdotes, interesting sidebars, and fantastic illustrations, this book is one kids won't want to put down!"-- Provided by publisher.
Dragons / by Erin Peabody ; art by Victor Rivas. cover
Presents stories of sightings throughout history of the mythical animal, the dragon, providing a history of the creatures and discussing their presence in pop culture.