New Kids' Fiction Books

Fire! fire! / by Hilde Lysiak, with Matthew Lysiak ; illustrated by Joanne Lew-Vriethoff. cover
When Nina's antique store burns down, nine-year old reporter Hilde and her sister/photographer, Izzy, are determined to investigate the cause for the Orange Street News--and their main clue is a bird's nest of baby blue jays.
Battle of the boss-monster / by Troy Cummings. cover
In the year since Alexander and his father moved to Stermont, he and his friends in the Super Secret Monster Patrol of Stermont Elementary have defeated all kinds of monsters, but now they face their greatest challenge, the boss-monster who has kidnapped fellow monster fighter Ms. Vanderpants and stolen the Notebook of Doom--and they have to do it before Alexander turns eight and stops being able to see monsters.
I even funnier : a middle school story / James Patterson and Chris Grabenstein ; illustrated by Laura Park. cover
While on a mission to win the Planet's Funniest Kid Comic regional competition, New York middle schooler Jamie Grimm copes with rival comics and bullies, a buddy in trouble, and a sudden family emergency, all with a sense of humor and a loyal group of friends.
Luciana : braving the deep / by Erin Teagan ; cover and interior illustrations by Lucy Truman. cover
"Luciana Vega wants to be the first kid on Mars. But first she's got to be a good team player here on Earth."--Page [4] of cover.
Luciana / by Erin Teagan ; cover and interior illustrations by Lucy Truman. cover
"Luciana is over the moon--she's going to Space Camp! But when she's picked to lead her team in a robot challenge, instead of rocketing her crew to success she steers them straight into trouble. After that, her teammates don't trust her. In fact, Luci's pretty sure they don't even like her. It's great to be good at science--but Luci learns that it's not enough. If she's ever going to make it to Mars, she's got to be someone her crew can depend on, no matter what"--Publisher.
Heidi Heckelbeck has a new best friend / by Wanda Coven ; illustrated by Priscilla Burris. cover
"Heidi's new neighbor wants to become Heidi's best friend"-- Provided by publisher.
Nancy Drew diaries. #16, The haunting on Heliotrope Lane / Carolyn Keene. cover
Nancy's classmate, Willa, needs her help. Willa is convinced something is terribly wrong with her friend Izzy, but everyone has dismissed Willa's concerns, saying it's just teen angst. But Willa thinks it's more than that; she thinks Izzy is possessed.
Pugs and Kisses. cover
Ana Ramos may not have a dog of her own, but she does get to walk her neighbor's adorable pug, Osito. One day, at the park, Osito befriends another pug, Pancake, whose owner just happens to be a cute new boy named Calvin. When Calvin assumes that Osito belongs to Ana, she doesn't correct him. No big deal, right?
Sing like nobody's listening / Allison Gutknecht. cover
When she feels like she is losing her best friend to the school's spring musical production, Wylie starts an a cappella group hoping to make some new friends of her own.
Ellie, engineer / Jackson Pearce ; illustrated by Tuesday Mourning. cover
When Ellie, who loves to invent and build things, decides to build a doghouse as a gift, she needs to get past the boys-against-the-girls neighborhood feud and ask for help.
Keep your paws off! / Mark Parisi. cover
While snooping through his sister's diary, Marty finds a partially torn-out page that suggests he maybe a werewolf and he's determined to protect his classmates from himself.
The truth as told by Mason Buttle / Leslie Connor. cover
As he grieves his best friend Benny's death, Mason and his friend Calvin, who are targeted by the neighborhood bullies, create an underground haven for themselves, but when Calvin goes missing Mason finds himself in trouble.
Cyber-thief showdown / Geronimo Stilton ; illustrations by Giuseppe Ferrario (design), Roberta Bianchi (pencils), Giulia Zaffaroni (color) ; translated by Anna Pizzelli. cover
When he begins receiving packages containing useless things he did not order, Geronimo Stilton discovers that someone on the Internet has stolen his identity, a dilemma that compels him to enlist the help of computer expert Professor Margo Bitmouse, who helps Geronimo track down the hacker.
Beyond Never Land / written by Kiki Thorpe ; illustrated by Jana Christy. cover
When Tinker Bell takes Gabby's great-grandfather's model ship, sets sail for Shadow Island, and disappears, it is up to Gabby and the other Never Girls to search for their missing fairy friend.
The wall of fame game / Crystal Allen ; illustrations by Eda Kaban. cover
As she awaits the arrival of a new baby sister, Mya is cornered into a bet with her enemy that forces her to spend every night studying and enters a chili cook-off despite her limited culinary skills.
Pete Milano's guide to being a movie star / Tommy Greenwald ; illustrated by Rebecca Roher. cover
Pete Milano, class clown, is used to getting into trouble while amusing people, but now his tricks have gained him an audition for a movie that could lead to stardom--and the loss of his girlfriend and other friends.
Whiskerella / by Ursula Vernon. cover
"When a fairy godmouse forces Whiskerella to wear glass slippers and attend balls night after night in search of a happily ever after, it's up to Princess Harriet Hamsterbone to break the spell and save the day"-- Provided by publisher.
Pedro the great / by Fran Manushkin ; illustrated by Tammie Lyon. cover
Follows the adventures of a first-grade Hispanic American boy as he learns how to be a pirate at school, visits the aquarium, tries to build the tallest tower in class, and takes karate lessons with his friends Katie and JoJo.
The wind in the willows / Kenneth Grahame ; illustrated by Sebastian Meschenmoser. cover
The escapades of four animal friends who live along a river in the English countryside--Toad, Mole, Rat, and Badger.
The unicorn quest / Kamilla Benko. cover
In an antique-filled mansion, sisters Claire and Sophie find a ladder to the magical land of Arden, where wraiths roam freely, unicorns have disappeared, and the guilds of magic no longer trust each other.
Chill of the ice dragon / by Tracey West ; illustrated by Nina de Polonia. cover
The Dragon Masters are still reeling from the desertion of Rori and her fire dragon Vulcan, when Mina, a Dragon Master from the far north, arrives with a problem--King Lars needs a fire dragon to defeat the Ice Giant who has frozen his kingdom; and so the Dragon Masters set out to find Rori and convince her to help.
Bad news / Pseudonymous Bosch ; illustrations by Juan Manuel Moreno. cover
In his second summer at a magical camp for juvenile delinquents, aspiring dragon tamer Clay faces his biggest challenges yet, as he unites with characters from the Secret Series to rescue friends and uncover dangerous secrets.